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Canaan: one of the children of Ham, the son of Noah. He is the symbol for the Shudra (laborer) class of humans.

Cayce , Edgar: the sleeping Prophet of America.

He was born in 1877 on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. His ability to have access to the Akashic Records and to bring information about many truths, and his talent to diagnose diseases and recommend cures while in a sleeping state, are the reasons for his fame.

Centrifugal Force: the loosening of the grip of the tama guna over the consciousness.

In order to create this universe, God used the power of the tama guna for crudifying the consciousnesses into different elements in the universe (ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid, and solid). This process of crudification is done through the centripetal force.

At the end of creating the five basic elements, the creation of plants, animals, and humans was accomplished. It was done by using the five basic elements and the unit consciousnesses in higher states, and also by the loosening of the power of the tama guna over the consciousnesses contained in these elements. This loosening of the crudifying power of the tama guna is the centrifugal force.

Centripetal Force: the tightening of the grip of the crudifying power of the tama guna over the consciousnesses of the universe.

In order to create this universe, God used the power of the tama guna for crudifying the consciousnesses into different elements in the universe (ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid, and solid). This power of crudification of the tama guna is the centripetal force.

Chakras : the seven energy centers in the human body. The first five reside in the ethereal body (astral body, spirit). The sixth is the center of controlling the power of the three gunas (mind), and the seventh is the state of Pure Consciousness.

The first chakra controls the solid factor (flesh) and is located in the anal area (solid waste). The second controls the liquid factor and is located in the genital area (liquid waste). The third chakra controls the luminous factor and is located in the navel area (heat is used for digestion, the hottest part of the human body). The fourth controls the aerial factor and is located in the middle of the chest (controls the lungs, air). The fifth controls the ethereal factor and the previous four chakras, and is located at the throat area.

The sixth chakra is the controller of the mind (three gunas) and is located between the eyebrows (the middle of the forehead). The seventh controls all others and is located at the crown of the head.

Channel: same as being submissive.

Cherubims: the guardians of the garden of Eden (Pure Consciousness) (Gen. 3:24) which were "placed at the east of the garden...and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."

It is the symbol for Maya which prevents those who are in their lower natures from entering Pure Consciousness which gives the everlasting life (tree of life).

Children of Israel: Israel means "he who struggles with God." "With" here means to be with or on the same team. Therefore, "to struggle with God," here means to work with God in the struggle that all reach Pure Consciousness.

The Children of Israel are those who have struggled lifetimes to overcome their lower natures and will struggle further to help all reach Pure Consciousness. They are the Elected Ones.

Chitta : the crudest part of the mind, which consists of tama guna. It is the screen of the mind to which the objects in the external world are projected and then it takes the shape of those external objects. It is directly connected to the ethereal (astral) body. Also it receives the messages carried by the nervous system from the external world.

The Universal Chitta is the screen of the Universal Mind through which all things can be observed.

Christ: same as Pure Consciousness; also means The First Begotten Son (YahShwah.gif (121 bytes)) who manifests both Father and Mother. Whoever overcomes reaches Pure Consciousness (a son).

It is that state of consciousness which Esa the Messiah was in so he was called Christ. In the Bible (Matthew, chapter 3), it is after Esa overcame the temptations of evil that he again became Christ.

Christ Consciousness: same as Pure Consciousness.

Christhood: same as Pure Consciousness.

Christianity: the faith of the followers of Esa the Christ.

If Christianity is taken as the message brought by Esa the Christ, then it is to believe that in order to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without, the utmost sacrifice (not being self-centered, being humble) is necessary.

The symbol of Christianity is the cross (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), the third seal in The Greatest Sign.

Classless Types of Humans: those humans who cannot be categorized into the five major classes of humans. They are the Prophets (Messengers, Avatars, Angels, etc.), Gurus (Spiritual Teachers), Artists (those who guide the society by their art; they are intuitive intellectuals), and Paravipras (true leaders of human society).

Cloud: symbol for confusion, individually or collectively.

Whenever this confusion comes, a Savior is necessary to rescue the earth.

Collective Consciousness (Universal Mind): same as Unconscious Mind.

Concepts: those ideas which we believe because we were told to believe them.

Every person is born into a family, society, culture and environment that influences and shapes his beliefs. These beliefs create a system of values which represent the base of that culture and in return again affect the person. Therefore ideas and beliefs are instilled in the person without him even questioning them.

However there are spiritual truths which are the only true beliefs to follow. When a belief in society or a person is different than the truths in the universe, that belief becomes a concept which is an obstacle in the path of the person's progress.

That is why each person should question his own and society's values and beliefs. He should then seek and find out the true values and replace the false ones with these true ones. Only then can man make himself free from all the bondage which has been imposed on him.

That is why God has sent the Scriptures to man, so that they can be a guidance for him. Man might then find the way to the truth if he understands the real meaning behind the symbolic language of the Scriptures, or if he finds a true teacher to show it to him.

Communities Of Light: Communities that follow the Eternal Divine Path (refer to Eternal Divine Path).

Consciousness: the witness entity; awareness in the universe; the logic and/or male part in the Universe (God).

Cosmic Dust: atom.

Creative Force, The (Prakrti, The Three Gunas In The Operative State): when raja guna (energy) is activated, then the three gunas will be in the operative position, and they become the creative force in the universe. They become the three levels of the Universal Mind and unit minds.

The most sentient part of these creative forces (Mahatattva) is the decision-making part. The second part (Ahamtattva, mutative force) is the doer or recognizing part, and the third and crudest (also crudifying) part (Chitta) is the one which is used to create the manifested universe (centripetal). Also, the Chitta is the visualizing part of the mind.

Crudifying: same as centripetal force.


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