First Seal (The Mystical Paths)

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Eternal Divine Path

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Feast of Tabernacles 2003

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Part I - October 12, 2003

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Maitreya: Sal-Om, everyone. Let us close our eyes for a minute, bring our energy all together, and let God come through all of us. Let us be attentive, participating in the lecture together. Let us learn from what God has revealed to us and become one with it.


We are going to have a lecture on the First Seal. If you go to the website and have the PowerPoint presentation up, this is the first screen. You just have to follow it as I go along [the sentences in bold are from the PowerPoint presentation].

What have we covered in the previous lectures?

The Lectures We Have Given So Far

1. Second Seal

2. Third Seal

3. Fourth Seal

4. Fifth Seal

5. Sixth Seal

6. Seventh Seal

So if you want to go and look at what has been given in previous years, you can just go to this page and click on one of them to see what the lecture was.

7. In this lecture we will cover the First Seal (Awakening of the Spiritual Forces).

This is probably the most expanded and the vastest one because it is the Spirit behind all the religions. You cannot have a religion without the Mystical Paths. There is no religion that does not have a Mystical Path in it. The only one I was thinking that might not have a mystical part is the Bahai teaching. But even they probably will have some mystical people in it and they have had some experience with God, etc.

8. Then we will have a lecture on all the Seals in The Greatest Sign.

So with this lecture we will have given a lecture on every Seal in The Greatest Sign. If you want to go see what the lecture was about, you can go ahead and look at the website and see what was given.

Next year, the lecture is going to be done. I am going to ask questions from you, what the lecture was. So you had better go and learn the lectures. You are all going to be tested on the lectures I have given [laughter]. You had better listen very carefully today so you do not have to go and study it again for next year.

I think they are all very good lectures. They all bring everything together. Now you have this lecture on the First Seal also. So we are going to have a very good collection of what each of the Seals is about.

So we are going to start with the...


Most of the other lectures (for instance, the lecture on the Second Seal) start from Abraham, how Abraham was chosen, and all of that. The Third Seal starts with Christ. The Fourth Seal lecture was about Islam. The Fifth Seal lecture was about the Bahais. The Sixth Seal lecture was about Baba and Paravipras. And the Seventh Seal lecture, of course, is our teaching.

Now this lecture is going to cover mostly from the beginning of creation to the Second Seal because that is what we are missing right now in our lecture series about The Greatest Sign. That is why we will start from the beginning. What was in the beginning? Does anyone remember what happened in the beginning?

Audience: In the beginning was The Word...

Maitreya: Oh it is there [laughter as all were looking at the PowerPoint Screen and the answer was there]. Someone is cheating here. Actually, it is true. In the beginning it was The Word. The Word was God. At the same time, God was before the creation, God was before the chaos; God was before anything that happened in the universe. Therefore, in the beginning was The Word.

But, after that, what happened? That was the chaos there. The darkness was upon the face of the deep, wasnt it? If the darkness was upon the face of the deep, then what is darkness? Darkness means chaos. It means that you cannot see your way. You are confused, and you cannot find your way.

So there was...

1. Chaos

And into that chaos, God decided to send His Spirit.

2. God sends His Spirit into this Chaos (let there be Light).

Why did He do that? He did that because He wanted to rescue that chaos, the darkness, dispel it. So something went wrong in the universe.

We might say, It was the first desire, in the consciousness that was created in The Word, or Oneness in the Universe, and for the first time the feeling of I separated from the rest was created.

That is like we are. We are Is separated from each other. But if we are all in God, are we really separated from each other? We are not. We are absolutely One.

The reason we feel separated is because we have that separated I from each other. But God did not want that to happen. God did not want to see that separation.

That is what the chaos is. Do we have chaos on earth? Why is there chaos on earth?

Audience: Separation.

Maitreya: Exactly. It is because each feels separated, We are different than they are, and they are different than we are. What is that story, putting the butter underneath the bread and putting the butter on the top of the bread? The little differences become big, and we get into all kinds of trouble with each another.

So God sent His Spirit to the world and:

3. His Spirit goes through the Eternal Divine Path.

Of course, if you read our teachings, they explain how he went through the Eternal Divine Path. He was the Spirit of God. He was the Consciousness of God. That is the greatest sacrifice God made for the darkness, to come to it, manifest Itself to the darkness, go through the process with the darkness, and help the darkness to go back to God.

That is why God comes in the form of the Prophets to bring to humans the Message. The Message is, Turn around, be baptized, go back home. You are going too far away.

That Spirit went through the process of the Eternal Divine Path. He awakened his spiritual forces. Of course, because it was the Spirit of God, he awakened his spiritual forces in an accelerated way. He realized that he has to help the rest of the people in the darkness to go to God.

So he created Communities of Light. He sacrificed for it. What is the next one? [Someone answered.] Good, good, I thought you were asleep or something [laughter]. The next one is to surrender and submit to God.

Then he became a Universalist. He expanded his mind beyond any narrowness of the mind, went to expansion of the mind, and saw the universe as a part of himself and himself as a part of the universe. He became a Paravipra, an Elect. Whoever follows this Path will become a Paravipra, an Elect.

So, he became an Elect and eventually he reached Pure Consciousness. And God said, There is Light! There is a possibility. There is a way out. He can help this darkness to go back to Pure Consciousness and reach back to Home.

That is why the Eternal Divine Path was created.

4. He had an experience with God (Mystical Paths)

....that he knew he was a part of Him. That is why the first step is so important, for everyone to start meditating, to start to awaken their spiritual forces, to remember that they are a part of God already. A lot of people do not know it. They do not remember that they have come from God.

They have this amnesia that, No, we are not a part of God. We are just our little egos, and we are separated. They feel bad about themselves or they feel bad about their lives, How small I am, or something like that. But if they experience that they are a part of God, they know that they are not small. They are a part of God so they will easily follow the rest of the Path.

5. Since He realizes that He has always been a part of God, He is willing to go through the rest of the Eternal Divine Path.

That is why meditation and awakening your spiritual forces are so important because it gets us away from depression, it gets us away from feeling not worthy to go through the Eternal Divine Path. Even some people do not feel they are worthy to go to God. They say, Well, I am not worthy to go to God, or something like that. But as you meditate and you progress, you realize you are already a part of God, so it will be revealed to you, I had better follow the Will of God which has been revealed to us as the Eternal Divine Path.

6. He reaches Pure Consciousness (and there was Light, He became the First Begotten Son of God).

7. The Path to Salvation and the way to bring back the lost universe (Darkness) is learned/discovered.

8. The Son and the Father, with The Holy Ghost (Mother) tried to help these lost unit consciousnesses to reach Pure Consciousness.

He reached Pure Consciousness. The Path was learned. He can come back again and again and again. That is why in our teachings, the Spirit of God comes back to humanity again and again. That same Spirit was Adam. That same Spirit was Noah. That same Spirit was Moses, or other Prophets, or Christ, because he knows the Eternal Divine Path. He knows the Will of God. He has gone through that process.

So the Father (God), The Holy Ghost (Mother), and the Son decided that, We want to help the darkness to go back to God.

9. In the un-manifested state, it was very hard work to accomplish this.

How hard is it to get the unit consciousnesses to go to God in the manifested world? It is pretty tough, isnt it? You have to, like pulling teeth. That is because the ego says, No, you do not have to go to God. Stay here. Do your thing. You are OK. You do not really want to go to God, but you want to keep your ego with you.

But do you really want to keep your ego? Why do you want to keep your ego, stay here, suffer, and have this body, which becomes old, crooked, needs food all the time, drink, you have to work for it to get some food for it, etc.

But if you are in Pure Consciousness, you are absolutely in Bliss.

10. God decided to make this process easier and more automatic.

I think God and me have something in common: I want to make everything automatic too [laughter], make all those tapes, sounds, and even the services are all automatic.

So He decided to automate the system. And that is why He created the:


See, He did not just come and say, Be, and everything was. A lot of people were saying that God created everything. The Bible clearly says that there was no creation in the beginning. Chaos was before creation, wasnt it? God did not come and say, I am just going to decide and make the creation. There was some chaos first, and then God decided to create the creation.

So He created the creation to take care of that chaos. If you understand that, a lot of the problems and questions that people have that they have been asking, Where do the unit consciousnesses come from? How did God create the universe? are taken care of.

So there was some material there. There was something there before the creation. That is why He used the same material, He used those lost consciousnesses and His own Body to create the creation. So, the material already existed. It is not something that creation came from nothingness, or from nothing. There is no such thing as nothing. The creative forces and the three gunas have always been here. It is hard for our intellect to fathom that something has been here forever.

It is just like eternity, what is eternity? Can we even imagine what eternity means? How do you say eternity in French? [Someone who speaks French answered it is the same word] How can we even imagine eternity? You cannot, it is very hard to do.

But the moment in your meditation you experience eternity, you will know what it is. It is very simple, Yes, it makes sense. It has been there forever.

1. God created the creation in an evolutionary manner, in different stages (periods Nights and Days).

Also He used the material, which is the consciousness and the creative forces. So we are not even against evolution.

Sure, God evolved the creation. He created dinosaurs. and He realized that 98% of them were not going to work. Probably some of them were destroyed. And now as we understand it, you have dinosaurs right in your backyard. If you look at your backyard, any bird that you look at, it was a dinosaur.

The rooster you have used to be a dinosaur, or, a crow, or anything outside, [someone suggested the roadrunner] or a roadrunner. Dinosaurs are something similar to them.

So we can see, Yes, God created and evolved. Humans are like Him. They also create things in an evolutionary way.

When the first computer came, how much memory did it have? Did it have 64K? And those floppy disks, remember those huge 8 floppy disks? How have we progressed in the last twenty years? We evolved, we progressed, and we wanted to make it better and better. Now we have a very powerful computer. That little thing on your desk is more powerful than the first computer they created that took three or four rooms to do the same work.

We can see that we are in the image of God. We do the same thing that God does. We create, we evolve, we perfect it, and we make it more efficient as we go ahead.

Then, of course, God decided to create the plants, the earth, and everything. And He created them in a period, the same as scientists create things and make them evolve during a period of time.

Scientists have periods for creation. They have the Jurassic period. They have many different periods of creation.

Some people say that God created everything. In seven days, the day and the night, He created it. How can that be? There was no sun or moon even before the third day. There was no sun or moon to have a day. So here, really, when the Bible talks about the day, it is talking about the periods of creation, not one twenty-four hour day that they refer to.

2. Creation of humans. They were male and female.

Eventually the crown of the creation was the creation of man. Some people do not believe that. They say probably there are other creatures that are better and higher than man.

But man has the ability to know Self, and they know that the Self and God is One. They can reach Pure Consciousness.

So He created them. Actually, if you look at the Bible it says, He created them. It is amazing. You mean that no one saw that sentence. I was the first person after 12,000 years who saw that? It is right there. He created them. He created more than one. But they have been talking about Adam and Eve as the only two beings.

Adam was only one being that God created. It never occurred to them that he was male and female, and that is why He had to split them into two later. But it was so clear to me right there that it says, them, more than one.

Adam and Eve were not there before God split them. He could not call them them. If He had created only one Adam and Eve, He should say He created him or her or it. But it does not say that. It says them. He created more than one.

So we can see that God created many, many humans. It was not that only Adam came in the garden, was all by himself and unhappy, and God split him.

We can see that He created them as male and female. They were perfect.

3. They were called Adam (Complete).

Adam in some languages means perfect. When they want to say that someone is becoming good, You are progressing, you are becoming perfect, they say, You are becoming an Adam.

Case in point is in Persian. In Persian, when they want to say you are perfect, they call you an Adam. In that language it means you are perfect, you are becoming a more perfect person. Actually the word is used exactly, Adam, even in Persian. It is no different.

The original Persian language was from the Indo-European language, so there are many similar words which are used in Latin that still remain in Persian. So that means that Adam was perfect. He was man and woman, male and female in one body. He was not looking for any external partner to get married with. He was already married. He was one with his partner.

God decided, Well, he is too perfect. He is not really progressing to go back to the Universe.

We always have to remember what is the reason for creation. The goal of the creation is to bring all unit consciousnesses back to God. If we keep that in mind, we can always see why God was doing these things in the creation, or why we do things in this Mission.

The whole idea in this Mission is to get you back to God. It is not to get you attached to me or anyone else, but to God alone. We all have to also work toward that Goal, to work toward everyone in the Mission to go to God as fast as possible, and to create an environment that accelerates going back home.

4. Separation of man into man and woman.

So, God decided to separate man or Adam to male and female.

In the Bible it clearly says that God did that. And He saw that man was alone. It does not say that the man was lonely. He said that he was alone, all one. And He decided to separate man to male and female.

Fall of Man

Everyone knows the famous story of how man fell. After He split male and female, both of them have the lower nature and the higher nature.

Also remember, there was not only one Adam, there were many of them. It was not that one woman went to the male and said, Let us eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There were many of them there.

And God told them to not do certain things that He had forbidden them to do. If you follow my rules, requests, and commandments you will be OK and you can live in the higher level, in The Grace. You will progress faster, you will come back to Me, and we can get rid of this darkness as soon as possible.

But what happened? Did they listen to God? Are they listening to God now? If you teach Godly Words, do they come?

If you tell them, You are OK, do whatever you want, you are fine as you are, you will have a lot of followers, they just go to bliss, fall all over the place, call you God, and put you up there on the pedestal. You will have millions of people to follow you, you will become their god, but these followers will never reach God because you are in their way. That is what most of humanity wants.

Now, tell them to follow the Eternal Divine Path, meditate, and get rid of their egos, and they will say you are a bad person, Get him, kill him, crucify him! And then they say, Oh, we loved him, but we crucified him. He is not here to tell us what to do. He was great. He was just wonderful [laughter]. OK, now let us do whatever we want and follow whatever our desire is.

So you can see that teaching the truth does not have many followers.

Did you want to say something? If anyone wants to say something, go ahead.

Audience: This does not have much of a following, yet.

Maitreya: Yes, well, this time it is supposed to be a little different because the Elects love to hear the Word of God. If other people do not love to hear the Word of God, at least the Elects do, hopefully. We will get to that later.

1. Adam (higher nature of man) falls to the ground (from Heaven/Grace).

What does that mean, falling? Was there really a garden there? A lot of people are looking for a garden on earth. Where is the garden of Eden? Some people say Eden was in Babylon, or in Iraq. Some people say it was in Persia. Some people say it was somewhere else.

Some people even say the United States was the garden. That is why man was thrown out of it. And then later on, we came back to it. It is the land of milk and honey, etc.

So they are looking for a place, where it is. But really it is a state of consciousness. That is when you follow Gods Laws and Will and you are in the Bliss and The Grace of God. If you do not, you fall.

When the fall came, they became grosser (cruder). Later on, they had children. Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel.

2. Further fall of man (Cain and Abel).

What happened to Cain and Abel? The second sin started, didnt it?

Abel was a very able man and very aware of God. He brought to God the offering that was from his heart. He was not trying to bring to God something that he had expected something in return. He was absolutely detached from his work for God.

But Cain was not. That is why God did not accept Cains offering. And Cain was very upset about it, What is the difference? I brought the same thing. You do not accept mine, but Abels offering you accept.

He did not understand. It was because he did not bring it with a pure heart. He expected something in return. He wanted something from God for the things he was doing for God.

So that is why God said, I am not going to accept yours, but Abels I will accept because it was from his pure heart, from absolutely that detachment. Abel wanted to go to God instead of just expecting something in return.

Cain became angry about that. He could not understand. He killed Abel.

When God asked him, Where is Abel, he said, I do not know. I am not my brothers keeper. Why are you asking me? I hid him. You do not know where he is either. But, of course, God already knew where he was because you cannot hide anything from God.

You can try. You think you do something when Maitreya is not around, It is OK, I can do it. God is with you. You can try to hide it but you cannot hide it from Him.

Anyway, so that was the second sin again. And God threw Cain even further from His Grace. He absolutely pushed him from His Presence. You know that he became a vagabond, without any home. He fell from The Grace in a greater degree. He was pushed out of The Grace.

Humans Fall Further to Flesh

1. Man no longer is in the Image of God (Adam had his son in Adams image).

We can see that in the beginning God created Adam in whose image? He was in Gods image. But in Genesis it says, Adam begot a son in his image. It does not say anymore that the son of Adam is in the image of God because now man was split into two.

If I have a son, the son is half really because he has another part. Some female might have been born somewhere who is his other part, if he has one. So he is not in Gods image. He is in my image because he is my son.

That is exactly what happened to Adam. He begat Seth, who was in the image of Adam. He no longer was in the image of God. Of course, because he was not in the image of God, he was half the image of God because he was not one with his other half as Adam was in the beginning.

As we can see, man is no longer in the image of God after his split into male and female. So with all these steps, man fell further away from The Grace (God).

There is a story that after the first fall, God created for Adam another female. Seth is from his second wife. That is why there is an explanation about having the other part and the twin flame in THOTH.

And you see that all the Great Prophets and Great Beings like Shiva, Krishna, even Christ, and Moses had two females connected with them in their lives. For Christ, there was Mary and Martha. For Prophet Muhammad, there was Khadija and Ayesha. For Bab, there was his wife and Tahirah.

So you can always see two females with the great Prophets and the Messiah. There is the story that also Seth is from the second wife of Adam.

2. Crudification of man to the fleshly beings (coats of skin).

Now man in this state is still more psychic energy. He does not have any physical body. It is not crudified enough to really have flesh that needs skin. But, because they fell even further, now God created a fleshly body for them and He put a coat of skin on them.

Even Sons of God Failed

1. Humans still had access to the Spiritual World (their Third Eyes were open!)

Humans eventually became flesh. Now they are flesh but they still have their physic energies with them, their Third Eyes are open. They can still see the spiritual world and the Spirit.

Actually, that is what many people talk about, the Cyclops. Have you ever heard about Cyclops, that they had spiritual powers, energy, and all of that?

Always legends have some truth in them. So it means that there were humans who had only one eye. That was, their third eyes were open so they could see psychic energies. They used that for further manipulating the Spirit. They became very powerful and started manipulating energy. They reached a point that they could extract the life form and use it to prolong their lives.

In chapter 6, the sons of God also fell. They became attached to the external world. They saw the daughters of men and took as many as they wanted. They became attached to the earth, and they started using the power to create a better environment for themselves. Humans still had access to the spiritual world; their third eyes were open.

2. They misused it and even those who had reached a higher level (sons of God) failed.

3. These failed sons formed a group that is now known as the brotherhood, or hierarchy.

That is what we were talking about recently that eventually resulted in the Essay, Who Is The Anti-Christ that I wrote about six months ago. I had tried to include them to the Mission but the more I meditated on it, it just would not work. They also attach people to themselves.

Anything, anybody, any group, any movement, that attaches people to something that is not the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, should be really looked at in a very deep level and one should realize: Are they really taking people to God, or are they in the way?

When I first read this in the Bible, it came to me very clearly, that these are the fallen angels. They were the sons that fell. That is because if you are really sons of God, then why do you come to earth, and become attached to earthly things?

So that was the conclusion that they fell and eventually they created this group or energy on earth. And now, they are in the way of human progress to God.

4. Many still follow these fallen angels.

How many people channel those angels, Master M, Katumi, Ramtha, and all those things? Why do you want to channel those? Why dont you go to God directly? You are not here to be attached to anything or anyone except God.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to become one with God, not to Katumi, or Master M, etc. So it really has taken a lot of people away from being Godly and going to God.

5. They are an obstacle in the way of man to God. They have even brought much confusion about Maitreya (Mr. Creme and his Maitreya).

We can see that Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya is coming tomorrow, no next week, maybe the next week after, next year, six months from now. Oh, no, it didnt happen. Maybe we can wait another year, two years. It has been twenty-five years that he has given this promise over and over, and nothing has materialized.

You can fool me once. You can fool me twice. But if you can fool me for twenty-five years, I am a fool [laughter]. See, you just have to come to a conclusion and eventually say, No. I am not going to listen to you. If he could have made it, he should have been here by now. You cannot lie to me again and again.

However, he was correct about 1982. He predicted correctly. That is why he actually looked like a John the Baptist at times because John the Baptist said the same thing about Christ, He is going to come, he is going to come. When Christ came, he did not recognize him. He had to send his disciples to ask him, Are you the one we are waiting for?

Christ said, "Yes, you told me, you baptized me. Hello." [laughter]

The same thing is happening here. We came in 1982. We came here and said, Here it is. You want to unify humanity? You want to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? This is it. Here it is given the way to do it.

They say, No. Even his disciples come to our room, yell, and all of that.

Further Misuse of Powers

1. Other beings that failed were those who set themselves up as God.

There was another group also, even before the flood, who set themselves up as gods. They said, We are gods. That was because they had the direct connection to the spiritual world and their third eyes were open, so they could manipulate the energy and even do miracles. They set themselves up as gods.

2. They called their children the sons of God, and their wives the holy mothers.

So they created the trinity in the form of the human. They said, We are gods, these are the holy mothers, and these are the sons of God.

The true explanation of this trinity is not human form. It is God, The Holy Ghost, and the Messiah. They knew about this, but they twisted it around for humanity and made the trinity in a human form.

3. Humans should take no one as God but the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE).

This is absolutely paramount in our teachings and we have to recognize it and realize it. Even if you see me as the Spirit of God, look at the Spirit. This body is going to die and go away. Therefore, the Spirit of God, which is behind me, is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Of course, as we said many times, God cannot come and say, Here I am, and everyone would say, Oh, I can see you. I can touch you, etc. Many people cannot understand a Formless God. So He has to use a body to do that.

4. Still many humans take other men as God.

We saw in our Conversation Room two weeks ago that this person came from Sai Baba and was adamant that Sai Baba was god. That absolutely is against our teaching. No one can claim to be God. And that is one of the problems with the Mystical Paths. That is because they claim the human can be god and come and become their master.

Did Sai Baba create the creation, or if you poke him he does not bleed, or he does not get sick, or whatever? So we can see it is not true.

Still many humans take other men as god.

5. To destroy this, God created the concept of the Messiah, and only the Messiah is the Spirit of God on earth.

Even before the flood of Noah, God created the concept of the Son of God, the First Begotten Son, the Spirit of God comes to earth. The Spirit of God comes to man as the Teacher, as a Messenger, as the Bringer of the Message of God. And only then can you look and say, Yes, He has fulfilled the prophecies. He has done what God said. His Word is based on God. Therefore, yes, he is the Spirit of God. And only that can be taken as the Spirit of God on earth.

God knows man very well, so He has revealed very clearly how He works. No man can come and claim they are God. No matter how wonderful they are, how many miracles they do, and what beautiful words they utter, No, it does not matter, I am not going to follow you. Have you fulfilled the prophecies? Have you opened the Seven Seals? Have you opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals? or whatever God prophesied He should have fulfilled.

Prophet Muhammad did. Christ did. Moses did. Bab did. Therefore, we can see that it is a very exclusive club. Not everyone can come in [laughter].

6. Man should understand this and should stop taking others as God.

Another Evolutionary Step Came!

1. For all this chaos, failure, and destruction, a new evolutionary step became necessary. This step is known to man as the Flood of Noah. One of the reasons for the Flood of Noah was to return man to worship only the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE) as much as possible (those who did not were destroyed)!

That is what happened in the flood of Noah. It sounds cruel. It sounds like, Oh no, we do not want to destroy anyone, let us listen to everyone, and include everyone. This is the new motto in society: Oh, everyone should be included. Do not be harsh to anyone, and all of that.

But God is. God says, Now that is enough. Now is the time to sunder.

So we can say that we are in the same situation as the people were at the time of the Flood of Noah. It is the time of sundering. Those who come to our boat are going to be saved. Those who are out of the boat, the flood is going to come and destroy them.

2. The idea was to create a less spiritually aware man and send to him the Messiah, Guiding them with the Spirit of God. At the end the wheat will be sundered from the chaff!

Again, He closed the third eye of man. He created a new man, a man of renown. Do we see anything when our third eyes are not opened? We are absolutely flesh and we think this is the external world and we are so attached to it. We think that is it! So we are absolutely cut off from the Spirit, cut off from even seeing the Spiritual world.

But why? It is so we can be guided and recognize who is guided and who is not. That is why we can see the last 12,000 years of history to this point have been for this reason.

3. So the Wheat and the Chaff were left to grow together until the Harvest time. So history started and we know that many humans are still lost (lust!)

When you lust, you become lost.

The next topic is going to be:

Effects of the Flood of Noah on Humans and Their History

1. Noah becomes the first Spiritual Teacher of the new humans.

Noah still had his third eye open. He was from the previous generation. If you study the generations in the Bible, it says that God begat this, and this person begat that son, etc. So the first sons only were mentioned. They never mentioned more than one son. At the end, of course, it says, Also they begat some daughters.

Suddenly with Noah it changed. It says, Noah begat three sons. The flow is not the same as the previous verses. So we see that something happened to those three sons. When the Bible changes the rhythm, that means some new thing happened.

Also it says that God created the man of renown. So in this time, Noah had the spiritual powers and the understanding of God. He was a good man. He was not saying that he was God, that his sons are the sons of God, and his wife is the Holy Mother. He was knowing God.

So he became the teacher of the next generation.

2. His Teachings become the base for the Mystical Paths (Hinduism).

He taught them the base of the Spirit, how to return: Meditate (awaken your spiritual forces), the First Seal. He taught them the Eternal Divine Path. He taught them how to create the communities together, how to get along, how to create an environment where the people can progress, etc. So he taught them the Mystical Paths, and he became the first teacher of man.

He brought the teaching of the previous generation to the new generation.

3. Creation of the five classes of humans.

So these three new sons became the symbol of the five classes of humans.

4. Ham is the symbol for the Shudran and Ksattriyan type of humans.

This was the start of the Shudran and Ksattriyan classes. You can go study in our teachings who are the Shudras and Ksattriyans. And it is not bad to be a Shudra or Ksattriya. It is OK as long as you are satisfied with where you are and what you are doing.

The Sadvipras or Paravipras are supposed to be Shudras too, to be able to do the physical work if necessary. If there is a fight, they would take the army and go and put the rebellious people down, or whatever is necessary.

We are supposed to have the last war. So if we do not have Ksattriyas with us, how can we have the last war and win?

5. Japheth is the symbol for the intellectual and business-oriented humans (Vipras and Vaeshyas).

6. Shem is symbol for the spiritual humans (Brahmins).

Of course, Abraham was A-bram, he was not even a Brahmin (an a in front of any word in Sanskrit makes it negative). God chose him.

7. Explanation of the class domination after the Flood of Noah (for more information, read the book: Kingdom of Heaven on Earth).

Or you can read the lecture we gave for the Second Seal. We have a PowerPoint presentation on that. Actually, we have two PowerPoint presentations on that. Radah gave a lecture on that also.

So we can go and read all about how class domination continued in human history and how these classes dominated other classes, and if we do not bring the Kingdom, how these classes are going to dominate each other and it is going to go on and on forever.

But we have to bring a system that the Paravipras are going to be in control and they smooth out these periods without getting to the revolution. That is all in THOTH; read the Book.

Worshipping Other Men as God, and the Mystery Schools Continued After the Flood

So we said that one of the problems of the coming of the flood of Noah was that there were these human-made Mystery Schools that they said, I am God, my wife is the holy ghost, and my son is the son of God, that those people were following. That is what destroyed them. This practice was stopped by the flood of Noah. However, later on they were reincarnated after the flood. We said that God wanted the chaff and the wheat to grow together. So He did not completely separate them. Still the chaff was coming to life.

It was the beginning of the period of the Ksattriyas or warrior class. And Nimrod was the beginning of that class. Nimrod became the King.

1. Nimrod began a new cult and the period of Ksattriyas started with him (his kingdom started in Babel).

Babel means people are babbling. They are all expressing their own understandings and opinions but no one is listening to anyone else, because none of them have the truth. Just everyone babbles and they go over each others heads. Right now that is why they have so much war and destruction. It is because no one sits quietly and listens to this Revelation.

2. He changed the Worshipping of the One God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE).

After the flood, Noah was in control. He brought the teaching of the worshipping of the Formless, Nameless, and Invisible to humanity, and people started worshipping the Invisible God again. But people said, It is too hard for us. We cannot see God. We cannot feel God. We cannot touch God, etc. Their third eyes were closed, so they were desperately saying, It is hard. We want a statue. We want something to hang onto to worship Him.

Nimrod was the king. Kings usually listen to their subjects because they want to please them. However, not the king that has the Spirit of God in him. No, he just listens to God. But the real human kings listen to men, What do they want?

So Nimrod gave in. He said, OK, you do not have to worship the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). I am your God and you worship me, and put all my pictures all over the place like Sadaam Hussein, and my statues everywhere [laughter]. Now you have a God. Just listen to me. You do not have to worry about God.

The people who were in control of the spiritual progress became very upset with him. That is because after the flood, those high priests, just like Melchizedek, and other people were very upset with Nimrod that he again destroyed the worshiping of the Formless, Invisible, and Nameless God. He changed the worshipping of the God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Therefore, because of his claims, he was killed. The high priests realized that he was changing things again to the way it was before the flood.

3. After his death, his wife (Semiramis) claimed the child in her womb (Bar-Nin) was Nimrod, and so Nimrod was God and his son (Bar-Nin) was the Son of God, and she was the Holy Mother (the concept of trinity as being human started again).

So Semiramis said, The son, the child I have in my womb, is Nimrod, is the reincarnation of Nimrod. He is going to come back and therefore, he was your god before, and he is going to be your god again. But he is going to be the son of god and I am his mother so I am the holy mother. Again the trinity before the Flood started all over again.

4. This belief of humans being gods/holy ghosts (mothers) and the sons of God spread throughout the earth. Many cultures and people still believe in this false explanation of God, the holy ghost and the son.

That continued to this point and when the teaching of Christ came to the Roman Empire and Greece. They already had these false doctrines there as a part of their belief. So as we said, many things were changed in Christs teachings by Rome and the Athenians. They accepted that he was the Son of God. But they also accepted that his mother was The Holy Mother. And the Father is God, who had a relationship with Mary, and they created a son.

With our explanation, we take the true meaning of the Father, Mother, and Son to the correct explanation, which is Spirit. It has nothing to do with the physical relationship. So again that has been corrected here.

Also the Egyptians picked up Semiramis claims and they made it to Osiris, and Isis, and all of that, with the same story that he died, she became pregnant, and his son became the son of God. That is why also he was spread all over their culture, with the name changed.

5. Nimrod is known in other cultures as: Osiris, Saturn (the name Satan came from the same root), Attis, Atlas, Apollo, Zernebogus, Bacchus, and Zeus.

So again we can see that our explanation of where the name of Jesus came from comes from worshipping Nimrod, the man-made Mystery Schools, and all of that.

6. Semiramis is known in other cultures as: Isis, Ishtar, Cybele, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Juno.

7. Bar-Nin is known in other cultures as: Horus, Mardouk, Mars, etc.

8. Many of these ideas still exist today!

Many people are followers of Isis. They believe in the Egyptian philosophy and teachings. All of them are made by man and are not a Revelation from God.

Men Again Fall Further and Set Themselves up as gods. They Again Stop Listening to God (Tower of Babel).

After the flood, as we just explained, humans went back to the way things were before the flood. But, of course, the human did not have that direct relationship with the Spirit any longer.

What they were left with was telepathy. They still had the telepathic ability. They could talk and understand each other telepathically. That is why the Bible said, They were of one language.

Lou, go ahead. What is the question? Maybe even go ahead and type it. [He did type in text] The question is, Because God told the Hebrews to get out of Egypt, maybe that was the reason, because they were worshipping idols and false teachings.

That was one of the reasons, of course. Another reason was that God already gave them the promise of the Promised Land. So He had to take them to the Promised Land. Also, in the Promised Land they would not worship idols. They would not believe in the Mystery Schools. They would bring God (Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal), into their midst.

That is why later on, when Moses went to the mountains for forty days and forty nights and he was late, what did they do? Because they had learned from Egypt, they said, We do not have our Prophet. He left. Let us create another calf of gold, worship it, sacrifice to it, and then we will have a god.

So as we can see, they had already been deeply influenced by the Egyptians. That is why the moment they lost their Prophet, and they were back to their ways.

That is true, that can be a reason for it. Also He had a Promise to take them to the Promised Land. When they go to the Promised Land, they would have the Formless, Invisible, Nameless God.

So they had the telepathic ability. They could communicate with each other very easily. That is why they came together again and started saying, Let us go make a tower, go to the sky, and find the Formless, Invisible God and kill Him so that we do not have to worry about Him any more. We can be god ourselves and continue going our way.

That shows how stubborn the human is, doesnt it, and how much they want to be God themselves? They do not want to listen to God at all. They want to be God, in their little ego, whatever they have.

1. To further prevent the humans from harming themselves and so accelerating their progress, they were scattered all over the earth (now it is time to scatter all over the universe).

So their telepathic ability was also taken away. Can we make telepathy with each other now? We cannot any more, unless you learn how to do it.

Still we have a little bit of it. Have you ever known that someone was going to call you, and the phone rings? That sounds like a little is still left in us. That means we can have it back. But we are not going to have it back until we learn how to become Godly and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So God took the telepathic ability from them. Their languages were different. They were changed. He actually destroyed some of the lands they were in. He separated and split the lands from each other and made them to go further away, one from another. And He scattered humans all over the earth.

2. As humans were scattered all over the earth, the Mystical Knowledge was also scattered by their priests and Spiritual Teachers.

Now we have all these people who were the heads of the spiritual teachings-groups who left and went to different parts of the world including the Mystery Schools and the teaching of the human can become god, the son of god, and the holy ghost.

3. From these original Teachings, the Mystical understanding of all nations and people sprung.

That is why we still have this teaching existing on earth and people following it.

The Indian Continent Is Attached to the Asian Continent

We know that the Indian Continent does not really belong to Asia. It came from Africa. It was disconnected from it. It broke up. Eventually it went under the Asian Continent and is still pushing it up.

Eventually the Himalayas were formed. The Himalayas increase a couple of inches every year. If you want to climb it, climb it fast because it is going to get higher and higher [laughter]. It is getting harder to climb to the top.

1. As the evolutionary process has shown us, these ideas formed different beliefs, adapted to the situations different people were in.

Also the Mystical Paths came from the same source but because they were scattered all over the earth, and the situation was different for each people, usually the beliefs evolved with the environment that they were in. If you study the belief of any culture, their belief is based very much according to what the environment provided. For instance, the American Indians who were in the places where there were buffalos have a lot of myths about buffalos.

The ones who were in the village had a lot of myths about their village. If they were in the Northeast, they had different kinds of myths about what they were familiar with in their environment. But basically they believed in some mystical experience, and they followed it.

So the same thing happened with this belief. Also they came originally from the same place, and they evolved within different places differently.

As we increase our communication between humans, the cultures are also going to become more and more like each other. Even fifty years ago we did not know what was happening in Iraq. We did not even care.

Now we know more about Islam. We know more about their culture. We know more about the culture of the west and the east, and they are mixing with each other. So even if you do not do anything and just sit here, eventually the cultures are going to mix up and the people are going to know each other better.

I could not even come here and start this Mission if the airplane and all these things were not provided to do this.

2. One of these branches was the Aryans who lived in the steppes in Europe and Russia (some believe they lived in the North Pole!)

One of the branches that left the original land and was scattered was the Aryan Race that lived in the steppes of Europe. They believe that at the time they were there, there was not much of a civilization. They were the most civilized people.

Some people believe that they were living at the North Pole at the time it was warm. Then suddenly the ice age came, and it covered their land. As it covered their land, they had to move down south and went to Europe. One branch went to Asia.

3. These people moved to Europe and Asia. Later they split into two branches. One went to India and the other to Iran.

Actually, Iran means the land of the Aryans. The very name, Iran, means the land of the Aryans. So that is why the Hindu-European languages are shared with Europe, with India, and with the old Persian language, not the new one. The new one is influenced more with Arabic.

4. The branch in India met the black population that was in the Indian continent (brought from Africa) and eventually mixed with them (Shiva and his mixing of the two cultures).

Shiva was a black person. He also was very spiritual. He meditated in graves. He created the Tantra way of going to the higher level of consciousness.

He married a white Aryan and they started mixing the cultures together and created the olive-skinned people. Still if you go to India, the northern Indians are whiter than the southern Indians. They are darker in skin.

5. India became the guardian to continue the Mystical Paths. That is why their religion is the oldest religion on earth and is vast and all inclusive (in many ways)!

So we can see the Indian or Hindu Religion actually is the most prominent Mystical Path that we emphasize in the Mission. It probably covers more topics related to Mystical Paths than any other path that we also call the Mystical Paths.

6. The branch in Iran converted to Zoroastrianism.

So there is a Prophet who came and brought the religion of Zoroastrian.

The Zoroastrian Religion and Its Influence on Other Religions

1. The Prophet of the Zoroastrian religion was Zoroaster.

2. He brought the concept of duality in religions as good (God Ahoramazda) and evil (Devil Ahriman).

That was the first religion. Hinduism is a monastic religion. It means it does not believe in good and evil. Evil is the lower nature. It is not some being out there called evil that is going to come and misguide you. Of course, they have different, unclean spirits that can affect you, etc.

But they do not have anything called devil, in Hinduism. If you go to a Hindu, a real Hindu who has never heard about Christianity or anything and tell him devil, he will say, What is devil? There is only one God. The rest is the lower nature and falling.

But for the first time that was the teaching that brought the concept of evil and good. And Zoroaster taught that there is a struggle going on between evil and good in this world. He said that everything was good in the beginning. Well, that is what the Bible says too. Actually, it influenced the Bible.

3. Abram/Abraham was Persian and a follower of Zoroaster (was a follower of the Zoroastrian religion!)

So we can say that he was in Babel. But the religion of Zoroaster spread in Persia and went all the way to many other cultures. Most probably Abram was someone who moved from Iran or Persia and went to Babylonia, and he started opposing the statue worshipping. So that is a speculation that he really was Persian, or does it have some truth in it?

4. Cyrus the King of Persia knew this (he helped the Hebrews).

Why did the King of Persia destroy the Assyrians but was very good to the Hebrews? Most probably it was because he believed that the Hebrews were a part of his culture, a part of his race. They were Persian, and that is why he was very good to them.

He brought them back to Iran. He gave them equal rights with the Persians because he knew they were a part of them.

5. The Magis knew this also (they came to Christ and brought Him gifts, etc.)

Why did the Magis believe that? It was because they believed that the Messiah, or a Savior, was going to come from Zoroastrian descendents. That was their belief. Actually, the whole idea of the Savior, the Son of God coming from the Virgin was a part of the teaching of Mithra in the Zoroastrian Religion. They were waiting for this Savior to come, and that is why they followed the star. They came and found him because they knew also that the Hebrews are from the same race.

That is why they believed that he was going to come from Persia. And he was Persian because he was from the same race.

6. Muslims knew this (they spared the Zoroastrian religion as they also believed in one God and were the people who influenced Judaism and eventually Islam).

When the Moslems conquered Iran, the Zoroastrian people were the only ones that they did not try to convert. They left the people alone when they were there, and they converted them very slowly because they also knew that they influenced Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and they were themselves partly from that race.

Who are the Arabs? The Arabs are the Children of Abram, right? And if Abram was Persian, they are also part Persian. So that is why when they went to Iran they spared them. And still we have some Zoroastrians in India called Parsies. There are hundreds of thousands of them who live in India.

7. Since He knew about the Invisible God, Abram/Abraham opposed idol worshipping and believed in One God: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE).

If you remember, I have told you a story about Abraham and the idols. Remember what happened? He left Persia and went to this culture that they were worshipping idols. He told them, Do not worship idols. Worship the Formless, Invisible, Nameless God. And they would not do it. They would not listen to him.

One day they went out for a picnic or something, out of the city. Abram took a hammer, destroyed all the small gods, and put the hammer in the hand of the big god. The people came and saw that all their idols were destroyed. They knew who did it. They found Abram and said, Abram, come here. You killed all these gods.

He said, No, I did not do it. The big god became angry and smashed all of the small ones.

They said, No, he cannot do that.

Abram said, Why not? He is god.

They said, No, he is just a statue.

Abram said, Why do you worship him then? [Laughter]

8. He (Abram/Abraham) was chosen to start another part of Gods Plan (to know this part of His Plan, read our lecture on the Second Seal).

We will stop here today. We will start the rest of the lecture tomorrow.

Sal-Om everyone.

Part II October 13, 2003

Part II Audio

(To Part 1)

Maitreya: We are going to have a lecture today. To begin let us close our eyes for a couple of seconds, bring our energy together, bring God among us, and let God come through all of us, me as the giver of the lecture, and you as receivers of the Truth of God. Sal-Om.

Well, if you remember we discussed yesterday... Does anyone remember what we discussed?

Audience: We were building up to the First Seal, the historical significance.

Maitreya: Very good. We discussed what happened before the creation, how creation was created. And before the flood of Noah how man fell more and more and became cruder to the point that he even could not communicate with telepathy. His third eye was closed. He lost all his mystical powers and energies. He became completely disconnected from the spiritual world and became as the human that we are now that does not know that the spiritual world even exists.

Most of the people think this material world is it, that what they see is the truth of the universe. They have no idea that there is greater truth in the universe.

We also discussed how the Zoroastrian religion was affecting Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Also we talked about how the Aryans came down and split into two groups; one went to Iran and one to India.

This is interesting that the Aryan Race came down, split, and went to India and to Persia. The fusion happened between the Aryans who went to India and the black people in India. That is actually when the greatest Revelation of God started coming to humanity. All Prophets have come from that area.

Also Hagar, the wife of Abram was black, a black woman. So it just shows that there was intermarriage between the races at that time. These are just some points to ponder on.

We talked about the Mystical Paths.

What is a Mystical Path?

Usually they Are:

1. Believe in One God.

Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Then, of course, you might ask, If that is true, why do the Indian people have so many statues, gods, and all of that? If you study the highest level of spiritual Indian teaching, it is not talking about statues. It talks about Atman, Self is the same as God, as Brahmin.

So if we understand that, we understand that the Mystical Paths in a higher level are teaching the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. When it falls to the lower level, people start making statues, pictures, symbols, and start worshipping them instead of in a higher level.

So one of the signs of the high level of the Mystical Paths is that the people in it believe in the Formless, Invisible, and Nameless God.

2. Ability of man to know this One God through Spiritual Practices (Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation, Study, Service, etc.)

So the second characteristic of the Mystical Paths is that they believe that they can know God by knowing themselves. That is when they recommend to meditate, contemplate, and concentrate, Go away from the society. Do not become attached too much to the external world, material things, etc.

They sometimes go too far. If you go to India, there are Sadhus who are absolutely naked. They have nothing. They do not even have clothes. They walk around and if someone gives them something to eat, they eat. If they do not give it, they do not eat.

We discussed that some of them are fake. They accept that life so that they can get their food without working. So they have gone too far.

3. Teaching that there is a Spiritual World that is more real than this physical world, and the Goal is to realize it and return home.

As we said, there was a spiritual world before the flood of Noah, right? If there was a spiritual world before the flood of Noah, it is still there. It did not go anywhere. So the only thing that happened is that we do not recognize it exists.

Of course, God made some people to recognize more of this spiritual world, or they recognize it by themselves by progressing spiritually, so they are more connected to the Spirit. That is why this physical body does not satisfy them. and they want something more.

So we can see that the spiritual world exists. It existed before the flood of Noah, it existed during the flood of Noah, and it still exists. That spiritual world, that Mystical part, is there, but we cannot know it because we lost it. We lost the ability to know it. The reason we lost it is because we misused it.

Still people misuse it. People gain a little power, and what do they do? They get an 800 number and say, Call me. I see your future. I am psychic. Just a little bit of spiritual power, and they go just crazy. They use it to gain their livelihood instead of saying, What is more than that little psychic power that I have gained?

You know the story that I could see peoples futures when I started meditating. And then I misused it. After one month I lost it. God was telling me, Do not misuse your power. That is because you are not going to get anywhere with it. You are going to get stuck. The moment you start misusing your power, you are stuck in your spiritual path. That is it. God says, You are playing with your toys, fine. You play with your toys. I can go and help other beings who want to come to Me.

So if you gain any spiritual powers just say, Thank you, God, I do not want them. I want You. Like a little child that the mother gives him a little toy and he is happy, or she is happy. What does the mother do? The mother goes and does whatever she wants to do.

But if the child says, No, I want you mother. I do not want the toy, and he throws the toy, what does the mother have to do? She has to pick him up and try to fulfill his desire to be with her and stop playing with the toys. So whatever God gives you, throw it away and say, No, I want You. And He says, OK, come to Me.

So those spiritual worlds exist and we have to understand that the spiritual world is more real and the goal is to go back home, not to become attached to the little power, our little understanding, but Gods understanding.

That is the base of the Mystical Paths. So anything that does not fall into these three qualities: Belief in One God, ability of man to know God, and the saying that the spiritual world truly exists, either it is not a Mystical Path, or it is not the highest of the Mystical Paths.

What is Not a Mystical Path?

1. Mystery schools (myths that humans are God).

There are gods with the small g. Even the Paravipras, or the Elects, are not still god yet. They have 1,000 more years to go and work on themselves before they can claim that they are god.

How many people are out there that their lives are absolutely in disarray and they have no spiritual progress, still they come to our room and say that they are gods? We can say that after 12,000 years of progress you still have to work on yourself another 1,000 years to be able to claim, Yes, now I can say I am god, I am a son of God.

So we can see that it is true that our Essence is the same as God but it is more than just realizing that. We have to really become it, really go through the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, and all of that

2. Belief in many gods (this also happens to Mystical religions when those in lower levels take the spirit behind creation as gods).

Belief in many gods, how many gods can be there? When you break God into the smaller gods, what happens to humanity? They start becoming separated from one another. The moment I give my god one name, I call him Allah, and you call your god, Jehovah, we have two gods.

But if there is only the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God, and His name cannot even be pronounced in the external world, how many gods do we have? We have only one God that we cannot even say what is His Name. What is His Name? [silence -- no answer from the audience.] And we all believe in It.

Any name you call Him is not His Name. Therefore, you cannot call Him a name, she cannot call It another name. We have to accept the Nameless, or at least His Name only can be recognized within you. Then we cannot fight with each other any more because there is only One God that is beyond any of these names.

Also, in the lower level of the Mystical Paths, in some nations, like even in India, they believe in many gods, many statues, and many things. That is when the Mystical Paths fall to the lower level, when many people take the spirit behind things as God.

It is true that the Spirit of everything is God. The Spirit behind the tree is God. The Spirit behind you is God. But the moment you bring down the higher level of understanding of the Mystical Paths, we fall to the lower level of the Mystical Paths.

3. Ancestral worshipping.

Instead of worshipping God, some cultures worship their ancestors, such as, I am from this ancestor. I worship my ancestor, and some believe that their ancestors come down every night to the earth. That again is not the highest level of realizing God.

There might be some truth in it because we know that when people die they really do not die. They just leave their bodies and go to another state. That is because can you destroy anything in this universe? No, nothing can be destroyed. It can be converted to different levels or energy. Even energy, mechanical energy, can be converted to heat energy. Heat energy can be converted to light energy. But it is not destroyed. It becomes something else. So you cannot destroy anything.

When you die, you are not dead. You just transformed yourself to another state.

4. Following the teachings of the fallen angels (hierarchy/brotherhood), etc.

Mystery schools are beliefs similar to those who believe in Isis. What can we call Isis and the people who believe what Nimrod brought? What is a good word for it? I called them Mystery Schools because I could not come up with anything else.

Audience: Illusionists.

Maitreya: Illusionists [laughter]. Then that includes everyone [laughter].

Audience: Is it the same thing with Rosicrucians? Is it a Mystery School?

Maitreya: They believe in Christ, dont they?

Audience: Yes.

Maitreya: Well, they do not believe that he died on the cross.

Audience: Yes, they do not believe that he died on the cross.

Audience: The Great White Brotherhood. They believe in Melchizedek.

Maitreya: Melchizedek.

Audience: The Rosicrucians received their tradition from the Egyptians of the highest antiquity. It seems its origins go back to the Essenes.

Maitreya: Essenes and Rosicrucians?

Audience: Yes.

Audience: So is a Mystery School that of a man-made hierarchy? And then there are Mystery Schools (because we have used the word as more of a Godly hierarchy) that are more related to the Path? And the ones related to man, they are making themselves god. So it is the same word but again like lower nature and higher nature?

Maitreya: So you are suggesting that there are two Mystery Schools, one is the Mystical Paths that is the highest and is from God, and the Mystery Schools that are man-made? As there is the Son of God, the Holy Ghost, and the Father, also there is father, holy ghost (holy mother) and the son, which is made by man.

Some myths were saying that Semiramis was the holy ghost and her child was an immaculate conception. That is because three years after Nimrod died, she became pregnant. She said well, it is an immaculate conception; Nimrod came back in my womb. Then his son became the son of god because Nimrod was god.

Also we have God and The Holy Ghost who comes through the Messiah. The Messiah is the Son of God. So there are two explanations of the same thing. But the true meaning is, one is man-made and one is Godly.

So there are Mystery Schools, which are Godly, which are called the Mystical Paths and there are Mystery Schools that are man-made, which are calledmaybe we should call them Nimrodian [laughter], Nimrodian schools.

Audience: They are just rude [laugher].

Maitreya: They are just rude, yes.

Audience: How about Mystery Schools from ignorance?

Maitreya: Well, anyway just for the sake of this presentation, let us just call them human made Mystery Schools, or something like that.

So Mystery Schools that are human made are not the Mystical Paths. To believe in many gods, ancestral worshipping, and following the teaching of the fallen angels with the hierarchy, etc., are not the Mystical Paths.

In general, anything that has touch, smell, and appeals to your senses is not the highest. The moment you see a physical manifestation, it is not the highest. Even going to heaven, which has a physical attribute, is not the highest.

The highest is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is the highest Mystical Path that we should strive to become. So that puts a lot of people out of business who have made a business out of God. They all fall to the ground.

If humanity only follows these teachings we have brought to them, which reveals the truth, all those schools would not have any members. They are all people who are going to think, meditate themselves, and know God within. They do not have to go to this school and that school, this guru and that guru.

But that is the absolute truth. They are the people who are misleading the Souls of men and not taking them to God. They are taking them to themselves.

So that is one of the absolute things that the more people who realize these truths revealed through the Mission, the more we will not have all these organizations and things that really are not helping anyone to go to God.

Mystical experiences Were Also Given to Many People in All Cultures and All Through History (His Story)

Not only the mystical teachings were revealed to Noah, also a lot of people had mystical experiences. It is just like the Sufis, like the Cabbalists, like the Christian Saints, who absolutely felt that they were dying and, God was becoming more in them, and they were becoming less of themselves. As that Saint said, the more he meditated, the more Christ was in him and the less of him was there.

It is actually just like our teaching that you do not exist. God really exists, but you are the illusion. You are the delusion. God is the reality. If you think that you exist, then you are in delusion. But if you realize that God exists and you do not, then you are having a greater grip on the truth of Life.

So that is exactly what happened to that Christian who said, Christ is more in me every day and there is less of me left as the Christ increases in me. That means that he had a mystical experience.

And that Sufi who jumps and says, AnAllah, means, I am God. Of course, the orthodox stoned him because he was blaspheming, according to their beliefs. Or, when Christ said, The Father and me are One, it is the same thing. It means AnAllah. It means, I am God, there is nothing left in me but Him.

This teaching that was given to Noah which leads to a mystical experience has continued with humanity for the last 12,000 years. Therefore, many mystics had experienced the oneness with God.

What Are the Major Mystical Paths on Earth and What Do They Teach?

1. Hinduism

a. Buddhism

b. Jainism

c. Sikhs

d. Other branches in Hinduism, etc.

2. Native American (American Indian) beliefs

3. Kabala

4. Saints in Christianity

a. No explanation of experiences was given in my search of these Saints!

That is what is interesting about the saints in Christianity that I was trying to find out more about them. Very few you can find that it talks about their experience. It absolutely does not talk about how they reached there. The only thing I found was very little about Saint Frances of Assisi, and Saint Theresa, that they had some mystical experiences. Otherwise Christians do not talk about the experience of their mystics or saints. They mostly were talking about what they did and what they accomplished. It is a very western way of thinking, instead of seeing what made them to feel like that and become so self-sacrificing. That was an interesting observation again.

We can see what is the difference between the western and eastern way of thinking. In the West, it is very job-oriented or work-oriented, What did they do? What did they accomplish? instead of what they realized.

I could not find in the Internet that it talked about what was their experience before they became Saints, or things like that, or miracles.

5. Sufism

6. Any other belief that falls into the category of Mystical Paths.

We just explained what the Mystical Paths are. If any belief besides this falls into the same category, they are also Mystical Paths.

If they believe there is only One God, that you can reach God through progress in Mystical Paths, and there is a spiritual world as we explained above, that is a Mystical Path. Most of the old religions in the highest level are Mystical Paths. But in the lower level they fall into lower religions that break the three rules above.

Even the people who worship ancestors also believe in something bigger than their ancestors, which is God Itself. So in that level they might also be considered as a Mystical Path.


1. Is based on the four Vedas (Rg, Sama, Yajus, and Atharva), the oldest Scriptures on earth.

As we explained yesterday, after the flood of Noah, the humans were scattered all over the earth. So as they were scattered all over the earth, the teachers took the teachings to different places.

2. Oral tradition.

3. They were eventually written down!

The teaching was from the master, or teacher, to the student. It was going to them orally. They would not put it down, until probably a couple of hundred years before Christ.

Eventually they realized that they could not find enough disciples to carry it on. So they decided to put it down in writing. That is when these Scriptures were formed, and some say this is the oldest Scripture on earth.

4. Three Paths (Bhakti, Karma, and Jnana).

So the basic three paths in Hinduism are: Bhakti is devotion; Karma is the service; and Jnana or knowledge.

Bhakti means to love your God with all your heart, mind, and your spirit. You do not have to know too much philosophy. You do not have to do too much. But just love God with all your heart. That is going to take you to God as fast as possible.

As we explained many times, Bhakti is the fastest way to God but is the most dangerous way to God. That is because, first of all you love God so much that you want to bind Him according to what you want Him to be. If He does not become exactly what you want Him to be, you get pretty upset about Him.

The second is Karma yoga, which you say, God is coming through me. I am doing a lot of service for God. And you work to do Gods Will.

The Jnana is knowledge. You read books, you understand, you read books written by the people who wrote about spirituality, understand what they are saying, and you progress that way.

In Bhakti yoga, if you fall, you do not have anything underneath you. You are absolutely so in Love with God that if He does not do exactly what you want, you just do not have any safety net.

In Karma yoga, still you might continue doing your work although you do not feel God, and eventually God might come back to you.

In Jnana yoga still you have your knowledge and eventually you might go back to realize God through accumulated knowledge.

That is why the Bhakti yoga is the fastest way but it is the most dangerous way to go to God.

What do we have in the Mission? Are we following Bhakti, Karma, or Jnana?

Everyone: All of them.

Maitreya: All of them. Exactly! We say to Love your God with all your heart, mind and spirit, but remember to surrender and submit to God, let God come through you, and give all the credit to Him. That is Karma yoga. Jnana yoga, this is Jnana, we are studying the teaching. We read the Scriptures.

Again, the Eternal Divine Path combines all the levels of the spiritual path. So it is much more comprehensive than just taking one of them and only concentrating on that one thing.

The Upanishads are one of the teachings of the Hindu Religion that:

5. Upanishads - 'to sit down near' (Vedanta: more than 1000 of them around 100 are considered genuine, 11 considered the most significant/major).

It is just like us sitting and talking about God together.

And Vedanta means really the end of the Vedas. They are the Scriptures that have been written by realized people, and they have instructed their students what is the Essence of spiritual realization and progress.

There are more than one thousand Upanishads in Indian culture. Around one hundred of them are considered genuine. Eleven are considered significant or major Upanishads.

6. Vedanta, the basis of Hinduism, asserts that Brahma, the 'impersonal' God and the universal soul [FINE], is the Absolute Truth.

Again you see, the highest level of Hinduism is: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. The highest in Hinduism is not those pictures, or statues, or all those things that people take as the highest. It is universal. It is absolutely impersonal. You cannot bring it to a form. It is Consciousness and the three gunas.

7. Vedanta, Brahma, and Bhagavad-Gita (triple canon of the Vedanta).

These three beliefs make up the base of Hinduism.

Keyosha: You said 100 of the Upanishads are considered genuine. What does that mean for the other 900? Are they man-made, or what?

Maitreya: Yes, they are called minor Upanishads. They are not considered that important and usually Hindus concentrate on those 100. The rest, 900, usually very few people might believe in them, or some French groups somewhere accepts one of them as important or something like that.

8. There are six systems of Indian philosophy, in the form of sutras.

9. Besides all these there are: epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata) and stories (18 major and other minor), introductions for Scriptures, songs and hymns, and much more!

So you can see that it is an amazing religion. There is so much in it. Probably they have more things to read and study than any other religion.

10. If other, younger, religions have been influenced by dogma, how much has this oldest religion been influenced by human understandings?

If Christianity is 2,000 years old and there are so many dogmas in it, and Islam is only 1,300 years and there is so much dogma in it, now imagine a religion that is 8,000 or 12,000 years old.

That is why we can see there is so much superstition, there is so much dogma, there is so much misunderstanding, there is so much philosophy, there are so many different ideas in India. If you go to India, after a while you become absolutely confused.

What is Hinduism? Ask anyone, what is Hinduism. No one can really tell you.

You can say, What is Christianity? Christianity believes in Christ. It is simple. It is right there.

Ask a Hindu, What is Hinduism? and they cannot tell you because Hinduism has become so many things to so many different people. There are a lot of dogmas and misunderstandings. There are beliefs that are not based on the highest level of Hinduism.

Branches of Hinduism

Most of the people believe Buddhism is a religion separate from Hinduism. Actually Buddhists have tried very hard to make a distinction between Hinduism and Buddhism. But really Buddhism is a reformation of Hinduism.

There were so many gods that the Hindus believed in and followed that when the Buddha came he had enough of them. That is why he said, Just forget about gods, Know thyself.

Of course, he brought also some very deep concepts of what is the base of suffering. The base of suffering is because we get attached to the external world, which is the temporary thing. We expect the temporary thing to stay constant and it does not. We want everything to stay constant. We have special ideas of how things should be. What we expect how things should be, does not happen exactly the way we want them to be and that creates suffering.

For instance, you meet someone, you like that person, and you feel very accelerated with knowing such a person. You go and you imagine that, We are going to do this together, we are going to do that together, and we are going to be friends. You feel you meet each other the first time, it happens, you are excited, and all of that.

The next time maybe he is not in a good mood, or something happened, or whatever, it does not go exactly the way you want. Suddenly, all those imaginations you had about that person, you are going to have so much fun together, go down the drain. So you start suffering because you wanted the things to be the way you wanted them to be.

That is what Buddha basically was teaching, that the life is suffering. The only way not to suffer is to accept and see the things exactly the way they are, the truth, the reality of the Life, instead of imagining, instead of expecting, instead of creating things for yourself the way you want them to be.

He brought a very good psychological base for what suffering is. But it is not the whole reason for suffering. So in Buddhism he touched some parts of it but it does not touch every aspect of it.

The Mission not only accepts what he said but it goes even beyond that. We bring the Communities of Light, that in the community we might accept some of his principles, for example, in the Communities of Light people should not be attached to the result of their actions. Or, do not try to be attached to whatever is in the external world, and see the external world exactly as it is.

Sometimes people are not in a good mood. Accept that. People are not in a good mood. Then if they are not in a good mood, you are not affected. You become more and more realistic about life. You accept the situations that they are not going to be always as you expect them to be, as perfect as you want them to be.

As you accept that, life becomes easier. And you will suffer less.

Actually, you can say Buddha brought the purest form of Hinduism back to the Hindus. He had enough of all the gods. He had enough of the Brahmins. He had enough of all those things that made Hinduism so binding. He tried to release men to a higher level.

Some Buddhists say that Buddha said there is no God. He never said that. He just said, do not worry about gods, just know thyself. And that is better for you.

1. Buddhism [founded by Siddhartha Gotama 500 BC. Based on Dharma and Sanga.

Dharma means the innate nature of man, and Sanga means the community.

All things are temporary and so will create sufferings (pain). To escape this is the Goal of life (Nirvana). Four Noble Truths, Purified Hinduism.

As we explained, Hinduism was purified with Buddha.

Branches: Mahayana (Great Vehicle), Theravada (Lower Vehicle, more traditional), Vajrayana (Mahayana with emphasis on Tantra), Zen or Chan fusion between Mahayana and Daoism seeing the world as it really is].

So these are the different branches. The Mahayana is mostly followed in Tibet, the Tibetan area. And the other one is more in the south area of the Far East.

Another branch is Tantra. Tantra, as we said, is the path of going through and seeing the emptiness of the things. They say, go through it physically. But we say, go through it through your meditation and see how empty it is. Many times we have explained this.

Zen is the Chinese Buddhism, in which Buddhism and Daoism merge. The teaching is be. You do not have to read or know the philosophy of Buddhism but you have to actually point out, instead of teaching or trying to bring it to other people, but point out the truth right to the student. That is why they do not teach verbally. Instead they bring themselves to meditation and then they make you practice that you see what you do wrong.

The whole idea is, what is delusion, what are your attachments, to show you where you are getting attached to the temporary things and what is more permanent in every situation. So do not become attached in any situation.

The next is Jainism. That is another Hindu branch. They are emphasizing that they are a different religion than Hinduism. And actually their founder:

2. Jainism (Jainism was founded by a teacher called Mahavira. They follow the Ahimsa to the fullest!)

Actually, Mahavira and Buddha were living at the same time. You can see, it sounds like at that time, Hinduism was so binding that this idea was coming out that, We need something new to change Hinduism to a higher level. Probably both of them helped Hinduism to go back to more of its basic truth.

The Jains are absolutely non-violent, and they follow Ahimsa. Ahimsa means non-violence. The priests carry a broom. They sweep in front of them so they do not kill any ant, or insect, or anything like that.

I do not know, but when they sweep they probably kill more [laughing].

By this time Hinduism had become so binding and the teaching had fallen so low, and suddenly this great realized person had to come and just lift it up a little more from the lower level and tell them, The truth is, Go to God. Go to Thyself. Or, Do not harm each other, or, Follow back to Ahimsa.

I see both Buddhism and Jainism as reformers of Hinduism. I do not see them as separate. But the emphasis is greater in different parts of Hinduism.

I always saw Hinduism as an amazingly vast philosophy that if you look at different parts you can actually create different religions of it. But it is really not different religions. It is just a part of a whole body because Hinduism is so vast.

I feel the Buddha emphasized only one part of Hinduism. He had enough of all those gods, the statues, and all that. Now the Buddhists even have statues and pictures.

I believe that the Chinese, or the Tibetans, were connected to the American Indians. If you look at their paintings, they very much look like those Kachina dolls. If you look at those Kachinas and the pictures and statues they have in Buddhism, they are very similar.

So Buddhism spread to Tibet but it was affected with the teaching before it, which is very similar to American Indian. And they all came from the same races.

Of course, they say the Asians came to the United States. But I believe actually the Indians went to Asia because that is why the Chinese and the Tibetans, and all those people who look like American Indians, are only in North Asia. Very few of them trickled down to the South. But the American Indians were all the way to South America.

They found a site of American Indians, which is 50,000 years old. It is just another thing in the Mission that our belief is a little different than what the popular belief is.

Anyway, let us go back to our topic, Jainism. Another branch is:

3. Sikhs (founded by Guru Nanak, have had great influence on India, tried to reconcile the differences between Hinduism and Islam).

That is another religion. They believe they are separate from Hinduism. But if you study the Sikhs still you can see the influence of Hinduism in a greater degree than Islam itself. The only part they took from Islam was probably the militant part that they are more militant than the Hindus. They believe that you have to take the sword, fight, and spread your word.

But they had a great influence on Hinduism. Their numbers are not very large but they have a very big influence in India.

Another group is:

4. Tantra (path of overcoming by recognizing the emptiness of our longings - low and high paths).

There is also Tantra that we talked about many times, that is, the path of going through the experience and then realizing how empty our attachments and desires are. The higher level is to go through it in the higher mental level or in our meditation. In the lower level it engages to the real acting out of the desire. That is when most of the people look at Tantra as a sexual relationship and some people fall for that, thinking that, that is what it means. It really does not mean that. That is a very low level of Tantra.

5. Other branches in Hinduism, etc. (many other branches of Hindus are in India in fact too many to cover them all here).

There are Haree Krishna people and many other branches in Hinduism. If you explain all of them, then we are going to spend a couple of lifetimes to talk about them.

Native Americans

The second that we talk about as the Mystical people are the Native Americans.

1. They believe in One God (Creator or Great Spirit).

They believe in the spirit in the dog, the spirit in the tree, the spirit in this and that. But the highest level of their teaching is really the Great Spirit.

2. They also believe in the Spirit behind all things.

That is the lower level.

3. They all had stories about how their religions were revealed to them and why they had to stay in the territory they were in.

It kind of sounds like they stayed in their territory because they realized that if they do not have those beliefs there was going to be a fight among different tribes. So in order to keep it peaceful, they created this idea that they had to stay in one area and not go anywhere else.

Also they believed that there was a white brother who came to the United States and he traveled all the way from North America to South America and taught them agriculture, many religious things, and made them go very far in becoming civilized.

Some people say it was Christ who came here after he was supposed to have been crucified. Some people say it was Enoch who came here and taught them. So it depends on who you talk to. But the most important thing is that they are also waiting for their Messiah.

As you know they took Cortez (because he was a white man, had a horse, and came with the ship) as their Messiah. Of course, he did a very good job on them. He was not really the good Messiah. He was a bad one.

But that had to happen. Otherwise we would not be here teaching this Revelation in the United States.

4. All had some kind of practice to realize the Spirit behind this physical life (Mystical experience).

5. The most famous one is the Vision Quest practiced by some tribes.

They have also the sweat lodge. It is just like a sauna. That is more spiritual with people sitting there and meditating.

It really helps. It really gets your body to sweat. It is just like fasting actually. It gets the toxins out of the body.

The next awakening of the spiritual forces, or Mystical Paths, is:


It is the Jewish Mystical Path.

1. Revealed through the Bible and Its Prophets (it is based on the book called Zohar), it teaches that:

2. The universe operates according to certain supremely powerful principles,

3. Kabala empowers us to understand and live in harmony with these laws,

4. Spirit is interwoven with the matter.

So it is the teaching that they think that all the Prophets revealed and taught in the Old Testament. But they believe the knowledge is even beyond this revelation of the Bible and it comes from the very foundation of the creation.

Again, it goes back to the teaching of Noah after the flood. They do not know where it came from. They know that it works. It is based on the Laws and Principles of the universe.

Again the teaching goes back to somewhere beyond our history as Hinduism is. We can see that again, all of them seem to have come from the same Essence, from the same Source.

5. The Knowledge of Kabala should be passed on from teacher to students.

Again we can see the oral tradition. The teacher says and the student learns. But, it was written down later on as the Vedas were also written on the paper as a book. Now we have a book, Zohar. Before that, they did not have a book. They would orally reveal it to each other.

6. It was shrouded in secrecy.

That is because a lot of people felt that if it fell into the hands of the uninitiated, they might misuse it and not understand it correctly. Still, a lot of orthodox Jews do not agree with the people who follow the Kabala.

Did you want to say something?

Audience: I just thought that was surprising.

Maitreya: Yes, it is. It is just like the Sufis are not accepted by the Orthodox Moslems because it is different. It is mystical.

Or, saints in Christianity, in the beginning, probably, the saints were odd to the regular people. St. Francis, when he came from the war, did not want to fight with the Moslems. He started singing to the birds and going to the nature. They thought that he was crazy.

Eventually, of course, he started his own church and became a saint. People started realizing, Wow, he really is connected to a greater Spirit than they are.

It is the same thing here with the Kabala. The Kabala is something that is odd to the regular Jewish teachings that only follow the first five books of the Bible.

7. Zohar deals very directly with concepts of reincarnation, visionary experiences, and the presence of unseen influences in our midst (Mystical Paths and experience).

Again we can see that this is a Mystical Path, isnt it? It is experiencing God, experiencing the higher thing, and experiencing the Spirit. Again the Kabala is the Mystical Path in the Jewish Religion.

Any questions? Any comments?

Audience: Where does the Kabala come from?

Maitreya: They think that it came from the Prophets in the Old Testament. But at the same time they believe it is beyond even the Old Testament. So, as I said, it came even before the Jewish people.

We know that the Hebrews were influenced with the Zoroastrian religion. The Zoroastrians were influenced with Hinduism and the teaching before that. And that came from Noah. So the whole of this teaching, as I said, as it came to the different people in the different environments, the same teaching changed a little bit because that is the Law of Evolution.

It is just like those squirrels on two sides of the Grand Canyon, on two sides of the Colorado River. In the beginning they were the same squirrels that have lived with each other. But now they have been separated for a couple of million years, and the ones in the north of the river have created different habits, different characteristics, and different looks from the ones in the south of the river. But they were the same squirrels in the beginning.

It is the same thing, the Mystical Paths, when Noah brought them to humanity, were the same. Then God scattered man all over the earth, and each of them adapted according to their environment and their evolutionary path.

That is why again, the cultures are mixing here and at the same time they do not understand each other because each culture learned differently to cope with their environment. They accepted different religions according to what they received, according to what was environmentally more acceptable to them.

Now the culture in the Middle East seems so odd to the West. That is because if you wanted to go to the Middle East, if you wanted to even go from Europe to China, it would take you a year or two to get there. Who wanted to go such a long distance, to go with the thieves and a lot of dangerous places, to get there? Very few.

Marco Polo going from Italy to China was a big deal. It is a part of history. How many people go to China every day? No one writes about them, Mr. Smith went to China today [laughter].

So although they all have come from the same source, they each might teach a little different way. So the Kabala has come from the same source.

But also as we said, the people have had mystical experiences. And when you compare the mystical experiences in every religion, they are the same. They see the universe. They see God behind the material world. They are not so different.

Saints in Christianity

1. Few mention of their experiences!

As we discussed, it was very interesting to me that really they do not mention what happened to them, how they became saints.

2. True Saints, however, had a Mystical experience with God.

We can see in the case of Saint Frances and Saint Theresa that they have had some experiences. And also, there were other saints in Christianity that have had stigmatas that they would bleed through them. They had the same kind of holes in their hands or feet as Christ did, and they would bleed from them. So they have had some experience directly with God and Spirit.

3. Many of them went through a period of intense isolation, prayer, and meditation.

If you study the lives of all the Prophets, they went through a period of intense isolation. They were absolutely cut off from people. It happened to me too.

When I came to the United States, I was completely isolated by myself. You know the story.

4. Their view was universal and based on recognition of God in the whole universe.

They had a universal point of view. They accepted other religions from everywhere. They did not say, No, we are Christians, you are no good, or this and that. They said, OK, you are Moslem or Hindu or Buddhist, it does not matter.

It is just like Mother Theresa, who went to India and worked with the Indians. She did not try to convert them to Christianity. She just wanted to serve because she saw God in everyone and everything.

5. Performed miracles as it was expected from them.

Actually, if you do not perform miracles the Catholic Church does not accept you as a saint. There has to be one or two miracles happen before they say, OK, you are a saint.

It was expected for them to have a miracle, so they did.


Sufism is the Mystical Path of the Moslems.

1. It is the Path of Love and Devotion toward God (as Lover and Beloved).

So they are in the path of Bhakti. They Love God completely. The most well known poet in the West is Rumi, and he was a Sufi.

Audience: A Persian poet?

Maitreya: Yes, a Persian poet. What else do you know about those poets? Rumi, and do you know anyone else?

Audience: Kahlil Gibran.

Audience: He was a Sufi?

Maitreya: Most probably yes, he was a Sufi. The orthodox Moslems tried very hard to keep the Sufis down and out of Islamic societies. But they said such beautiful things about God, and everyone started reading their poems and accepting them. After a while they could not do anything with them because the majority accepted the Sufis as great lovers of God.

2. They practice meditation and rituals to reach deeper levels of self and to experience God (Spirit).

So again, meditation, isolation, and thinking. Meditating, it is the same thing, the same practices as in the Mystical Paths.

3. Many believe Muhammad himself was a Sufi (he meditated in the caves above Mecca for fifteen years).

They believed that when he went to Syria, Prophet Muhammad joined in a group there that was meditating, and that is how he got to know Christianity and Judaism. That was because he was a caravan master. For many years he traveled a lot.

The best education is traveling, going to different places and to different cultures. It opens your mind.

He used to take the caravan and take it from Arabia to Syria, etc. And on the way, when you are on the caravan, you do not have anyone to talk to, so you meditate. Probably he was interested in topics about God and went and met many people in different religions. They say that he, in that travel, eventually joined one of those groups, and they taught him meditation.

When he married Khadija, Khadija was a rich woman so he did not have to travel any more. So from 25 years to 40 most of the time he was in a cave at the top of Mecca and meditating by himself.

We can see that even he was a Sufi himself.

4. Techniques vary, but they have three things in common: rhythm, repetition, and endurance (repetition of words (just like) mantras!, dancing (which is rhythm), and sometimes enduring pain!)

That was kind of bringing them in a greater degree of ability to endure life, or be tough. And how should the people in the Mission be? They should be tough people.

We can see again, the rhythm, the meditation, and the using of mantras. They use the name Allah a lot. They sing, Allah, Allah, and they have some words like mantras using Allah. The name Allah is a mantra. So they repeat it.

And rhythm, just like the Haree Om Shrii Hung, if you sing Haree Om Shrii Hung for a long time and you really merge into it, it is just like riding a camel. Imagine you are riding a camel for hours. The only thing is it goes like this [moving as you would on a camel ride] in the rhythm of the camel. And they have a bell. As the camel moves, the bell goes dong, dong, dong. After a couple of hours your mind becomes still. That is the best meditation you can have.

I have never rode a camel in this lifetime myself but I have imagined it, how it feels, sitting on the camel, the camel going rhythmically for hours. And it is a desert. It is not a ten minute ride. It is a whole day ride. And you are going in the same rhythm.

You cannot talk to anyone. You are sitting there. And that bell goes, dong, dong, dong. What happens to your mind? Absolute meditation.

5. Orthodox Muslims do not give much credit to them, but they have had a great influence on the populace.

As we just talked about, they really do not like them because they say things that throw them out of their books, You have to do this and that. Sufis do not. They just break the rules.

Probably that is a part of Sufism, to break the rules once in a while. They are kind of rebellious in a restrictive environment, but they are not criminals. Probably the reason is because Islam became so rigid that they say, Break the rule. Do not follow it exactly.

6. Sufism converted many people to Islam.

There is a belief that most of the people in India were converted to Islam because of the Sufis. It influenced also Hinduism itself by the teaching that the Sufis brought to India.

7. There are many branches of Sufism all over the world.

8.It has all the elements of a Mystical Path.

It has the meditation, it has the recognition of God, it has the Bhakti. So it is a Mystical Path.

What is Not a Mystical Path and is Not a Religion Based on Gods Plan

What is not a Mystical Path?

1. Ancestral worshipping.

2. Many gods.

3. Worshipping anything in the manifested world instead of the Spirit in the Temple of ones body!

God is within you. Do not look anywhere else. Do not look out. He is not there. He is not in the statue. He is not in the dog, or the cat, or anything else.

Of course, He is in all of them too. But you find It best within yourself.

4. Taking humans as God.

That is another thing that should go in human life. You should not accept anyone. Just take their teaching. If they say something good that will take you to God, take that, but do not take them as God.

5. Mystery schools (founded by Nimrod).

Man-made Mystery schools, Nimrodians.

6. Lower levels in the Mystical religions that have forgotten about FINE!

It is just like Hindus should realize that they should not take the statues, and things like that, as God. They have to go to higher things, which is Spirit, the true teaching of Hinduism, which Buddha tried to bring back.

7. Chinas beliefs (Confucius, Daoism they are forms of guidance, not religions or Revelations).

They are good. I am not saying do not read them or understand them. They have wonderful things. They are beautiful sayings and helpful, some of them. Of course, some of them are not that good.

It is just like Confucius said that the woman being a leader is just like a hen acting like a rooster. Then one of their greatest Empresses was a woman, in the Dhang dynasty. So not everything they say is correct.

A woman, like a man, should prove that they are good leaders. It is not that because they are a male we should accept them as good leaders. They have to prove themselves that they are.

Also where do they best serve God? It does not matter where we are. The most important thing is, how much our contribution to Gods Work is manifested in a greater degree that we are satisfied where we are and we know that we did a good job.

What Do All These Mystical Paths Basically Say?

1. There is only One God (FINE).

The highest level of all Mystical Paths say, God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It does not have any form. It does not have any shape. It does not have any taste, or smell. Go to the Highest.

If it has any physical attributes, you are still not following the highest.

2. There is a Spiritual World that is much greater than this physical world.

As we said, before the Flood of Noah, we could have a direct relationship with it.

3. The Goal of Life is to reach this World (become Divine) and overcome this external world.

That is the Goal Of The Life. That is why we are here.

That is why the whole creation has been created, because there was destruction, there was darkness, there was separation from God, and God created the whole universe to reach there. We fell and fell and fell deeper, and eventually we reached a point that our third eyes were closed, we could not have the telepathic ability, and we are in a place that we have absolutely lost the connection.

We lost all the ability to be connected to the external world and now we are trying to go back to Spirit again. So we can see, that is the goal of life: to become Divine, to go back to God, or Spirit.

4. Each human can achieve this Goal (although it is not easy many will be called, few will be chosen).

As Christ said, many will try, and few will find it. Many will be called, and few will be chosen. Or the door is wide and the road is wide that leads to destruction. The road that is narrow and hard, leads to life.

5. Know thyself to Know God.

6. All these can be categorized as the Mystical Paths.

So, first of all, it has to be Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. If it is not the Highest, it is the fallen Mystical Paths. It is not the highest level of Mystical Paths.

Second, believing, yes there is a spiritual world. At least have some connection to the spiritual world and believe it is not only our two eyes.

And, The Goal Of The Life Is To reach that spiritual world, spiritual life not this life, and believing that you can do it. It is possible. Many have gone and done it before us. We can do it ourselves. Know Thyself, and know that your Essence and God is the same.

Where Have Mystical Paths Gone Wrong? (All Religions Have Gone Wrong Somewhere)

We talked about where the Hebrews have gone wrong. We talked about where the Christians went wrong. We talked about where the Moslems went wrong. We talked about where the Bahais went wrong. We are not supposed to go wrong in this one.

We are supposed to get it eventually. That is why I am putting so much effort into it, writing it, and putting it on the Internet. We are supposed to get it this lifetime.

If we are not going to get it, what is going to happen to us in 1,000 years? Out. So we have to get it.

So where have the Mystical Paths gone wrong? They have gone wrong somewhere.

1. Many gods.

As we taught, the moment you have more than One God, that is not Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, that Mystical Path has gone wrong.

2. Their goal is to merge with God.

They say, Meditate, do not worry about it. Just meditate, you are going to go to God. You know, those Indian gurus who say, Just meditate. You are OK. You are going to go to God.

No. God said what? I am going to spue you out of my mouth. It means that you are going to come back.

You are not going to go in by yourself. He is going to throw you back here. So the sooner we get on with the Communities of Light, create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the sooner we all can get back home. So do not try to get there by yourself. It is not going to work.

3. Neglecting the suffering of the rest in the universe.

Why did God send His Spirit to the darkness? He sacrificed Himself. He could have stayed there and said, OK, darkness you can stay there. I will have nothing to do with you. I am OK. I am fine. I am in Pure Consciousness.

Why did He send His Spirit to the darkness? Wasnt that a great sacrifice for Him? Did He have to come out of Pure Consciousness and sacrifice Himself to go to the darkness?

So that is a lesson for everyone that that is how we should do it. Go back to the darkness, not to be afraid of it. Not to say, OK, I am not going to touch the darkness. That is darkness. I am here. I am fine. I am going to lock myself in my little world and I am fine. It is not going to work because as Buddha said, Everything is temporary.

It is not going to be permanent.

4. They take humans as God (that is why God created the concept of Messiah and Revealed it to the Zoroastrians/Hebrews/Christians, Moslems, etc.)

Who started this? They had it before the flood of Noah. After the flood of Noah, Nimrod and his wife started it again and still people are following it. All those gurus in India should go. All the people in India should be freed to go to God directly instead of being attached to their gurus and never go to God.

The only Spirit that is followable is the Son of God, is the Messiah, is the Spirit of God who comes on earth with the clear signs, Revelations, fulfillment of the prophecies, and all of that. Anything else is a trip, is the lower nature, is not the highest level.

That is why God created the Messiah, Prophet, Son of God, etc.

5. Worshipping of statues, pictures, symbols, etc. (although they might consider the spirit behind it).

I had a hard time to release my picture. If you all remember, I would not do it. People were just asking me, Where is your picture? Where is your picture? We want to see you. OK, here is my picture but do not get attached to that. See what is behind the picture.

Do not even get attached to this body. It is going to go. But these Words, this Spirit is going to stay. And that is your guidance. Do not become attached to me.

Of course, come to the Mission and serve the Mission so that we can get the Communities of Light going and the Kingdom comes, but the most important thing is the Word of God and the Spirit of God, which is FINE.

6. As each religion in The Greatest Sign has to overcome their dogmas and misunderstandings, so do the Mystical Paths have to overcome these wrong understandings.

So even the Mystical Paths have a place to improve themselves.

7. If the salvation of man is not guaranteed by following these Mystical Paths, what is the alternative (they should start following the Eternal Divine Path and our Teachings)?

Again we can see that they are not the path to salvation as many Mystical people believe that just by meditating, or just by following the Mystical Paths, they are going to achieve that. But it says, No, I am going to spue you out of My Mouth.

So what is the alternative? What is the salvation? Then man has no salvation.

There is. That is the Eternal Divine Path. That is the following of the Eternal Divine Path. As we discussed many times, it helps you in spirit, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, and collectively. It has Bhakti, Karma, and Jnana Yoga in it. It unifies all religions. It is your salvation.

None of these religions or beliefs are.

Why These Paths Were Created on Earth

Why do we have the Mystical Paths?

1. There was a Plan.

2. The human was changed and their third eyes were closed.

3. Man became a rational animal and human history was created.

We said the third eyes were closed. They could not see the spiritual world anymore. Still they cannot see the Spirit of God. Therefore, why did God do that? Why did God create the human who does not have a direct relationship with God?

There was a Plan. What was that Plan?

4. During the last twelve thousand years, those who have progressed were chosen.

See, it exactly goes with the Word of God with our teaching. He did it to bring us to this point. For what? He does not like us? He wants to really take our power away from us? He wants to close our third eyes? Why? Does He really want to make us suffer? Why did He do that?

He had a Plan and for the last 12,000 years those people who became interested in spirituality, meditated, awakened their spiritual forces, became more spiritual, realized there is a spiritual world, and became mystics, came to this point. God was sending this Revelation one by one and guiding them to this.

5. They became the Chosen Ones (The Elects).

6. Now at the end time, they have been reincarnated again (or will be soon).

7. These are the ones we are calling to Gather together as the Chosen (Soldiers of God - Paravipras).

8. When they all come together, we will eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE).

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

The Mission fits so well, just like a hand and glove, that it shows what God meant, why did He do that, why did He create this process, where we are, why do we not have the connection to the Spiritual world, etc. It is because we misused it.

He chooses only those who have been attracted to God, meditation, and have progressed to come to this point. Now when they see this teaching, they get on fire. They say, That makes sense. I want to be a part of this, and they come and join us with Fire in their spirit.

I am waiting for even greater revival. Is that what Christians say? The revival of the Mission, we should have a revival gathering and bring many dedicated Souls. They will come here and say, I am here to serve. I serve to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. I have meditated enough. I want to go home. I want to jump and find my home like the cricket did.

It is just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Elects Have Been Prepared

1. For the last twelve thousand years, the Elects have been in the process of being prepared.

2. All Prophecies and Revelations are culminated for this Revelation and this time.

3. The Seven Seals are Opened.

4. The Book with the Seven Seals is Revealed.

5. The Prophecies are Fulfilled.

6. God Has Revealed His Whole Plan for the earth.

7. The Elects are Called to come, respond, Join, and Help in bringing His Kingdom on earth.

So, this is the goal, to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to call the Elects. That is what the whole Plan was, to create these Elects for the last 12,000 years.

8. This could not have been accomplished before this End Time Revelation (after the coming of the Seventh Angel Prophet).

9. Elects are not the Sons of God yet.

10. After one thousand years, they will become the Sons of God.

So those who are in the Mission at this time are not in Pure Consciousness, Sons of God, yet. You are Elects but you have to work on it. You have to come, you have to join, and you have to help. You have to be with the Mission.

We have to create the facilitating body. We have to create the hierarchy. We have to reach all corners of earth.

Then, little by little, more people can see that their expectations are not being fulfilled. Their messiah has not come.. The Hindus, the Moslems, the Buddhists, and the Christians, will see, It is not coming. He is not coming, and we are getting even worse on earth. There is going to be greater tribulation. There is going to be greater destruction.

Do we have to wait until the destruction comes? I am afraid we have to because humanity is not listening, they are not coming, they are not joining, and they are not creating the people that we need.

Audience: I think that they think that they are secure still.

Maitreya: Yes. Even those who are here are still struggling with the idea of completely surrendering and submitting, coming, joining, doing the will of God, and forgetting about their egos. Which is OK, I am not complaining, I am just stating the facts, and the truth.

But we know that His Kingdom will come because He said He is going to do it. Many things He said, He did, and He has done them. It is going to happen. We can see it completely shows what the Plan of God is.

It just makes sense, doesnt it? It does make sense [all agreeing]. Thank you [laughter].

Two Phases Before the Kingdom Comes For a Thousand Years

1. He will come as the Thief in the night.

Maybe that is what the answer is right there. We are here like a thief of the night in this lifetime.

2. He will come to establish the Kingdom!

That is the second part of the plan. The first part is that we come as a thief in the night. Maybe this is the time to reach out and let more people know about us. That is a good way to get the word out. At the same time maybe God wants us to do that.

And, of course, eventually, the Kingdom will come. There is no doubt about that. This lifetime? Fine. If not, I will be back. [laughter].

We Are Calling the Elects

1. Are you an Elect (Paravipra)?

That is the question that everyone should ask themselves, Am I a Paravipra, am I an Elect?

2. Are you willing to give up everything of individual life for this Ideal?

That is another question, Am I really ready to do that? Because, that is what it takes. That is what it took for me. I dropped everything.

I started the Mission, remember, with ten cents in my pocket and no permanent visa to stay here. And I wanted to change the world. That is crazy, isnt it?

3. These are the people we are looking for (they follow the EDP).

4. There are, at least, 144,000 of them, and many millions (and more) will support them.

We have a group, they are Paravipras, they are absolutely dedicated to the Mission, they dedicate their lives to it, they understand the teaching, they progress, they forget about their egos, they absolutely become egoless, and follow the Eternal Divine Path to the highest possible. And they have millions of other people that support them.

We have a support group. We need a support group. Computers need to be run. The website should be taken care of. Finances should come from somewhere to get these people going.

5. Let us pledge our lives to This Most Holy Vision and fulfill our reason for this life.

6. Let us bring Gods Kingdom on earth.

7. This Is the Vision/Plan.

Gods Blessings

My Salutations To The Divinity Within You


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