Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Introduction: Sal-Om everyone. It is now time for Maitreya's first session for this Feast.

Before we begin let us all close our eyes, come together in God, and allow all of our ego to leave and become the best listeners to receive the most truth from Maitreya that he will give to us for these answers [silence]. Sal-Om!

Today we have the great honor and blessing of having Maitreya himself, God Is With Him (GIWH), in the room. Other names and titles given to him include the First Begotten Son of God, the Christ, the Kalki Avatar, the Mehdi, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, the Blue Kachina, the Seventh Angel, and many others. He is the representative of God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, on earth, come to reveal the Mystery of God, unify the religions of the world and humanity, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, as has been prophesied. He will be available for the next hour and a half, from 9 to 11:30 AM, Mountain Standard Time (MST), to answer questions on all aspects of His Teachings.

We did ask that people send in their questions beforehand, so some of these questions will be answered first before Maitreya begins answering questions from the room. Before we begin, please listen carefully to these rules of room conduct for today's session.

To ask a question of Maitreya, you are expected to have visited the website and know the base of His teachings. You are also expected to have searched the website and Maitreya's teachings and Discourses for the answer to your question before asking it here. Maitreya has been answering questions for many years and you can find His answers to hundreds of questions on the website.

So it is your responsibility to use the resources provided to answer your questions yourself, before asking them here. If your question is one that has been answered many times before, or makes it clear that you have not deeply studied the teachings, it will most likely not be answered.

If you do have a question for Maitreya, please type it in text. If your question is chosen to be answered, a Mission representative will read your question, or you may be asked to come to the mic and ask it yourself.

After Maitreya finishes answering your question, you may ask a follow-up. Please be courteous and ask only one question at a time. If there are no questions, we will read from Mission literature until another question is asked. If you do not follow these guidelines, or attempt to grab the mic without Maitreya's permission, you will be red-dotted and/or bounced.

Please note that this is a public forum, and whatever you say is in public domain. We do record these sessions, and may broadcast them later or use them as we see fit.

It looks like everyone here today is from the Mission and has been to these before. So probably all of you have known this, but it is good to hear it again and remember.

The mic is now released to Maitreya; please give him your respect and undivided attention. All thanks to God and to His Prophet. Sal-Om.

Maitreya: Thanks God for that wonderful introduction. I did not know that I had so many titles, and all of them are truth. So that is for humanity to realize it, God to be glorified. Those are not me to be glorified but for God to be glorified.

And I hope my sound is coming through OK. If it is not coming through, probably you cannot hear me, so you cannot let me know. So probably it is coming through well.

Welcome everyone to the Feast of Tabernacles, the most wonderful Feast that God commanded it to be followed by everyone. And it is one of the Holiest Holy Days of God. Indeed, that is the end of the yearly Holy Days and the greatest. And I hope all of you feeling the presence of God on earth and knowing that this Mission indeed is the Greatest Mission humanity has received for the last 12,000 years.

And we say the truth. And there is no politics in it. There is no holding back in it. And those who do not want to hear the truth, that is fine with us. Although we have answers to all their questions and problems, they are not coming and asking for the solution, otherwise everyone would have been in a better shape and in a better situation that they are now.

Indeed this Mission has answers to every human problem from the lowest to the highest possible. But apparently human have to go through that period before they realize they do not have the answer.

I want to thanks everyone that - first get my throat in a good shape [clearing throat]. OK. Well, thanks everyone that helped the Feast to manifest the way it did. A lot of people helped to manifest it.

My sound is still OK? Why I am getting so much high background here in the... Just a second. OK, that is the one. OK. All right.

So thanks everyone that helped, especially Noor who was the up front of everything that almost, one person handedly - I forgot what exactly it said, that is a part of my stuttering, I guess - he individually created the schedules and got in touch with everyone and helped everyone to come together and schedule everything and put them together.

Of course, I was there helping as much as I could. And my situation becoming advisory, mostly. Otherwise Mission seems to be going along, humming and getting done. And I hope I will have more people that would be so self-motivated and able to help without much of a problem in the Mission, and with no ego we can work together and manifest great things, and manifest the Mission.

I have to thanks Unus for the videos. Of course, all of them will tell me, "Thanks to God." And I agree with them. If God had not created them with these abilities they would not have been able to do what they are doing. And all the Glory and Thanks always goes to God.

The other people, they are reading, they are reading, they are manifesting different things in the Mission. Of course with the huge Mission and the Vision Mission has that what it will eventually accomplish, it might seem small what we are doing every day for the Mission, but still whatever we do will promote and bring the Mission to a greater degree towards its manifestation.

Of course, as God said, we are the thief of the night, and you are the followers of the thief of the night. And probably it is not manifesting as some of us had hoped for. But thief does not mean manifest in this lifetime.

But the Vision is Great, the teaching is correct, the Revelation is from God, and it has backing of the Prophecies and everything that God said will come to us. And therefore we have to concentrate in this truth. And no matter what and where we are, and whatever happens in earth, or around us, are pale compared with what God has sent to humanity.

And therefore our focus should be on God, on Mission, on Revelation, and be inspired and one-pointed no matter what this world is telling them.

Therefore let us praise God, be with God, let the Spirit of God come through us in this Feast, enjoy it, and know that He is with us, and love it and be grateful to whatever we have, and work toward our exercise, innercise, meditation, good diet... Buy food from the local area and buy nutritional food. Do not buy those foods that they are void of any nutrition for your body.

We have been eating local food, and for a while our body just craving them because of years of eating food from the supermarkets. Now they are replacing good food with what un-nutritional food in supermarket and places come from farms that they use chemicals or things that are not good for you.

So keep yourself in a good shape so you can be healthy and you do not need to go to doctors and... [sound went out]

OK I lost sound, I guess. I hope you can hear me now again. Anyway I cut this short. I am just concerned that humanity have to learn to heal themselves, have to come together and create communities, become concerned for each other, be nice to one another, individually, collectively, in group, in religions, in nations. They all have to learn that there is a Law of Karma, indeed works. You cannot get away from it no matter how powerful you think you are, or how wonderful think you are, eventually the Law of Karma, for the last 12,000 years God has taught us that it will catch up with you.

If humanity learns that, they will stop dominating and destroying each other. And even individuals start realizing that they have to be nice to one another.

So welcome to the Feast. If you have questions, you can go ahead and raise your hand after I am done. And of course, we have some questions in. We will probably answer them and take your questions and when its time comes, we answer them.

But first go to the website. As Noor said, most of you people here they have been with the Mission for a long time, so I do not have to say that. You have been in the website and usually you will find your answers in the website. So many questions have been answered.

We have three questions that they seem to be new. We will answer them today. But if you have any question that you think it really needs to be answered, we surely can go ahead and put it up in the line of the questions and when the time comes we can get to it.

Otherwise we go ahead and we read the first question and see what it is. Go ahead.

Question: Thank God, Maitreya. The first question: How should we view the parts of Baba's teachings that are not mentioned in our Sixth Seal, such as some parts of PROUT, microvita, Neo-humanism, his writings on the history of India, the history of Aryans, herbal remedies, etc.? They are given by a Prophet of God, but they are not a part of his main message in The Greatest Sign.

Maitreya: OK, the question is basically about Ananda Marga and Baba. And it is about him teaching things that might not be covered with the Mission. And if that is true then sounds like Baba teaching things that is not covered with the Mission. Sounds like some parts of PROUT, and microvita, Neo-humanism, and things like that. So the question is, if he is the Prophet of God and the Sixth Angel, and we did not say that he is imperfect as we said Baha'i teaching is, why there is a difference between our teaching and his teaching?

Actually the person who asked this question, we had a discussion together and we discussed, for example, the microvita. Baba teaches that there are small little things or manifestations which are in the universe and help, for example, in the growth of vegetables and life forms and all that. The conclusion was, so do we.

We talk about Prana, which is the life force that is everywhere and helping everything to be created. Therefore he is not saying something different than we say. He might put it in different wording or give it a name that appeals to him most but really he is talking about the same thing. He is not saying difference.

Or he talks about the Neo-humanism. He says every human should love the universe and become a universalist, and not only we have to love one another but we have to love every aspect of the universe including animals and trees and creation. The conclusion was, well, so do we, "God is everything." And therefore he is not saying anything different than us again. He is saying that God is everything and therefore we have to love every part and aspect of the universe.

And maybe you can say he goes a little too far as saying that we really have to become completely ahimsa or become absolutely vegetarian. That can be an influence of the Hinduism on him. As we said, Prophets also are influenced with the background they have been born many lifetimes. Then we have to look at our teaching to see what God said in different parts of the religion.

In the Bible God clearly says replenish and subdue. So God has created the nature for human to subdue. But He also said replenish it. OK, for example, if you cut the tree down, grow a tree in its place or close to it for later on. So clear-cutting, for example, of forestry, or forests, is not Godly. We are not replenishing. Yes, you are subduing it but you are not replenishing. So the best way is to use the nature but at the same time replace it for the future children and yourself.

If you go fishing and you fish commercially, at least you have to replace what you catch. You cannot just keep catching fish and after a while you completely subdue it but you are not replenishing it. So you can say the personality of the Prophet might have affected some of the teaching but basically they are saying the same thing.

And also as we know, the last six revelations, none of them really is as perfect and complete as the Seventh One. That is when the Mystery of God will be finished and the Revelation will be completed.

About PROUT, there are parts that it was misunderstood and when we tested and examined it with everything, he says the same thing as we do. There is no discrepancy in what he taught and what we have brought to humanity.

The Aryan Race: He teaches that actually there was a civilization close to the north of India and he thinks that the civilization starts from there. Could be, but there is no historical record that we can refer to it. It is something that he says it was there. It could have been. We are not going to argue about that.

But the civilization coming from the Middle East and Iraq and Persia, it's historically recorded, and when we teach that a lot of races met in Persia it makes more sense because that sounds like a bridge between the West and the East. That is the only way the East could go to the West and the West could go to East without going toward the very north in very cold weather in Russia. So it does not make sense that the civilization or at least the mixing of the races happened more than when it happened and when we say it happened.

But we do not argue about that. If there was a civilization, if we can find an evidence about it, so be it. It does not really matter that much.

So we can see he is not really saying that much of a difference between us. The discrepancy is very negligible. And therefore He was a Prophet and what he said is correct. I still support him.

But if there is something he says and it is not a main teaching... If I write something in an article, probably half of it is my opinion and my own ideas. But if it is in THOTH it is from God.

So many things actually, I like eventually we have an organization that has many departments and research facilities that all these things can be researched and proven. Not researcher that they have already made their minds what is the outcome is going to be. But researchers that they are purely scientifically studying, and searching, and researching, and coming with the truth of what exactly it is. It is not tainted with the cultural or social or religious background but pure scientific discoveries and understanding of manifestation and realization.

And then we exactly know, was there a civilization really came from Iraq? Did it come from Ararat mountain? Did it start in India and North India? Let's find out exactly where it started.

Still it does not make any difference. It might, like everything else, as we explained, it might have started many places at the same time. Just like evolution. We are finding out evolution that everything came from Africa is losing ground. Of course, people are holding into it that it came from Africa but evidence is showing it is not the truth.

It is the same thing. If some of my theories lost ground that is fine. The most important thing, what is the truth.

So we can see still, he is the Sixth Seal Prophet. He brought a lot of truth. And as I said many times mostly I was interested in his PROUT theory that explained to me the anti-thesis of socialism. Because those people believe in socialism they believe in thesis and anti-thesis.

The idea is everything in the universe always has an anti-thesis. And there is a fight going on between thesis and anti-thesis and eventually one of them wins and become synthesis. And the moment something becomes synthesis there is going to be anti-thesis - that becomes thesis and there is an anti-thesis and on and on.

So, but the socialists always explain when socialism eventually comes to communism. And my question was, "OK, what is the anti-thesis to communism?" No one could answer me. It just took them by surprise, "What do you mean by after that? That is it."

But I said, "Then the rules do not apply. You said according to the rule every thesis has an anti-thesis. But what happens if you go there?" But they could not answer. And Baba answered it for me very beautifully. And also he taught it is cyclical.

And also he said God is Everything and it made sense to me. Yes, it makes sense. If God is everything then everything is a part of a greater thing and everything has been there, and will be there, and will be here forever. It is very scientific. Nothing can be created. Nothing can be destroyed. Everything has been here forever and will be forever. So that was the reason I became taken by Ananda Marga and Baba.

And now we can see how more and more that he indeed was a great Prophet and brought great Revelation to humanity and his teaching is perfect. He has some personal opinion might have crept into it once in a while but in general he is saying a lot of truth. God never said that the Sixth Seal is not perfect. He said that about the Fifth Seal but not the Sixth Seal.

I hope I answered your question. If there is a follow-up, go ahead, raise your hand, whoever asked that question. [Person responded in text that yes, it answered his question.] Thanks God. OK.

So what is next? Are we reading or do we have another question?

Question: In the meditation process, we imagine ourselves expanding to become One with the earth, but we then imagine moving through the universe, even though we are really One with the whole universe as well. Why is this? Also, when the blue light becomes white, are we visualizing that happening in the whole body (all chakras), or just the sixth, or will this become clear when it is truly experienced?

Maitreya: That is the border between being one with God or having our egos as individuals.

If we are one with God, what is the separation between us, as me and you, and he and she, and that and this? Those who experience God, they see the unity of everything. But will they lose their identity as an individual and then come back to this earth and their body? Or they stay as individuals and separate beings from other people?

So in meditation when we expand ourselves to include the whole earth, it is a feeling of becoming one with the whole earth. But still we are individual. We are not really earth, the whole thing.

That is why, at that point when we felt that me and earth are one, which we are... American Indians knew that very clearly that earth is not separated from them and nature is something that you are a part of. But if you ask an American Indian, "What is your name," probably they say, that is my name. He is an individual, he is separated from earth. He has his own individual part.

So that is exactly what happens in this case. We meditate, we expand our self. It is a fantastic exercise. First of all you think about different parts in your room, where everything are. Then you expand to the house. You remember the house, the neighborhood, the city, the nation, the earth. It is an amazing exercise for keeping your mind young, and your remembrance or your ability to remember sharp.

People who meditate on this and really do it correctly and regularly, I can say probably they do not get dementia because they exercising their mind. As we have heard, "If you do not use it, you lose it." And that exercise is, one part is for exercising your memory, your remembrance, and the other one is to realizing that you and the nature are one. There is no separation. You destroy the nature, you destroy yourselves.

Indeed there are laws and regulations on earth and in the universe. They have been created self-sustaining. That is why some scientists have come to the idea that since these rules and regulations in the universe are self-sustaining, therefore there is no Creator. It is self-sustaining. It is always there. It has been always there. It is always there. It is going to be always there forever.

You might have probably heard the scientist, Mr. Hawking, concluded there is no God because everything is according to the rules of the universe so we do not need the Creator. The earth was always there. He does not realize that God created it, of course it is always there. It has been there because God created it to be there.

So we realize the earth is a part of us, we are a part of the earth. But still we are individuals; we are separated from the earth. In that moment we take our self out of that unity and feeling oneness with the earth and become individual that sits at the top of the earth. But that feeling of being one with the earth still is with you. It is not that completely - if you are meditating and sitting in the room, and you are at the top of the earth, that is earth and you. You are separated. But if you are one with the earth first and then you go and sit at the top of the earth, still earth is a part of you. You are not separated.

Then, of course, you go toward the center of the universe. Yes, you can be one with the universe at the same time. But even those who experience God and unity, still when they come back to the body they are individuals again. So they go toward the center of the universe as a separate ego or flame or manifestation of God.

And when they reach the point and go inside the blue light and go through the process, and when they look at their third eye, they imagine that blue light become a brilliant white.

It is not going through the whole body. It is just your third eye, which turns into the light and you see the light of the mind. As we taught a technique once, if you squeeze your eyes together sometimes you can see that light. It is not all your body. Actually it looks like an eye. It is very similar to an eye, but with a brilliant center.

It is so fascinating that you might just completely get addicted to look at it all the time. You do not want to do anything else but sit there and squeeze your eyes and see the third eye, the light of the third eye. So that is what we are talking about here, to imagine that light in your third eye, eventually you might see it.

So there is a going inside and going out of God, unity with God. If you feel unity all the time you are not going to stay in your body.

That is why even those, or the Great Prophets, like even Christ, he felt the agony of being separated from God and in the cross lamented, "Why have you forsaken me?" Wasn't he the Prophet of God? He was united with Him. He said, "Me and the Father are one." And then later on he realized that God had left him. He did not feel Him. He felt agonized, left alone, and unhappy.

But was God with him? Of course He was. He just could not feel Him because somehow he could not reconnect.

That is why God said, "Remember how you received it." We have to remember, always go back, how we received the Revelation, how we received this Mission, how we first met, loved the Mission, and went for it because there was something in it that affected us, there was something in it that made us realize, "WOW, I want this, that makes sense." And therefore we never forget.

So the agony not being with God is experienced even with the Great Prophets. It is not only the regular human might feel disconnected and unhappy and feeling bad about why they are not one. But it happens to everyone.

So that border between not being one with God and being with God is always there. Then next day you feel one with God and feel great and unity and you are happy and you wonder why ever you felt separated from that feeling of Oneness.

That is why Krishna said, "Steady. Do not go high, do not go low." If you feel God, enjoy it and be with Him and everything. And when you do not feel God, just remember, It is going to be back. So do not become ecstatic and agonizing but stay steady with God.

So in our meditation it is the same thing, we become united with the universe. But we come out. As individual we go to the center of the universe. And therefore when the time comes and we become one with God, we already have experienced It. In the final stage we do not come back. We leave our bodies.

OK, I hope that answered your question. If you have any other question, you want to follow-up, go ahead, if I did not answer it.

Go ahead Divine1_2.

Divine1_2: Maitreya-Ji, you were talking about feeling, being one with God and feeling it, and yet other times we do not sometimes. Is it the state of the world that makes us sometimes not feel that way? And how can we turn that around when we do not feel connected? You get so discouraged by seeing what is happening in the world.

Maitreya: Well, that is when the teaching of the tribulation and the coming of the Kingdom should help. It is something that God has been saying it is going to come for thousands of years in every Revelation.

Of course, if you go to the false prophets they are going to tell you, "No, it is not going to happen. You are God yourself and do not worry about this Scripture and Prophets. They are crazy Prophets. They do not know what they are talking about. You just listen to me and you are going to be OK."

So we have to remember how we received it, who we are, why we are here, why it is happening on earth. It seems sometimes they are winning. Actually they are winning in a sense. But they are not winning as much as they used to win 50 years ago. They are not winning as much as they won 20 years ago.

Actually they have reached a point, they do not know. They really do not know why this economy is not going back. It always went back. The economists say, when there is a recession you spend money and it is going to come back. But it is not coming back. So they do not know. They are scratching each other's faces.

Actually it is interesting that more people start listening that there is something is wrong than they ever did before. To me actually that is a sign encouraging for the Mission, and God is working and preparing humanity to listen to this Call more than ever. And they are going to be prepared even more.

This is not a joke when this Revelation came. When God sent the Revelation - I know some people think I am too negative and saying all these things bad about even different countries and karma and this and that. But I have to say the truth. That is the truth: Countries create karma. Of course that is one example we put down in the Newsbrief, but all of them did.

Individuals create karma. Groups create karma. That is the lesson has to be learned by humanity that: Do not create karma, follow the nature, bring natural things on earth, go back to the community, family, friendship, children, mothers, fathers. These are the things God created.

Now if a culture or many cultures say, "That is not the truth, we want to do whatever we want to do," should God stop telling the truth? Or telling, look, listen to God. That is the Way of God.

But humanity is getting a glimpse of it, what is happening. I know it is very hard. It even gets to me once in a while what is happening on earth. But we have to stay the realization that God said, "It is going to happen."

I am not concerned about myself. I am concerned about those who are not listening and not coming together to create the Communities of Light.

It is not a joke, people, it is going to happen, OK? You have to come together. You have to create Communities of Light. You have to go to solar energy. You have to save the extra energy. No individual would be able to stand this - unless God Wills it to, that is fine, sure, if God Wills, even an individual is going to be fine. But that is a time of action.

Of course it might happen next lifetime. I am not sure. I am not saying it is going to happen tomorrow. But it is going to happen.

Yes, it is difficult. The earth and what is happening between people and countries and nations and wars and the rumors of wars and destruction and all things are sad. It is just pure not having a Vision that if they reach the space and come together in cooperative way, they do not need to scratch each other's faces and dominate one another and fight with each other and maneuver one another in the corner and count their, who won and who lost. It is all ego.

Yes, it is bad. It is really bad. But God is compassionate. He sent the answer to humanity and said, "This is the way to go, humanity."

Of course He said, "This is the way to go" when first the dark part of His Body was separating itself and going away from Him. They did not listen to Him then. Why should they listen now?

But He is hoping the hope of all hopes, is hoping some will. That is why it is calling the Elects; it is calling the people who really want to know what is His Will and what He does. That is what His Will is, the Mission. He makes it very clear, hey this is the person I choose, because of these Prophecies all is fulfilled, and - actually it is not his Prophecies. I fulfilled them but, "I made him that you realize he is the One God choose to bring this Revelation and I am in control." He has always been in control.

Human thinks they have history and they conquered other people, and they are great, nations and empires and... He just laughs at those ego glorification that, "I am this, I am that." Who made you anyway? God created all of us. And He humbled so many great nations and empires and He can do it again.

So it is so humbling. And they do not want to be humbled. Who wants to listen to these things that I am saying? It is so humbling. It just makes you feel like you have to give up and be Godly. And a lot of people do not want to do that.

So yes, it is depressing. It is hard to... I do not want to make everyone depressed or something but that is the truth of the matter. And we have to remember, be Godly, follow the Mission, listen to God, and remember you are not from this world. We do not belong to these nations. We do not belong to these societies. We do not belong to what they teach. We have to come and create the environment that when the tribulation comes we come out of it unscratched or completely in control and Godly and natural.

So that is the Call. That is one of my concerns, is why we cannot get the people together and start the Communities.

But at the same time I do not want to create a cult. I am absolutely against creating cults. It is so easy to create cults. But I do not want to. We have to come together and create a place that it is based on the written laws for the community. And actually I might withdraw more and more from it so not create a cult. But it has to be done.

I hope that answered... But do not forget. That is the only way you can stand this situation is: How you received the Revelation, how you are chosen to be here with God, and what is the future going to bring, and you do not belong to this world, therefore, do not let it affect you.

But it does affect you. I am not saying that it will not. It is not very nice right now.

OK, I hope that answered your question.

Question: I see the mic is down. I wonder if I should go ahead and read the third question?

Maitreya: I guess so. Go ahead and let us finish the questions and then go from there.

Question: In chapter 11 of Revelation in the Bible, it repeatedly mentions two witnesses, two olive trees, two candlesticks, etc. In Revelation of the Revelation, you explain that this refers to two Prophets that have come repeatedly to bring Revelations to humanity. Do these two Prophets relate to the two Plans of God, the Eastern Mystical Paths and the Judeo-Christian teachings? When Baba and you were both alive, were both Prophets on earth at the same time?

Maitreya: It is an interesting observation. It makes sense that way too. And as we said, God's Words have more than seven meaning. And that can be looked that way as well. But I think it mostly is referring to the two Prophets that came together in a very short span of time and each of them proclaim that they are the one humanity was waiting for.

Just as Bab came and he brought a Revelation. It was not accepted whether he was Moslem, although he gained a lot of followers and his teaching started spreading so fast that even Europe started talking about this new Prophet in Persia that people are flocking into his teaching by thousands.

But at the same time he was beaten back and destroyed and his followers were killed and they became martyrs and all that, to the point that when Baha'u'llah came, he tried to water down the very strong wording, Revelation, that Bab brought and tried to make it, his religion to be able to live in that hostile environment. And they are not too far from each other. There has never been in history that two Prophets come together so close.

So it seems that God is referring to that specific time. At the same time they might have come together many lifetimes without having such a distinguished way of saying that there were two Prophets came at the same time. So it is a way of looking at it that way, or this way. But in our teaching we take it as referring mostly to Bab and Baha'u'llah.

And the coming of me and Baba at the same time, if we recognize after Islam there were 1,400 years with no great Prophet came, and then suddenly it accelerated. And at the time of the Baha'is when they cried to God, "When your last Revelation and the coming of the Kingdom comes?," He said, "You have to wait a short period of time."

So it is 200 years after Bab and Baha'u'llah is not too long compared with 1,400 years of Islam and 1,600 years of Christianity and Christ. So Bab and Baha'u'llah came pretty fast after - I mean, Baba and my Revelation. So it was kind of, we came together.

But were we and Baba, were Bab and Baha'u'llah? Hmm. Maybe not. And also as Islam says, God can do whatever He wants. He can choose anyone He wants to and any way He wants to send the Revelation, but of course with some limitations according to His Prophecies and foretelling of what is going to happen.

But for sure Baha'u'llah kind of finished the Judeo/Christian/Islamic teachings and Baba finished Hindu and Buddhist teachings and brought the part that was not perfect in their religions, which is the action, social action, not being escapist, according to their teaching of, this world is an illusion and you do not have to worry about it. You have to forget about it. Baba said, "No. You should not forget about it. You have to service humanity."

So the answer to your question is, most probably our Revelation that says that's the two Prophets, is correct. And Baba is a forerunner for this teaching. But his teaching also is a major Revelation for humanity.

OK. I hope that answered your question. If not, go follow-up. And if there are no other questions, we read. Actually if there is any other question I will refer for you guys to answer it. I was planning to do that but I guess I forgot.

Go ahead.

Question: How does compassion feel? What to do if compassion brings sadness?

Maitreya: Compassion means the ability to put yourself in other person's situation and feel how they feel. Not in a sense of empathizing with them but in the sense of seeing the reality of their situations clearly.

Most of the time their situation has been created by themselves and the suffering is because they have chosen their way, not in a correct way. Therefore, you try to correct them in the compassionate way without empathizing with the situation or the person.

Therefore, I do not understand what is the second question is, "What to do if compassion brings sadness?" It sounds like you are empathizing instead of being compassionate.

If you have empathy with another person you might feel their sadness, their agony. You cannot help them. If you are empathizing, you might have empathy toward them and make them feel like they have a friend or someone feels as they feel about their situation, but you cannot see it clearly why the situation has been created.

So compassion is not something that you try to feel other person, but completely, clearly see the situation. You might feel the feelings but you are more interested to help. That is why the compassionate leads to teaching and correctness and the ability to help other people to progress. Empathy makes a friend.

I do not know if that answers your question or not but that is how I see it. If you have - if someone else, oh, I was going to ask you the question. I keep forgetting. Anyone have an answer for that besides what I already said? I already answered it. OK. If you have something go ahead.

OK, great. Well, that is why compassion is much harder to have than empathy. Almost everyone has empathy with other people. But compassion...

And a lot of people use the word 'compassion' in the wrong ways, "Have compassion on me." Usually the people do not say, "have compassion," they say, "Mercy, you have mercy on me," or something like that.

Compassion is a very, very high state of masterfulness of being the situation and becoming one with life, and one with your situation, not your situation running your life but you are one with the situation, you understand it. Then you can even have compassion for your own self, becoming completely one with your situation and see it clearly and either correct it or go away from it, if it cannot be corrected.

Go ahead, Noor.

Noor: I was just wondering, could you say that empathy is compassion from ignorance, maybe? Or are they totally different?

Maitreya: That is a good question. Is it - empathy, I am not saying empathy is bad. Actually empathizing with other people helps them out a little bit. It is not going to help them much. As I said, you become a friend. But you are not going to help them, you are not going to be able to correct or guide them to anything.

A lot of people need a friend to be comforted. OK, empathy might comfort them. But making someone comfortable or comfort them does not mean you are really helping them. You make them feel good. It is just like some people say there are 'comfort foods' that you eat and you feel good and... But it is not good for you.

So you can say, empathy is from ignorance... I am not going that far to say it is from ignorance, but I am saying it is not as good as compassion. Let us put it that way. Does it make sense?

I just do not want to say completely empathy is completely bad. But at the same time a lot of people have empathy for each other without helping one another. But if they have compassion for each other then they could progress themselves and help other people.

I do not know if it makes sense. If someone has a better explanation, go ahead.

Go ahead, Noor.

Noor: No one is going to have a better explanation, Maitreya, but another question: So then what would compassion from ignorance or passion be? Would compassion from ignorance be trying to see the situation of another person clearly, but seeing it wrongly, and then making wrong actions to fix the problem based on that? And then compassion from passion would be, I guess, skewing the situation in a way that gets you something, or something like that?

Maitreya: OK, well, probably you can say, compassion from ignorance is when someone does not have compassion and then they empathize with the other person and they call it compassion. And they feel good about themselves and the other person, and they think the other person should feel good about their empathy with them, but they find out it did not work.

Compassion from passion is, again you do not have compassion but you pretend to have compassion because you have an ulterior motive for gaining something from the other person.

Because if you really have a correct Godly compassion, you do not expect anything in return, but purely you want to fulfill your destiny, which is to create compassion to the earth and humanity and make them realize that is the way to go.

And if we create more compassionate people we are going to have greater number of Paravipras and Elects. And they can spread the teaching and create great beings that they recognize that there is the Law of Karma, and teach others to become one with their situation and their heart, and therefore create an environment that they are true to themselves and to others. They are not in illusion or delusion that they are great but they are not one with themselves.

Therefore creating a lot of compassionate people who have the corrective love for everyone and can teach God to other people to become Godly. More and more, little by little we will have more and more people recognizing why they are here, why God has created them, what is the goal of their life, become universalists, follow the Eternal Divine Path, meditate... Meditate on compassion. Meditate on being great. Meditate on being the Elect. Meditate to teach other people also to become great and good.

And therefore, if you really have compassion, you cannot either have it from ignorance or passion. You will have compassion because compassion is the greatest achievement of the feeling towards the external world.

And you love everyone in the compassion. You do not discriminate against them because of their color, their nationality, their gender, their... Because they see, you see their Essence. You love their Essence.

You want them to see their Essence. You want them to love their Essence, which is God. Not to look at each other as a being separate from one another and create disunity and problems for each other because of our own expectations and our own, not knowing ourselves and our Essence.

I know it is hard to do it in this world but that is the goal of the Mission. The goal of the Mission is to create that kind of the environment that the people that they can create community, self-sufficient, and enjoy it together, and help each other, help one another to know God, and know themselves.

These are the ideals that humanity has been fighting against and not wanting to be one. Even great religions like Buddhism or Hinduism that have been teaching these things to their followers for thousands of years, have few people really wanted to become...

That is why they had these schools scattered all over their territories that few students would join them and would learn the depth of compassion and love and understanding and progress. That is why we hope that those centers that Unus is doing, one day will become centers for creating Paravipras, for creating people who will become one with their own Essence, and compassion and love, and teach other people.

So that is a part of the result of the Communities of Light that people recognize the subtlety of their relationships, that they can see themselves and their situation purely based on Spirit and look at it as, "What part of it helps my spirit, what part of it does not? How I can be a pure instrument for God's Will?" Instead of what I want, but what God wants for me to do. Not what Maitreya says or affects me but how Maitreya's Mission and my being can work together to manifest God's Will, or...

What is it? Is it Maitreya that I have to glorify? Or the very being of Maitreya being here is glorifying God and therefore, I know God exists because He sent His Prophet. He fulfilled all these prophecies through him.

Amazing, isn't it? Amazing God that can do this.

And therefore I have to be 100% to this amazing thing and see myself clearly where I fall in God's Plan. Not get upset about if Maitreya asks me something to do or not to do, or thing, but is it the Will of God that it has to be done.

So it is oneness with yourself, oneness with your Spirit. See life clearly, why you are here where you are. How can you improve your situation? How can you simplify your life to the point that you can do God's Will more than craving for emotional, physical, mental cravings?

Reach a point that there is no craving left but craving for greater understanding of why you are here, and become one with that Essence. And not listen to the society, or the radio, or television, or this or that tells you to buy this, to buy that, you need this, you need that, you are this, you are that. You have to be pretty, you have to be putting these clothes on, you have to be thin, you have to be eating this, going this vacation, going that. But what did God say?

Do I really have that feeling and oneness with myself that I see a situation so clearly that you have no doubt that you know you are right? That situation needs to be corrected, that situation needs to be understood by YOU. Not by me.

The only thing I can help you with is try to make you see your situation. But you have to see the situation yourself. That is the trick of the teaching. If a student does not see the teaching, the teacher can do nothing about it.

That is the goal of meditation, yoga, chanting, dancing. All those things are given to you to pull you away from those other things in the external world.

And the Communities of Light works, helps tremendously. If people come together and compassionately live with one another and share, not only they are going to be safer, not only they are going to have enough to eat and sleep and be taken care of, also they progress tremendously.

Of course, Communities of Light, community, if you have desires and attachments and pulls and cravings, it is a terrible place to be. But if you can overcome those things and become one with yourself and completely become spiritual and willing to forego the cravings, that is a wonderful place to be.

So the goal is to create compassionate, compassion. And when you create compassion, you become a teacher. If you have an empathy, you become a friend.

A friend does not help other friends as much. If you have a friend still there is a craving. It is good to be friends. It is good to have a friend or something like that. But you are not helping each other very much. You might talk a lot and share a lot and you think you are feeling good about each other but most of the time they end up not very good place.

But if you are self-sufficient and have overcome and united with your being, then you will enjoy each other's company without craving and you can teach each other a lot.

I hope that makes sense. If it does not, it is me. If it does, it is God.

It sounds like we covered an hour and a half of Satsang today instead of reading and answering questions or anything. So if you have any other questions, send it to the Mission and we will be here I think in a couple of days again, I will be coming back.

Listen to the Satsang. Probably it is going to be available on the FTP somewhere and you can download it and listen to it again. Send your questions, that is what Keyosha just put it,, and enjoy the Feast. This is the greatest Feast of the year. God is with us.

Actually I received an e-mail that while we started the Mission Feast, there was a meteorite went right over the Albuquerque area. They took the picture and it was a streak of light going right over, and someone said, "Hey, that was a meteorite." And I said, "No, maybe it was God's chariot, the fire of God's chariot was coming to earth."

But the Spirit of God is strong and powerful in this time, so take advantage of it. Meditate, do yoga and Pilates, and reading, and wrap yourself up for the next five, six days into the Mission, and strongly consider to help the Communities of Light to manifest, and the New Jerusalem is created.

Have a good day and the Feast. And we say, Sal-Om, and know God Loves all of you with the greatest degree possible. Sal-Om!

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