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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone! Welcome to the Mission and our room for the monthly Satsang. Yesterday we sent out the last warning letter to humanity. I hope all of you received it. So far the feedback has been absolutely great, and everyone has said they have found it very clear and that it gives the Message clearly.

I want to thank everyone for participating, and those who sent their feedback to the Mission for this letter. But as you can see, eventually the Word of God comes through powerfully and considers all the participants suggestions, those that truly improved the letter.

If you have not received the letter, send an e-mail to: and we will send you a copy. At this time we will listen to a reading of the letter. After that we will discuss it, and we will take the questions about the letter or any thing that is related to the Mission.

God Is Calling You
(The Last Call)

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As Prophet Noah warned people in his time of the forthcoming flood, and Prophet Jonah warned the people of Nineveh of the coming disaster to their city, this is a warning from the Prophet of God (Maitreya) to humanity of the imminent disasters predicted to come at the end time!

At the time of Noah, people did not listen to the warning of the Prophet, and they bare the consequence of their decision. At the time of Jonah, people listened to the warning, and the disaster which was predicted to come to them was stopped!

This is the way of God. He surely gives humanity plenty of warning and opportunity to divert the disasters coming to them, which is the result of their own doing (going against the Laws of the universe). God again is sending this letter to you (humanity) as the warning for our time. It is written to the leaders, those who can make a difference, or anyone who is interested to heed and help to divert the events predicted to come. We hope, as the people at the time of Jonah listened to the Prophet, this time humanity will also heed this Call and so we will avert the prophesied disasters at this end time. The choice is yours!

These periods of disasters are to purify humanity and guide them to the path to God. These periods of purifications are even more intense at the time of the manifestation of the Major Prophets. These Major Prophets are prophesied to come, and they come with clear signs as the Chosen Prophet. They are the founders of the major religions on earth. In the past these Prophets have sent warnings to humanity and invited them to return to God. Prophet Muhammad and Bahaullah sent letters to leaders of the world to make them aware of a new Prophet from God on earth. This letter is also to inform you that God has sent a new Prophet and Revelation to man, a Revelation that He has Promised (prophesied) would come at the end time!

For the last twelve thousand years, God has been sending the Prophets and Major Manifestations to humanity with a definite Plan, a Plan that has been hidden from everyone, even from the Great Prophets like Prophet Daniel (Dan 12:9). What will happen in the final days has been predicted to be terrible and dreadful. This letter is to inform you that we are in that Final Stage (end time). There is a definite Logic behind human history. Indeed History (His Story) has been guided to this point, and now is the time for humanity to know what it is. The mystery has now been revealed!

The very base of this final Revelation reveals that each major religion on earth has a specific message. Only when these separated messages are realized and put together will the path to God and the kingdom on earth be revealed. This path is called the Eternal Divine Path. So, not only are the major religions on earth not contradictory, but in fact they are complementary. The Miracle of this Revelation is this amazing Message of unification of Gods Revelations!

This is the Last Revelation to man, so this Call is the Last Call of God to humanity! This Last Call is for all to come together and be Unified under His Banner of Truth and Unity: That, indeed, there is only One God and all religions have come from Him. There is no separation between religions, and there is only One God for the whole of humanity. Understanding how each of the worlds religions have come in perfect order, and how each have an important part (Message) for mankind, is now revealed to man.

All these are done so man knows that there is a purpose for this creation and the way to fulfill this purpose is the Eternal Divine Path. By following the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities Of Light can be created, and the Communities Of Light are the base for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

This is a Call to you to come and join me (Maitreya) as the messenger of God with a new understanding of Gods Work. God has Prophesied and Promised many things all through history, and He has Fulfilled them, as explained in this Revelation. He also prophesied the coming of this Revelation at the end time, which will clear all confusion and reveals the mystery of God, as His Last Revelation:

Rev 10:7

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.


Indeed this is the Seventh Angel calling you. Recognize this and join me, or resist it and the consequence of the resistance will be what God predicted to come at the end time. If man will not answer this Call, as they did not listen to Noah, there is no escape, and the destiny of man has already been set!

God also has revealed:

Rev 5:5

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.


Indeed this is the Revealer of the Seven Seals who is calling you, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, Maitreya, who is also a Sayyed (from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad). You might not believe these claims at this time, but read the Revelation and the Credentials God has provided, and you shall believe.

It has been predicted that after the opening of the Seven Seals, which is this Revelation, there will be a period of silence or pause (a chance for humanity to respond to this Call), and then comes the day that Babylon The Great (egoistical ways) will fall. The ground work for this to happen is set, and we are going toward that day fast. It is after this great fall that the coming of the Kingdom is predicted and will be accelerated. So we are in-between the time that this Revelation was foretold to come and the fall of Babylon The Great. As the people of Nineveh averted the disasters from happening to them, we also can stop this prediction if we see these Truths and come together.

Those who will not heed this Call have no right to blame God for what is coming to them, as predicted in the Scriptures. He indeed has sent a Prophet with Clear Signs and Revelation, a Book full of Truth and Guidance, the Light that will bring Peace on earth. With this letter the Final Call to all the influential people and all humanity is given, and they are asked to turn around and Face God (Be Baptized).

The Call to all leaders: It is the duty and responsibility of all leaders on earth that they take advantage of this last chance to respond to This Call and guide their own people as God wanted them to. They must act now and help create Communities Of Light across their nation and create a proper environment for all, so they (people) can, in turn, answer this last Call from God. As a leader it is The Responsibility God is asking from you: To Create the KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH.

Our Work is not to bring war and destruction but Peace. It is man who will bring these destructions upon themselves. This warning is not a threat from us. If you believe in God, He has already prophesied in all Major Religions that these events will happen. If you read our teachings, you will see that God has promised many things in the past and He has fulfilled them. He also promised this shall come true, and so it shall!

It is humanity who will bring these destructions to themselves. We are here to Educate, Guide, and Warn. So do not be afraid of this letter as a threat to anyone but as a warning of the events that will shake humanity to their core and make them realize that God has prophesied these things will come true and what we have revealed is the Truth. Then man might, eventually, know that there is a God, and He is indeed in charge and is guiding the universe toward its goal.

This universe was created for a definite purpose, and God will Guide it to its Final Destiny. He is the One who will bring this awareness to man. If this Call is not answered, we will wait patiently until humanity sees these Truths. Then all who will remain will come together, and Gods Will, will be done on earth as It Is In Heaven!

God Is The King (The Guiding Light)


Note: We have listed links to the credentials and the supporting evidence for this claim. You will find that God has prophesied and given all the proof that supports this. Indeed no man can claim this but the One who has the backing of all this evidence.

Weigh the evidence and see the support of God. Let us be Humble and see the awesome Power of God, and know that what He has set into motion will succeed. Therefore be one of the Successful Ones and accept this Call.


THOTH: The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. Our Scripture, the book that has opened the Seven Seals and unifies all religions:

Prophecies Fulfilled: All Prophecies are Fulfilled:

Genealogy: To King David and Prophet Muhammad (and so the Lion of the Tribe of Judah as Christians and Jews are expecting, and a Sayyed as Moslems are expecting):

Genetic Make-up: Related to the Hebrew race and many other nations all throughout earth: Test results/genetic_test_results.htm

We humbly ask that you send this letter to everyone you know so that we can give this warning to the widest audience on earth. This is our sacred duty as we each are an instrument of God and an agent to spread His Words. Please include this paragraph when you send this letter to others.

Please translate this letter to the other languages you know and send it to the people who speak that language.

(Read the most updated version of the Letter to Humanity)


We should thank Timothy for reading the letter so wonderfully with his very effective voice. Yes, I knew you were going to say that, All thanks To God. Yes! Indeed, that is the way not to have any karma, when we let God come through us.

This is the last Call to humanity. It is the culmination of 12,000 years of history, and the creation of man in the form he is now has been reached. The warning has been given to humanity, and to all of us, to consider this Revelation and recognize that God had a Plan 12,000 years ago, He has gone through it, this Revelation is the last Revelation, the Seven Seals are opened, and the whole Mystery of God is revealed to humanity.

Now with this letter we are inviting the leaders of all nations, the leaders of all groups, all religions, all people, to come to see the wonderful work of God and humble themselves in front of such an awesome plan. Eventually more and more of humanity will let their egos go and let God come through. Therefore, we all will listen to the same Voice and become one. If we each pull in different directions, what is going to happen is what is happening right now on earth: destruction, wars, and egoistical maneuvering with different people taking over others by dominating them, or religions, or understanding, or economy, or whatever the case is.

In this unification and reaching to space, humanity can bring their standard of living even tp a greater degree than it is now, for everyone. Therefore, we are not just giving a Revelation but we are revealing the way to prosperity and unity, and eventually accepting the truth of God, man, and creation. The solution to all things that will bring peace and unity has been given.

If you have not received this letter, send an e-mail to: and we will send you a copy. If you have received the letter, forward it to as many people as you can. I sent mine to everyone on my mailing list. I hope all of you will do the same. This will accelerate the distribution of the letter and hopefully it will reach those it is intended for.

Also people in the Mission have already sent this letter to more than 400 people, to all the heads of the people in the UN. Our members are sending it to everyone they know. We have to get this to every person on earth no matter where they are. If you find an e-mail, if it is a new e-mail, send it to them. If you have a way to spread it in a greater degree, spread it in a greater degree.

Let no one say, I did not hear this. I did not know.

Of course, we really do not need to do this because God has already revealed that this will happen in His Scriptures, in His Revelations, through his Major Manifestations and Great Prophets. None of them came and said, Do whatever you want to do. You are OK as you are. Sin as much as you want and then believe that you are still going to go to heaven. They all said, If your eye defiles you, take it out, and throw it away. Discipline, knowing the way of nature, and of God, and coming to the understanding that going against the law of nature will not break the law of nature, but it will break you against the law of nature.

This is the time for all to truly meditate, see the Scriptures, see this Revelation, and see this warning that has been given to humanity. We can stop this. We can bring this to a peaceful end.

If you do not come together, if you do not accept this Revelation, if you do not see the Way of God, He has no choice. That is the law of the universe. Whatever goes against it will create Karma, will create sin, and will create dark spirits. It has to be purified.

War, destruction, suffering, and the things that have been coming to humanity for the last 12,000 years were unavoidable because the whole universe has been set up in such a way that it guides man to go to the Light. If you go toward the darkness you create Karma, you create sin, you create a situation for which you will suffer.

If you turn around and go to the Light, of course, God is always there for you. You are facing God anytime that you turn around from the darkness. It has been true all throughout history. Anytime humanity listened to the Prophet, to the warning that he gave to them, they avoided the disaster and the destruction. Anytime they did not listen and they did not turn around from their selfish and egoistical ways, they suffered the consequences.

Hopefully at this time humanity is more intelligent than before. They are more educated. They can read the Scriptures. There is no major Scripture in the world that has not revealed the coming of these days. All of them have predicted the coming of the last days.

We are in those days. Wake up! It is time to really wake up and say, Yes, it all makes sense: Seven Seals, Revelation, Seven Angels, the coming of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the mystery of God is now finished.

It is no longer time to lag behind. This time is not the time that if a sheep fell off from the flock that we will go after it and bring it back. This is the time of sundering. If the sheep fell off it means that the sheep has not been meditating and progressing for the last 12,000 years. It is too late. The train will leave and continue the journey.

So meditate and see this clearly. This is from God. God indeed exists, and He set up the rules. No longer can you say, That is my opinion. That is the way my culture is. That is the way I think. That is the way I have been brought up.

We have to create the culture of God. We have to turn around and see His Ways, His Opinions, and His Ideas. What did He reveal in His Scriptures, the way we should live? How did He create this universe that guides us to go back to God and experience the oneness with God? This is the time. We will see.

Of course you have to be blind to not see that many things are happening on earth that are pointing out the preparation of the great disaster coming to man, from the weather, from the wars, from the way humanity has gone away from Gods Ways. All the signs are there that an intelligent person needs to say, Wow, really something is happening on this earth. We have to look for solutions.

You will not find solutions anywhere but in The Holies Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. It is only this book that reveals the Mystery of God. It is only this book that fulfills all the prophecies and clearly explains how God has been guiding humanity for the last 12,000 years. Our Satsangs, our writings, our Supplements, and everything has been given and clearly shows how the problems of humanity can be resolved.

It is very simple! Communities of Light! The more we resist creating Communities of Light, the more we stay away from the Communities of Light, the more leaders will not listen and will not create the Communities of Light, the more the disasters will be.

Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path includes all the religions of the earth. They all have come from one God. There is no separation between religions. There is no such thing as this revelation is superior to others, or that revelation is better than others.

Do not listen even to your religion, but to God. What your religions say, or the preachers tell you, is different than what God says. God says, No one knows the truth, or the Mystery of God, until this Revelation, until the Seventh Revelation that will come with clear signs. If you are not from the tribe of Judah, the root of David, the branch, you cannot bring the last Revelation or the Seventh Revelation of God. If you do not have the last Revelation, you cannot be the chosen one; you do not know the Eternal Divine Path to be able to follow it to become a chosen, a Paravipra, a leader, a teacher, a Child of Light.

Gods Way does not change. He does not send someone from the sky and say, Everything is going to be OK, and then everything is OK. If He could have done that, why did He not do it in the first place? The first time He found the darkness, why did He have to wait, go through the creation and history, come to this point, and now He says, I am calling my Elects, those who have progressed? He would have snapped His Fingers at the time of finding the darkness and that would have been it. It would have been Light, we all would have been with God, and that would have been the end of the story.

But the free will of man is not breachable, cannot be changed. You have two choices, and it is your choice (absolutely you can make that choice) to go to Light or God, turn around, or to say, No, I will not. I will go to the world, to the darkness. And when you chose to go to the darkness, no one can do anything about it but you. No one! That is what the darkness was in the beginning.

Therefore, now this letter. Make up your mind. The time is up.

I know there are a lot of New Age preachers who made you feel good, but no major Prophet, no real Revealer of Gods Word, ever came and said, Do whatever you want to do. You are OK. If you want to listen to the false prophets who say, Yes, God is Love, do whatever you want, still He is going to Love you, that is your choice. Yes, it has some truth, but it is not the whole truth. God Loves your Essence. That is because your Essence and He are One.

But if your Essence has become dark and is going against the Laws of the universe, the Laws of the universe will apply to you too. If you see a preacher that makes you feel good, it is not the Word of God, it is not warning you, and it is not showing you His Way. If they say, It is all within you; God will not send any Messiah or Prophet, that is not what God said.

God clearly said, I will send Seven Angels, Seven Revealers. So we have to mature. We have to truly see how He has done it through history. Or they say, The Messiah should be perfect. His eyes should work. His body should stay OK for the duration of this life.

Moses stuttered; God had to choose his brother to talk for him. Prophet Muhammad was illiterate; he could not even read or write.

We can see how humanity is wrong with their own ideas and opinions. Even Moses became old and eventually had to give up the leadership of the Children of Israel to Joshua, or Yoshua.

So we have to throw out these concepts, these misunderstandings, our cultural biases, religions, and dogmas, and purify ourselves, purify our environment, purify our nations, our cities, our families, and our religions.

If they do not listen to you, go to another person, to another possibility. You cannot spend your time worrying, My family did not listen to me. If you are hanging onto your family, still you have not recognized that your family is God and those who follow Gods Words. Of course, family is important. Love them. Help them. Do whatever you can to make them comfortable. Preach to them. Teach them. But if they do not listen, your destiny is with God.

He is your real Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Cousin, and all that. Then, of course, the members of His Communities are your real families. It is in the Communities of Light that the true family will form and the parents will raise the children with Gods Spirit. They will teach them how to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, experience the stillness between the breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, and realize the Vibration of God within and stays with them all the time.

If an anger or imbalance came to them, they will stop. They will go to that place again, listen to The Word, become still, and know the answer from God instead of succumbing to their passion, fears, and attachments, and becoming angry.

Such children can come together, get along, solve problems, and create an environment that more people can meditate and more people can experience God. Therefore they direct that energy to create a better community, a better environment, for themselves and for other people.

The approach is not selfish, Only me. If I can get enough that is all that is needed. No. The approach is, How can I make the community prosper? How can I make the community become more Godly and meditative? Like Gandhi said, There is enough for everyones need, but not enough for everyones greed.

When there were two billion people on earth they said, This earth cannot support two billion people. Now we are six billion people and again they say, It cannot support six billion. The earth has been supporting them all, from two billion to four billion to six billion.

That is not the Plan of God. The Plan of God is to create so many humans that they can spread to the other planets, to spread out all through the universe until all the dark Souls are turned around and go to God. And there are countless numbers of them.

You see those people are afraid, or think they know Gods Plan. They do not know the escape, why God at this time has let us to be able to go to space and explore other planets. It is because it is the time. It is the time we go to space. Indeed, space exploration and making other planets livable should be one of the priorities for humanity, so that they can have enough resources and also take the polluting industries to uninhabited planets so the earth goes back to its original pristine environment.

You want to stop the global warming? Here is your answer. Therefore, God has revealed to humanity all the answers they need to create the Communities of Light, the Kingdom of God on earth, unpollute the earth, and create an environment that is Holy, pure, clean, and based on God and wonderful communities, based on pure couples and wonderful children.

Someone was saying, It is an utopian idea. It is never going to happen.

It is not my idea. It is Gods Idea. He said that His Kingdom would come on earth. It is not the philosophers idea. It is not Plato saying this. Even Plato was inspired to see a glimpse of the Communities of Light. Of course, his time was not the end time. His time was not the time for the coming of the Kingdom.

This time is. We have seen all the signs necessary for anyone intelligent enough to decipher the sayings of God. This is the end time.

Humanity can go ahead and live the way they were, continue wars and destruction but God has now given them an opportunity. This is asking the leaders, Do not think the way you used to. Create Communities of Light in your nations. Accept this Revelation as the Revelation of God, the last Revelation that has been prophesied to come, come together, and be under the banner of the Truth.

That banner, of course, is The Greatest Sign, that banner that reveals the unity of all religions. Some people say that every revelation finished the previous one and it is superior to the one that came before. Why? Why didnt God just give the whole thing in the beginning and say, This is My Revelation? Why did He have to send a portion that is not perfect, and then send another portion that is a little more perfect, and then send another one a little more perfect? It just does not make sense. But if He said that there are going to be Seven Revelations, that He would send each of them, and they complement each other, then that makes sense.

Q Z A A has a question. He has been in our website. Actually, he has translated our first page to Persian so we will let him take the mic. Go ahead Q Z A A.

Q Z A A: Thanks. The first thing to say is that I am honored to be in the company of people who ask for the peace and unity of mankind. My question actually is not about the teachings themselves. My question is about the letter. How do you feel the reaction to the letter might be from the people you send the letter to? How optimistic are you about the outcome? Since the recipients are mostly leaders and politicians who are too much engaged in diplomatic issues, do you think that they would actually heed your call? Thank you in advance for answering the question.

Maitreya: Very good question. In fact I am very pessimistic if they answer it. But that will not deter me from doing what God wants to be done.

Indeed the only Prophet who was listened to was Jonah who went to the city of Nineveh. He told them that God sent him as a Messenger to tell that that because they were so wicked and they were going against God's Will, such a disaster would come to them. They all repented, put on sackcloth, and sat on the ashes. They even put sackcloth on their animals. They all repented, cried to God, and said, "Sorry. You are right. We are wicked. We repeat." They turned around, and therefore the disaster was stopped.

From 134,000 plus Prophets that have come to humanity, they have listened only to one. How optimistic can I be? One over 134,000 mathematically is almost equal with zero. But you never know.

Maybe there are some leaders and some people who truly see the signs. Indeed there are two nations that have already declared that Christ is their leader. If they see the Vision, if they recognize that this is from God and what they expect to come is already here, they might respond.

As the people of Medina responded to Prophet Muhammad, came to him, and said, Come and become our leader, and Islam started after that, who knows, maybe there are nations who are waiting for this, and they will come. Such nations will be taken out of this world, they will use their resources to preach this teaching to every other nation, and more people will hear it. In fact, I count on people more than I count on the politicians and their leaders.

We had a group called, World Unity Forum. It was a group of people that were the heads of different organizations, all of them preaching unity and peace. Around probably thirty or forty of such leaders were invited by a wonderful man who really wanted to see the peace come. We were also invited to their meeting.

From forty we ended up probably around eight or nine who remained in that organization and thought process. These nine could not get along. They were even afraid to share their mailing lists with each other. It was very clear that each leader wanted his/her way.

So there my conclusion was, reaching the leaders is probably harder than reaching the hearts of the people. It is people who will see this Vision, come together, and eventually tell their leaders that we do not want to follow the way of the old. We found something new and better that works much more than the old ways.

At the same time, you never know. Maybe humanity has matured and many will hear this letter, see the power and the truth in it, and turn around. In fact, my son said that when he read the letter that there was a chill that went through his body. I said, You should have felt that chill. Everyone should feel that chill.

I do not think God created the creation and the history, and at the end said, Now we are not going to do it, unless we do not believe it is the end time, unless we do not believe that this is the Revelation from God, unless we do not believe that God promised that this will come and we say, It is not going to happen.

Of course, it is the law of perception: When you do not want to see it, you do not see it. The truth is that this is the Revelation that God said He was going to send at the end time. This is the opening of the Seventh Seal. It is a Revelation that God told to almost every Prophet, There is going to be a Revelation at the end time that will be more complete than anything before it.

Read the teaching. Read the Revelation. More truth has come through this Revelation than any previous revelation from God.

So to answer your question, simply it had to be done. It is not that we expect anything to come out of it. As usual I am not attached to the result. Whatever I do, I am compelled to do. It is not something that really logically makes sense. But it had to be done.

The very start of the Mission logically would not make sense. That is because when I started this Mission, there were 50,000 Americans with MBAs in Iran who had jobs and had great salaries. My family and everyone were begging me to return to Iran because it was such a hot job market. Then I told them, No. I am going to start this Mission.

You can look at this thing logically, but seeing the Vision is what we are asking of humanity. We are asking humanity to see that God indeed prophesied, said that this is going to come. If you want to be on the winning team, if you want to be one of those counted at the last stage, you have to accept this.

There is no other religion or revelation that you can accept and say that still you are going to go to heaven. No. This is It!

I know that other religions also say, Yes, our Prophet also said the same thing, No one goes to the Father but through me, or, We are the chosen ones, or, We have the last word. But none of those religions have the Scriptural proof that God said that only the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Revelation, would reveal the Mystery of God.

We have actually the backing of the Word of God. This is the last Revelation of God. This is It. If you have other religions, ideas, or opinions, they are not going to take you to God. They are not going to succeed. This is the only one that will.

That is the Message that humanity has to see clearly. And that is what we are trying to do. We are trying to send this Message to every human on earth with the letter, with e-mail, with talking to him or her, with preaching to him or her, and with having contacts everywhere.

Become a contact. Tell people in your area, of course, if it is not dangerous to you. We know that there are nations that are adamant that they have the last word, and therefore they do not tolerate other peoples preaching. We do not expect them to respond. At the same time people who see this Vision come from such unexpected places. They come and help. Even you yourself came from nowhere and helped to translate the first page to Persian, which is fantastic.

Or we have another brother coming from Russia, in Moscow, and he said, I want to translate this into Russian. We had never known him.

As Christ said, we send the seeds. Some of them fall onto the roads and are destroyed. Some fall on stones and never root. But some of them fall on fertile ground, and they give 50, 70, 80, 100% fruit. That is what God actually said, You know them by their fruit. If they are not giving fruit, they cannot be Elects. If they give fruit, even a little, you have to say, Indeed, God sent me another fruitful one.

God has revealed to us very simple ways to recognize and realize who has seen the Vision, who has not seen the Vision, who is dedicated, who is not dedicated. Therefore, we go with His Words. But our salvation is that God promised many things in our teaching, and He has fulfilled them.

God promised that this tribulation would come, the Kingdom will come, and the earth eventually will realize the Seven Seals and the Seven Revelations. That is our salvation.

That is why if the leaders come or do not come, it does not make any difference to us. It makes a difference to them and humanity, not to us. It is not for our benefit. It is for their benefit, for humanity.

I hope that answered your question. Again, read the letter. Contemplate on it. Send it to everyone you can. Translate it to as many languages as you can. Send it to your leaders. Send it to the leaders of the churches, mosques, synagogues, Brahmins, and anyone in any position.

Send it to those people who are not in any position. They are just regular humans who are looking for the truth. Let them know that the dreadful day of God is approaching fast. The safest place is in the Communities of Light, in New Mexico maybe, one of the safest places. I am sure there are other safe places all over the earth.

Start creating the Communities of Light. Start joining the Communities of Light. We will see. If I am true and what I am saying is the truth, it will come true.

If it does not come true, then I am another false prophet. But if it comes true and we did not listen to this warning, for many it will be too late.

Ponder on these words. Read THOTH. Understand our teaching. See indeed that God has given no doubt that this is His last Revelation. No doubt! No doubt whatsoever. If you see the Revelation, if you see the opening of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, if you see the genealogy, the genetic makeup, anything you look at, God has made it this time absolutely clear that this is it.

I leave you all to God. Be good and let Gods Spirit come through. Get rid of any fears. Go where the fear fears to follow you.

Sal-OM Everyone!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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