Further Clarifications

Feast Of Tabernacles



Shirin: Sal-Om everyone. I hope the sound is coming through all right for everyone. Maitreya-ji is here live with us in the room today. These sessions are to ask the most difficult questions that we find hard to answer.

We will put the question forward. Everyone will attempt to answer it from their perspectives. Then Maitreya-ji will come in with the best answer, the further clarification about it.

If there are any questions from the general audience here today or any one that they would like to put forward, you can type it in text or come to the microphone. Just let us know. Let us take one question at a time. Also we do have a list of questions that have been previously sent in to the Mission.

Roththeory, the question that you just typed is centered on the son, and that is a word that is used in a lot of the religions. What does son really mean in reference to the Mission teachings? Anyone can jump in with that.

Tahirah: Well, in the Glossary in THOTH, the Son of God is an Avatar. Being many Avatars that have come to the earth, they are not the Messiah that brings the truth.

Shirin: What do we have to do to become a son?

Rohtheory: I think we have to realize the Divinity within ourselves.

Shirin: That would be the first step. That is part of the First Seal. But there are Seven Seals. What comes after that? Anyone else?

There is a verse in The Revelation, the last book in the Bible, that talks about son. It is Revelation 21:7, He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. What does that tell us?

Rohtheory: That we should always believe in God, maybe. That although sometimes there is difficulty of going in the face of the Pure One, God, do not surrender to hopelessness, and things like that, to the dark?

Shirin: But what are we overcoming? It says, He that overcometh. What are we overcoming?

Unus: Also we have to overcome the ego, the lower self of the human. We have to overcome this.

Shirin: But how do we overcome the ego?

Rohtheory: By Law.

Unus: By following the Eternal Divine Path.

Shirin. So, going back to the original question, He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son, to be a son means then, could we say, become in the image of God?

Now, there is Son as the First Begotten Son. That is different. What is the difference between the First Begotten Son and I will be His God and he shall be My son, spelled with a small s. What is the difference there?

Ananda Ma: Sal-OM everyone. I hope you can hear me. Great. What I was going to say is that the First Begotten Son was the first one to reach Pure Consciousness even before the worlds were created.

Shirin: According to what Rohtheory typed, But in the Koran I read that we should not accept the word, son.

If you study the Missions teachings, you will see that the Koran and the teachings of Islam is the Fourth Seal. In order to know the whole truth we have to know the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal is where we get the clarity over, for example, what Prophet Muhammad was trying to clarify at that time for the Christians and the ones before about what son really means. It is not a physical son.

In the Mission, son then is expanded and understood to be able to be in His Image, to follow the whole Eternal Divine Path, to reach the goal through His Grace, and to return completely back to God, which the Koran also says that we have to return to God.

If we were returning, then we were with God at one point and already in His Image. We can see how it is so important to know what these things mean from the Seventh Seal perspective, which is the Mission of Maitreya and THOTH.

I do want to go back up to your question so everyone can discuss it too. You also asked, Was Krishna a Divine Son? Maybe someone would like to comment on that.

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. I guess I will jump in here. I like this session. I like these questions and answers. Actually it is time for the disciples and the people in the Mission to get on with the teaching. Probably we can think to bring the same kind of forum in the MOM gathering. We can discuss the questions and go back and forth, answer and clarify. That is fantastic.

I should stay back more often and see you discuss it. Of course if you need help, I will be there. This was a beautiful discussion. Participate more and more. You are the teachers now.

The Revelation is finished, and you have to take it and run with it out there and let the people hear how much knowledge each of you has. You have more knowledge than the best scholar in every religion on earth. Great.

The question is if Krishna is the highest as in Prabhupada. He was the founder of the Krishna movement. Rohtheory says that is the highest. As we teach, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammad, Christ, all of them have been called Messiah, or the Son of God, or the representative of God on earth. As we teach, any time the Spirit of God is on them, when they give Satsang, or they reveal the Word of God, they are One with God. Other times they are just regular humans.

As Christ said, I am the Son of God and no one goes to the Father but through me. Another time he said, No one is good, not even a Rabbi, that they called him a good Rabbi. In that moment he was just a regular person.

All this is true about all the Messiahs that Krishna was one of them. Therefore he was indeed God when God was on him. He could have manifested the universal form of God when that time was necessary for him to do that. By understanding our teachings, all these questions become very clear. Also the word, The son of God, as it was explained here in the Mission, clearly explains that son is not physical. Son means being in the image. Therefore, the son is in the image of God.

When Gods Spirit is on the person, or on the Messiah, he is the Son of God. He mostly is in the image of God. When you become the son of God you also become in the image of God and you manifest Gods qualities of mercy, compassion, knowledge, and everything that the son can manifest as the image of God.

If a Moslem understands what it means to be a son of God, and Christians also understand what it means, then they would agree with each other. They would not have disagreement, and they would understand that it does not mean a physical son. Therefore both can come together and unify.

Again in our teaching we have unified these questions. Now humanity can come together.

When Christians say, Christ was the Messiah, also when Prophet Muhammad was receiving the revelation, Gods Spirit was on him, which is The Holy Ghost, and he revealed the revelation. Even in the Koran it says, Listen to the word of God, or the word of Prophet Muhammad, His word is Mine. It means that My Spirit is on him and whatever he says is what I would say. He and the Father were one. Therefore he was the Son of God, and he was the Messiah.

We can see that Prophet Muhammad was also the Messiah. Christ was Messiah. All the Great Manifestations have been Messiahs on earth, and they do not have anything to fight with each other about anymore. Those are dogmas that create fights among them.

The answers to the questions have all been given.

The second question you have typed is, The number of living entities that exist. Is that infinite or not?

They are not. They are the ones that fall away from the Light, and they create the darkness. Their number is finite. If there is another question, pose that in the room. And if you have any follow-up, go ahead and add to it.

Shirin: I am not sure I understand that last question, Rohtheory. Maybe someone else does? The question is, Did Krishna experience God-beingness? This means knowing the future, looking into all corners, etc.

Maitreya: I think Rohtheory is trying to say that because I said that the Spirit of God is on that person, and God and him are one, does that mean that that person knows the future, and looking in all the corners, etc. So does he see everything that God sees and knows? That is a good question. What is the teaching of the Mission on that?

Actually, all of your questions are already answered in the website. As you study you will find, My question is answered here or there.

The people in this room who are in the Feast, or in the room, or have been with the Mission, should know the answer. So we leave it to them to answer the question

Rohtheory: Personally I believe that there is a God that knows everything and is a Spiritual Being, some logical Being, but really Spiritual and knows everything at once. It rises up from the sky, like what are those belts in the sea, in the ocean? And like this, He knows everything. Maybe there are not infinite beings. I do not know because you were talking about dark beings.

But since God knows everything from the Spiritual view, then we somehow have to realize, when we realize our self, I think maybe we can have a glimpse of that. But I do not think we can have the complete Godness because there can only be One God.

Maitreya: Rohtheory, I would love for you to know our teachings. It seems you are not afraid to take the microphone and talk about them. That is great.

Come on everyone; let Rohtheory know that you know what is the answer to the question. Go ahead.

Timothy: If my memory serves me from reading THOTH, it does say that those who overcome will become My son, and the qualities that the Father has, so does His son have. As I posted it, it is to be used toward establishing His Will, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That also includes that we should not misuse those powers that are given to us because it is said in THOTH that miracles do not make stronger believers.

Maitreya: Very good, Timothy. Now he is asking that since the Spirit of God is on the Prophet or on the Messiah, does the Messiah know the future too as God knows? What is your answer on that?

Unus: I would say that when you reach Pure Consciousness, you would be in the image of God. But, of course, God is everything. You are just one of the many sons of God. I think Rohtheory, you are not going to be God, but you are going to be a son of God when you overcome the lower nature, ego. You reach Pure Consciousness, Pure Intuition. You will have The Grace. I believe it will be a little different than our understanding of knowing everything. You are just so graceful. You might have whatever is necessary, you might have the powers and whatever is necessary for that position. If it is necessary, you might manifest things. If it is not necessary, you might just be a regular person.

Maitreya: Great Unus. Again, the question he is asking is, If the Messiah knows the future? What is the answer to that?

Unus: Well, I would say that the future belongs to God.

Maitreya: Well you said it, didnt you? Exactly. Very good. OK, the answer is that God gives to the Prophets and the Messiahs also, as much as He wants to. He has given the vision of the future to Prophet Daniel, for example. He gave him the vision of what is going to happen.

Even the Prophets before this Revelation revealed a lot of truth, but they did not know the Seventh Angel. God did not reveal it to them. Therefore they did not know and they did not give it to humanity.

In this time God gave everything, all the answers to all the questions. The only thing He said, as Unus mentioned is, the future belongs to God.

He gave us a glimpse of what is going to happen. We know after this Revelation there is going to be a silent period. After that is going to be the tribulation and destruction. Eventually humanity has to realize that there is God, this is the Seventh Revelation, and they all have to come and join under the banner of the Mission unified.

There are going to be 1,000 years of the Kingdom of God. And then the fall again, we all come back, we all get on the Internet and Pal Talk, talk about it, and create the Communities of Light again. And we create the Kingdom after that for at least 12,000 years.

We can see that we know the future but we do not know the details. That is because it depends on human acceptance and reaction to this Revelation. As we said in the letter, if everyone tomorrow puts sackcloth on their heads and says, We are sorry. We are really messing it up. It is not going according to the Word of God, the Kingdom is going to come tomorrow.

But if they resist and everyone says, No. I am not going to do it. I am not going to go. It is too hard, or this and that, I have my ego, and I am going to keep it and stay with it, then it is going to be delayed, and we have to wait until humanity is ready.

So the future depends on the free will of man. If they exercise their free will, and choose God and His Word, the Kingdom is going to come fast. If they resist it, it is going to take longer. I hope that answered your question. If anyone wants to jump in, go ahead.

Rohtheory: Well, what I heard is that nowhere it is written, how it comes that God exists? I have some theory on that. I am a little bit afraid when I talk about it that it wont be true, or something like this. Then my whole theory starts to burn to pieces and I feel bad.

Maitreya: The best way for you is to go to the website, study our teachings, and see what is the theory of the Revelation that God sent as the last Revelation of God. Then you adjust your theory to our theory and eventually see exactly what the Will of God is. Then not only will you have the answer, you can give it to everyone else, and after that everyone will agree with you.

I have been giving these answers for the last twenty-five years. I have almost never seen anyone disagree and say, No. No. No. What you say does not make sense.

If you learn our teaching, after that no one is going to say you were wrong, and you are not going to feel bad at all. I think the best way for you is to go to the website, study the teaching, adjust your theory, and after that everyone will listen to you because you will make sense.

Rohtheory: OK. I will go there. Thank you.

Maitreya: You are welcome. Thanks God.

Shirin: Just jumping in on the tail end of that, there are a lot of theories out there and a lot of them are really close but there is also a lot of very scary things that the religions and doctrines, and so forth, are using to scare people with, books, and conspiracy theories, and end of the world theories, and things like that. It is a lot of confusion. It feeds a lot of fear. And people get very fearful about the future.

But one thing that really calms my mind, and the certainty of this is just so comforting, is that it really does not matter what happens. No matter what happens, God said that His Kingdom would come. So if we want to say, What is the future? we say, Gods Kingdom is coming.

Maitreya: Absolutely. Also remember the story of the man who was around when someone yelled, Mad elephant! He said, Oh well, God is going to take care of me. The mad elephant came and put his trunk around him and threw him to the bushes with thorns in them, and he was pretty badly wounded.

The warning of the coming of the tribulation and destruction has been given. Michael sent me an e-mail, and he was talking about some visionary. I had never heard his name before. He is a gentleman from Romania who lives very close to Russia, around a mile from the border. He eventually was arrested and sent to the United States. He had a lot of visions of the future. He gave a lot of things that were going to happen.

Of course, I do not know how much he was connected or not, but his visions were really terrible. It was just like the Bible and those visions that he had. So it was a kind of warning, or even all over the world, for humanity.

I am a little concerned for the people who are in the places that seem to be a little inside that tribulation belt or area. They have to get out. They have to listen to God and say, Yes, Maitreya is there, we are in the Mission, and God said that, I am going to take care of you, but at the same time God said, Lets get out of this area and go to the safest area. We have to accept that and then take some action so we are not caught with the mad elephant right in front of us.

If there are any other questions, bring them up. If I have missed any questions, lets repeat them and see what they are. We will go from there. But I like this that we all are becoming involved and starting to teach.

Tahirah: There is a question that was asked. Why are there now Fifteen Commandments instead of ten as in the Old Testament?

Maitreya: This is one of the questions that has already been given in the question list. And therefore, we open the room to answer the question.

Rohtheory: Dear Lord Maitreya, is this live? To see you in my inner world as a thing of love, I mean not like they say in Buddhism, there is Nimanikaya and there is Samboakia, I do not know the exact words. In the inner worlds you feel joy, etc., and you are emanating the theme of love. So can I call upon you in the inner world, with the blessings of God, please?

Maitreya: Well, you can do even better. You can just go to our website and see my picture there. Of course, as you know, God is everything so Love is a part of Him. He is also the Builder, the Creator, and the Destroyer. You can meditate on seeing me anyway you want, but God behind me is much more than just Love. He is the teacher. He is the husband. He is the wife. He is the child. He is the friend. He is the disciple. He is the Master.

Actually, if you go to the Golden Keys, at the very end there is a small essay that says, Who Is Maitreya? It tells you who he is. You are welcome to do that but you can see me in the website. There are pictures of me that you can meditate on. But go beyond the picture to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, and become a son of God instead of getting caught into one son of God.

I hope that answered your question.

Still we continue with the question, Why are there Fifteen Commandments now, and it was Ten Commandments before?

Rohtheory: I think when there were Ten Commandments that was for that time and then after the Seventh Seal has been opened then all religions are complimentary to each other and this time maybe it is much more useful to have these Fifteen Commandments, right?

Maitreya: You have not read the teachings, and you answered pretty well. Very good. Very good answer, Rohtheory.

Rohtheory: I have this tendency to be myself in the world when I meet people, and so on. Sometimes I am maybe a little bit overwhelming, a little bit foolish. Maybe, I do not know.

Maitreya: That is OK, Rohtheory. You just meditate and work on your good part and overcome the part that might make people feel that you do not know what you are talking about. After a while people will start listening to you because you are going to say the things that are in the Mission and are in the website, and they are all going to make sense.

As long as God does not think we are foolish, it does not matter what humans say.

Rohtheory: I also believe in the world there is little communication to me about spirituality so I felt a bit lost, but now it is really better I think, especially with the website here.

Maitreya: Thanks God. Yes, if you really study our teaching it might help you a lot. It sure helped me.

Unus: Most people here can relate to being lost, the world not making sense, and then finding the Mission and the teachings. It puts everything together, makes a lot of sense, creates a future, and creates a Vision. So at least I can relate to you Rohtheory, and all of us here can. We all have had that experience. Then the teachings bring everything together, make sense, and clear the purpose.

I think as we go deeper in the teachings, as we learn more, read more, and start to live the teachings, not just understand them intellectually but try in time to experience them in the world, then they make more sense and they clear everything out. A psychiatrist or psychologist can just give you self.

Timothy: I have found a level of peace in the miracle of the Message and in reading THOTH, a peace in trusting God and knowing that the future is Gods but that God has created this creation and has a plan for it, a direction, a goal for it. I am learning more to trust and have faith in that, and learning to see where action can be taken to help facilitate Gods Plan.

But there is a Peace that comes from reading THOTH. I have found that is the clarification of other previous revelations and the parts of them that just did not quite ring a true ring of Peace. There was a slight undertone of some sort of deception. So THOTH helps to clarify those things that are truthful in previous revelations but are tainted with human ideas.

Rohtheory: So we are talking here about God. I think it is so wonderful that He filled your need absolutely. We are part of Him. He is also wonderful I think.

Maitreya: All parts of Him are wonderful.

Shirin: Since we were talking about the Fifteen Commandments, again they are in THOTH in Essays 3. I flipped through them, and it is interesting that our discussion here is about, I am hearing how there is chaos in the world, there is darkness, there is confusion, and it is no wonder that people feel fearful and unbalanced. These things manifest because the world is so far away from what Gods Plan is. The cure, the solution, to that sickness that the world has, is number Ten in the Fifteen Commandments: Attach to God.

It says, To keep the mind immersed in the ideation of God, to remain attached to God, and to accept Him as the only Refuge, the only King, and His Laws as the only Laws.

If we realize who Maitreya is, what the Seventh Seal is, what THOTH is, and we just immerse ourselves, then all of a sudden our sanity comes back, our clarity comes back because we are focused and attached only to God.

Timothy: I think that is a good point, Shirin. Since finding the teachings I have turned just a little more, albeit, more towards 100%, but it is 55% towards God, or 68% towards God, and hopefully 100% one day towards God. The more we turn towards God, the more we have that in our lives, the more Peace and Trust there is in God.

Rohtheory: It may be interesting to tell it, or to state maybe that Love is intuition.

Unus: I would say that love is one of the things, one of the great things that opens the door to pure intuition, as well as compassion and mercy. It is part of intuition, I would say.

Maitreya: Actually you might say that intuition includes love and compassion, and compassion is greater than earthly love. Also we have to say, what is the love you are talking about? Are you talking about earthly love, Divine Love?

Divine Love becomes compassion. When you have intuition then you have compassion. Does that make sense?

Rohtheory: I was talking about Divine Love.

Maitreya: Divine Love is the deep understanding that comes with empathizing with the universe and the darkness. In that empathy we will create compassion toward the struggling darkness. That compassion has great Divine Love in it, and therefore we can see the darkness and its struggles, their attachments, desires, and failings. And that is the greatest Love.

That is why I have always said that compassion is greater than love because compassion is equal with corrective love. Some people call it the tough love. You correct the darkness toward light. That comes with the intuition first. So intuition is greater than even love. That is knowingness without being able to explain.

Tahirah: How does that relate to God taking away the intuitive powers after the flood of Noah when man had their Third Eye, and taking away that Third Eye? I was wondering how that relates to what we were talking about, as far as intuition?

Maitreya: Can anyone answer that?

Timothy: I will take a try. Man had gotten to such a state of ignorance and self-centeredness that intuitive consciousness and Gods Plan and direction of establishing the Kingdom was directed toward their own mundanity and self-worship. So taking away that ability from man and setting him on a course to correct himself, to knowing that God is the way and the truth, so that when that intuitive understanding returns they will not be tainted with our interests of self-glorification.

Maitreya: We have a winner! That is it. Very good. Even you have intuition and you know the Will of God. If you use that intuition and power toward your lower nature and as she said, self-glorification, what happens to that intuition? It is a fallen intuition. It is a darkened intuition.

A lot of politicians have intuition, the ability to make people feel good, promise a lot, and when they have the job and office they do not follow it at all. That is a siddhi. The very siddhis itself is misused. Very good Timothy.

Shirin: I remember a story, I do not remember if it is in THOTH or a Satsang, where it compared God to being a good parent. Like a good parent would take matches away from a child if the child is going to burn himself or cause destruction. God saw that humanity was being so impure that He took that away. It just always strikes me in my mind, God is a good parent and He watches out for us.

Maitreya: Absolutely. Yes, if they are good parents. And they do not argue either because they are in the same Being. That again goes back to the Fifteen Commandments. Of course that answer was great.

If there is any one else who wants also to take that one up and explain a little more about that, that would be good.

There is also the story about the Ten Commandments. Some people say there might have been more than ten. They say five of them might have been broken after Moses threw the Commandments and broke them; later one part of them was lost. That is another explanation.

But I think the explanation of Rohtheory was more correct: That was the Ten Commandments for then, and this is the Fifteen Commandments for now. It is the time of the Fifteen Commandments and to add to it the commandments that need to be added to the Word of God. So now we have Fifteen Commandments.

I just received a question from Rohtheory. He is asking, What is detachment from Maya, and what is OK in life?

Maybe we can tackle that question now with everyone. Remember, take the microphone and participate. Learn how to teach. It is time for you. Go ahead.

Rohtheory: First, I think that when Love is the only Law it can be from a good intention, and yet there can be much wrong with it. I think that it is also the Will of God to give peoples freedom.

Maitreya: I like the right intention and right attitude. You might have a good intention but if your attitude is not very nice, loving, correct, and respectful, and the ability to make other people feel that you really mean to help, not to dominate, then that would be a great way of presenting your good intention toward other people. That phrase good intention is great, a very good thing. But good intention is not always delivered well. So not only do we have to have good intention but deliver it correctly with the love and the good attitude.

Anyone else want to answer that question: What is detachment from Maya and what is OK in life?

Unus: Well, I would say that detachment from Maya is doing the action, doing the sacrifice but surrendering the result to God, not being attached to the result. You just told us, work for the best and then, of course, expect some results. But when you do your best, whatever happens is Gods Will. That way you give the result to God and you just be content with the result because you know that this is Gods Will. That will bring detachment from Maya.

Maitreya: You have the grip of the reality. Even the great yogis did not know such a beautiful way of escaping the trap of Maya.

If we really follow the Eternal Divine Path, try to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit, and become a universalist, we indeed escape the Maya and the attachment to it. Anything that made us attached to the physical world, we recognize is temporary.

We can meditate on it. Go through with it and see the end, I really do not want it. It is going to be destructive. It is going to be bad for me, the Mission, and my journey back home. Therefore you avoid the traps of Maya in the world through your meditation.

You can go through the worst desire you have that might be in your way and see the end of it. No matter how terrible it is, It is OK. Just meditate on that. Go through with it. Then at the end say, No. I do not want it. I want God. I want greater things, which are permanent. Those are the things OK in life.

Follow Gods Way. Meditate on the things that are the desires and the wants for you. Overcome them and go further toward purification and God.

The great grip of reality has been given to humanity through the Eternal Divine Path. As Unus explained, that is how you escape being attached to the Maya: By doing your best, following the Eternal Divine Path, creating the Communities of Light, reaching to humanity to spread this Mission, expect results, but do not be attached.

Unus: Also, I think it would be nice to say here what detachment is not. That is because according to the teachings again, like this time with the Eternal Divine Path, following the Eternal Divine Path, we are not escaping the world. We are detached from the world. We are not escapists like in the past, like the yogis, or we just do not go to the top of the mountain, meditate, and forsake the society. Rather we stay in the world, and we meet the social and political issues. Exactly. Then stay in society, meditate, but at the same time follow the Eternal Divine Path, staying active.

So attachment is not just escaping but being surrendered and submissive to God and giving the results to God.

Tahirah: Why are there now Fifteen Commandments instead of Ten as in the Old Testament? I think that question actually answers itself because the Ten Commandments are in the Old Testament. We now have the new Revelation, and so there is more.

Maitreya: Yes. That makes sense to me.

Timothy: I love the beauty of simplicity sometimes, how the obvious is not always immediately evident. .

Maitreya: Most of the time the obvious and the simplicity are the hardest things to see actually. Absolutely.

Rohtheory is asking: Is the Mission also involved with social and political issues like gayhood and Iraq? What is the answer to that?

Tahirah: Well, I will jump in. The Mission is involved with everything in the world. Whatever is there, whatever issues are there, whatever political, or social, or Iraq, or whatever the issues are, the Mission is involved in all that because it covers all that in the teachings. Again it goes back to reading THOTH and studying the teachings.

Timothy: We started to touch the issue with the last question on Maya and how we all suffer in different levels and degrees of falling for that illusion of separation from God. I personally, Ill use the words, have a problem, with judging which part of Maya a person or an individual decides to succumb to. Since unification is including everything, so ultimately all of us are striving towards Pure Consciousness. I do not like to judge where a person is on that Path. I would like to just try to share the Message with them that: Continue to strive onwards towards God. Anything that becomes an obstacle and a hurdle in doing that, do you best in overcoming it.

Shirin: Well, I guess that brings up the question: Does the Mission accept homosexuality?

Maitreya: I have another question. Is the bedroom of the people a social issue?

Timothy: Well, I presume... I wrote, not here, that it is not a problem. But it could be a problem. It becomes a problem that socially it is affecting the whole. Then why would we not want to address it? But if it is not an issue that affects the whole and it is a private in home issue, that is just my opinion. I am not sure. That is not from THOTH.

Maitreya: But what are you talking about? Are you talking about homosexuality or something else? Are you saying that homosexuality should become an issue? How about pedophile, should that become an issue too?

Timothy: I was referencing to, I thought your question was, Should the bedroom become a social issue, and a persons private bedroom happenings, should that become a social issue? That was my response that if it becomes a social burden on society and is not a solid foundation for establishing the Kingdom of Heaven, I think that humanity should work toward making those changes in life. But if a persons privacy within his or her own bedroom and within his or her own home does not become socially problematic, then thats another thing.

Maitreya: How can this issue become socially a burden on society, and how is it going to be in the way of the people to reach Pure Consciousness?

Timothy: Well, let us take the issue of homosexuality. It seems that, in one regard, maybe a persons sexuality is slowing us down and is creating an obstacle for us in seeing, Om Nam Kevalam, that God Is Everything. It is becoming an issue that has become one that is very confusing and dominates. But to me that seems that it is again because humanity has a problem with tolerance and allowing a person to be who they are and to make their mistakes.

Maitreya: So if we have to be tolerant, then we have to be tolerant for a murderer, a rapist, and a pedophile, and everything between because humanity is intolerant? And that becomes an issue, doesnt it?

Timothy: Yes. So it seems that we have to address our issues, returning to the teachings, The Goal Of Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and we work with one another. Whatever our issues may be, if it is pedophilia, or murder, or homosexuality, or I am not sure whatever else, but we work with the individual versus just casting them into a society that is exclusion, excluded, and lesser.

Maitreya: OK, let us look at homosexuality from Gods point of view and creation. How can we look at it?

Timothy: Well, if the society were completely based on homosexuality, we would not continue to reproduce. We would not continue to populate. A true base is one that is based upon male and female. So that is a goal to start working with, I guess, and knowing that... It is very confusing.

Maitreya: What is confusing about it? You just said it, if we have all homosexuals we would not have any children. Then what is the reason for sex? Why did God create the relationship between man, woman, sex, love, marriage, children, family, and all? Why did He create it? Let us look at it Gods Way.

Why did He create us as engaging in the sexual act? What does He want to accomplish? Why did He make it so attractive to men and women to engage into it? Why? He had a reason, a purpose. He did not just make it that we have fun. He had another reason for it.

Rohtheorhy: Maybe the infinity of sexuality can also bring us closer to God?

Maitreya: Well, actually you should be making love in a sense of God making love with God. That is the tantric way of eventually overcoming it completely. And if you do not overcome it, God is going to take it away from you anyway. You know, as you get older and older you reach a point that you lose the desire more and more.

Imagine a sixteen-year-old man and a fourteen-year-old woman. They are in the prime of their time, and God just made them reach puberty. Why did God create it in the first place?

Lets look at creation, at the nature, as the way God created it.

We are talking what God thinks, and Timothy has a result. God is result oriented. Why did He create the sexual relationship? I am directing that question to you, Timothy. What is Gods way? Not what you think, or not what any one else thinks, but what does God think?

Timothy: Gods Way is a man and a woman. So that is Gods Way. It is all throughout nature.

Maitreya: All right. Then there is your answer. That is the answer that is absolute. There are questions and answers that their answers are absolute. It is not put on the table for discussion. That is the way it is. That is the best way to go.

So the society should encourage and support what is Godly. That is our argument for the last 12,000 years. Go toward Godliness and what God wants to be done, not what is my opinion, not the politically correct, not what this person says is right, not what that person says, We have to be tolerant because the human... It is all just an intellectual discussion and the things that God did not say are acceptable.

He said Thou shalt not do. He did not say, Let us sit down at the table and talk about it, discuss it, and see what is your opinion. It is not opinion. That is absolute. When something is absolute, a Godly society does not encourage it.

Of course, we are not going to go and search everyones bedroom to see what their relationships are. But open homosexuality should be discouraged, not encouraged. And that is one of the reasons for the destruction of a lot of societies. They become prosperous. It is a disease of the prosperous society.

If you study the history, when society is not prosperous, it is not that encouraged. But after they become prosperous, men and women become selfish and they do not come together as couples to create families based on the purity and create the Communities of Light. Therefore they take each other, and men and women become selfish and they cannot stay together. There is no community to support them and glue them together. The family and the community fall apart. And therefore men go to men and women go to women, and that is when the homosexuality becomes a dominant force in those societies.

Those societies that really follow Gods Way and discourage such activities do not have as many. And the Jewish community has been strong because they do accept marriage and couples. It has been proven; any time homosexuality becomes dominant in any society, that society is destroyed from within.

These things are the truth. We can have opinions, we can have ideas, but the truth of it is that God created it that way, and the history has shown that destruction comes to those societies that do not listen to God.

There are probably around 1.7% of true homosexuals. When that percent goes higher than that, then it is a social disease. It happens because the people are no longer male and female, and the community is not strong enough to glue them together. They fall apart and they fall into the trap of homosexuality. After a while there are so many of them that everyone thinks, It is natural. It is something that is OK.

It is a social disease. It is not really a homosexual person that has some energy trapped in their lower nature and they cannot get it to a higher level.

Even homosexuals can be helped with meditation, yoga, exercise, and transformation of the energy from their first chakra to their higher chakras. But at the same time we are not going to go and find out who is homosexual and who is not. We just do not want to know. But if they came and wanted help, we can tell them, Look, go meditate. Go do exercise, change your diet, do not eat too much pork, and things like that. One of the things that pork does is it stimulates the first chakra.

We have to tell them the truth. But if they still want to continue their way, it is not something that we should make it a social issue. It is not a social issue. It is a personal issue. It is only 1.7%. If it becomes more than that it is a social disease actually, not a social issue. Again we should go back to the Communities of Light, create an environment that the couples are supported and glued together, and go back to Gods Way.

We are not going to be witch-hunters. That should be emphasized in the Mission that we should just discourage it and leave it in the corner.

Rohtheory: OK, so I should not support my friend about it either. I mean a very good friend of mine is homosexual. And I was very happy for him because he found a partner. But now that I heard about how the Mission is looking at it, that it is not Gods Way, then I think I just leave it in the corner and not look at it too much. Just propose to him that he can meditate...

Maitreya: Yes. But we want you to understand why. Not because I said so but because it is explained why. We have to be compassionate even toward homosexuals and try to help them as much as we could. But we should not encourage it.

Shirin: You know just expanding on our living conditions, and so forth, we do not just become homosexuals. There is only that very, very small percentage. I think if we really wanted to help some of our friends in that way possibly look at, Maitreya mentioned diet.

Look at how much our food is affected with estrogen and those false estrogens that are very prominent in our food. We need to return back to a more pure diet. And they could not be as influenced by these hormones that are in meats and a lot of things that may make them think or perceive in a certain way that is not normal.

If we clean up our diet, and we clean up our thinking, and use our meditation, they may realize, This is really not who I am. But I can see where maybe I was affected by what I was eating, and so forth.

Also to go back to the, I like that God is result-oriented too. Why? What is the why behind it of man and woman? God created that attraction between the two sexes.

I was going back to the question that Rohtheory brought in text about that homosexuals might be influenced by the estrogens in our food that is being put in from plastic, even in our environment, that false estrogen stuff. When we really start cleaning up our diet and cleaning up our lives, and by meditating, people who are maybe affected by that kind of thing can realize and start to clean up, and start to get back to their real self rather than being influenced.

Of course the issue being politicized, psychologically, they may feel special or they may feel they want to be a part of the group, and that gets into the false ego part. When we can start at least cleaning up our diet, we wont be so affected by those hormones that are just very, very pumped into the normal diet nowadays.

Then was said also, going back to the result, that God is result-oriented. I like that, that the reason that God created that attraction that Rohtheory had earlier been saying in text that in that sexual attraction there is that love and that contentment, that peace, and so forth. That might be something that is experienced between the couple, but the result is that families are created that are the building blocks of the society. And it is that building, that Godly-society, that brings that Kingdom.

So we need the family, we need the children, we need the couples attracted to each other, and using that energy, that sexual energy, that attraction to build the society, is to build the Kingdom.

Maitreya: Very good. Absolutely. You are pointing out about the hormones that they put in the food. I think that has a big part in people feeling homosexual tendencies. If they clean up their diets, it is going to help them a lot.

Also the whole society should go back to the community. Selfishness has to go. So a part of the Mission is sacrifice. Also we were talking about Daharma, the Daharma of things. Our members should start meditating on what is the Daharma of anything in their lives? What is the Daharma of my relationship with another person, or getting close, or getting married? What is the Daharma, what is the reason behind it?

The reason behind it you explained very well: The marriage, the couples, the children, the family, Communities of Light, and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. You cannot create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth if there is no family, if there are no children. You cannot create that. So it is very important for us to get a grip of the reality of creation and the innate nature, or the Daharma of things. Therefore our opinion and Gods opinion become one then. That is great!

Rohtheory has a question: How can homosexuals and pedophiles change themselves or himself?

Pedophile is different than homosexual. Homosexual is between two adults. Pedophile is kind of imposing an adult on a child that does not have the power, does not have the choice, is not mature, and therefore that is a crime. That should be considered as a crime. In the Communities Of Light actually pedophiles are completely helpless because there is always someone watching the children. The pedophile does not have any opportunity.

One of the reasons that a lot of pedophiles in the West have that kind of opportunity to attract children is that children are left alone. There is no community. There is no adult supervision on them. Therefore they have people who take advantage of the situation.

So pedophilia is completely different. But even the pedophile can be helped by meditation, diet, education, and they can realize that what they do destroys the child. Therefore they should not be doing it.

Children have to be safe. They have to be supervised and create an environment that the pedophile thinks a hundred times before he even approaches such an act.

Homosexuality can be helped a lot with diet, meditation, and all of that. So we can help them but we should not encourage them.

Rohtheory has another question: I am ecstatic about how you are talking about opinion, Gods opinion and yours should come together.

Exactly. If we all learn how to think the way God thinks, then we do not have any different opinions but we all can discuss and realize, what is the Daharma of everything? What is the Daharma of man? What is the Daharma of woman? What is the Daharma of children? What is the Daharma of father, mother, grandchildren, and grandfathers? Everyone has a Daharma.

What is the Daharma of a man? What is the Daharma of a woman? Why did God create them differently? Because they are different, are they unequal? Someone is greater than the other one? Or should they come together and create an environment that they can work together towards Gods Daharma, which is family, environment, then the community, and all of that?

If we all can agree with how God thinks, and why God thinks the way He thinks, then we do not have any opinion. We have only Gods Words in our hearts and in our minds, and we agree. We become strong families, strong societies, and we can create the Kingdom of God on earth.

Yes, that is a good question also, and follow our Daharma. Exactly. We find the Daharma of everything, why they have been created the way they have been created. We know the Will of God is the Eternal Divine Path. Now we look at, What is my place in this umbrella of the Eternal Divine Path? What is my Daharma? Why have I been created?

Go ahead, Truthseeker.

Truthseeker_36: Yes, my question is concerning the New Testament, concerning Paul. Most of Christianity is based on Pauls writings. Yet Christ said, I will build my church on Peter. That is what he said to Peter. How do we reconcile that if we were tobe asked that question?

Maitreya: We do not listen to Paul. Paul was not one that God or Christ said, as you said, He is going to build my church; Peter was. Also Paul came with the idea that he had a vision that Christ came and told him that he is the one who is going to do it. How do we know who gave him this vision?

A lot of people hear voices and see visions. Even God tells them to go kill someone. Paul was a person who was persecuting the Christians and was on the way to destroy them. Eventually he became the most prominent person in teaching Christ and his teaching?

Therefore we can see that what Paul said was not even according to our teachings, and it was not according to Christs teaching. Apparently he had charisma and the ability to influence other people, but he used that influence to almost destroy Christ much better than the way he was trying to destroy Christians.

That is why we do not accept Paul as the mouthpiece of Christ. But we go only to the red parts of the Bible, and we just accept those parts as the word of Christ, not Paul, and not the disciples.

Also Christ himself said that the disciples could not be greater than the Master. Why now is Paul the person we listen to more than Christ himself? This is again the question that the Christians have to ask themselves, Why are we doing that? Is it because it is easier for us? Is it because it appears better to our egos? Is it because we feel more superior to other people and religions and races? Is it because he is the only way, I have the only way, and no one else has it, therefore I am superior to you?

But Christs Words and teachings and the base of Christianity of forgiveness, service, creating a great environment, and helping one another, is great. We listen to them, we apply it to our lives, and we take that as a great contribution of Christ to humanity.

As we said Christ released The Grace to his followers. Although Christianity came to the West and they absolutely changed it to something else full of dogmas and pagan ideas, no circumcision, no following of the Ten Commandments, having statues, pictures, everything, and bringing the Roman culture as the teachings of Christ, still they are blessed because Gods Blessing and Grace was with them. They did not even follow Christs Words but Pauls words, as you said. But now is the time for the Christians to re-evaluate their position.

Of course, with our teachings, it will help them much greater. They will put the statues away and will only concentrate on One God and all that. So we can see that they can also progress in a greater degree.

So the answer to your question is that we do not accept Paul as the mouthpiece of Christ. We accept what Christ himself taught. We do not know too much about Peter. He really had not taught much.

That is another thing the Mission should not let happen to the teaching, that some person comes and dominates other people and they take over and change the teaching, make it easier for humanity, and humanity says, OK, we will follow this person because it is easier to us and it appeals to our egos better. No. It should not happen at all.

That is why we have the round table and the board of directors, after I leave my body, of twelve people at least. Those twelve people will have the authority of one year to be the head of the board of directors. And the main job of the board of directors is to continue the Mission, propagate the teaching, create new members, and expand the Mission. But their main purpose is to keep the teaching pure and look for me for the next lifetime. When they find me, of course, we will continue together to the second lifetime. And hopefully the third lifetime we will create the Kingdom on earth.

To answer your question, No, Paul is not the one we should listen to. If you have any follow-up, I will let you have a couple seconds. Otherwise we will go to the next question.

Truthseeker_36: No. That is fine. You have answered the question. Thank you.

Maitreya: OK. Rohtheory is asking: BTW is there a contact in Belgium or the Netherlands?

I do not think so. I do not think we have any contact there yet. But we are looking for contacts all over the world. If you are interested to become a contact, let us know. We have a questionnaire for you. You can fill it out. If you are interested, send an e-mail to contact@maitreya.org, and we will work with you and see if we can have someone there.

I do not think we have time to go to another question at this time, unless there is some question on the floor. I do not see any. Therefore we have the time that we are pretty close to 2 oclock Mountain Standard Time, though we can just let the microphone go and see if there is any other question.

So if you have any question, this is the time to raise your hand. Otherwise we will come back and say our Sal-Oms.

Rohtheory: I have found the conversation very, very worthwhile. It was full of riches, and I want to wish you all Sal-Om.

Maitreya: Sal-Om Rohtheory. Good questions. Stay on with it. Go to the website. And if you need any psychological counseling or questions answered, send an e-mail to Unus. Is that OK Unus?

Unus: Oh yes, definitely.

Maitreya: OK everyone, Sal-Om. I think I am not going to be here tomorrow but I will be here Sunday I think, again with the same kind of a session. I really enjoyed it. I think you are getting ready more and more to reach out by yourselves, and this session will be mostly that you tackle the questions with each other and come up with the best answers. Of course I will be here and hopefully we will create a lot of teachers that can reach out, teach people, and take them out of the confusion and destructive separation that even exists in this country between people who believe in some opinion, and others believe in another opinion. But if all of them believe in Gods opinion, they will be unified and we can create even a greater nation with less confusion in society.

So we are their salvation. We are your salvation as He has been my salvation.

Sal-Om everyone.

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