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Pancha Tatwa : the five carrying elements (prana) of the senses which connect the Chitta (the crudest part of the mind) to the external world and internal organs through the nervous system.

Parama Purusa (Beyond Purusa): "Purusa" means the material visible universe and those parts of the universe which are not in Pure Consciousness. "Parama" means "beyond." So Parama Purusa refers to the nucleus of the universe (God).

Paravipras : true leaders.

They are those Elected Ones who have gone through many lifetimes and through struggle, have awakened their spiritual forces (ichvs15c.gif (941 bytes)). They long to establish a just environment (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), are ready to sacrifice -- not being self-centered, to be humble and sacrifice all for this ideal (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), and use all their spiritual powers to do it. They surrender themselves and the result of their actions to the Lord and so become surrendered and submissive ones (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)). They long for the good of the whole universe and create a universal outlook (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)).

With these qualities and through their struggles, they also create the Shudra (laborer) characteristics. That is, they will assume physical work if it is necessary to work like a laborer. They will have leadership abilities of a Ksattriya (warrior), mental abilities of a Vipra (intellectual), shrewdness of a businessman (Vaeshya), and purity and incorruptibility of a Brahmin (true spiritualist). Only such a person with these qualities is worthy to assume the title of a Paravipra (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)).

It is these true leaders, who with their great intuitive abilities, will guide the successive trends of the progress of the human society. They will establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth to allow humans to progress toward the goal with ever-increasing speed, and will help the whole universe to reach the goal (Pure Consciousness), and they themselves will reach the goal also.

Perfect Master (Sat-Guru, Man-god): same as Sat-Guru.

Prakrti : same as creative force.

Prana (Breath Of Life): same as raja guna or energy. It is the out-going force from the Soul.

It is the life-force and coordinating force in the universe. It carries many different functions and is the base of any movement. Without it (raja guna) there would have been no movement in the universe.

In truth it is the cause of the invocation of the mind (individually or universally) and thinking.

Pranamaya Kosha (Prana) : the Kosha corresponding to the second chakra.

Prasadam : food which has been prepared in a good state of mind as sacrifice and is offered to God (formless and invisible), and then offered to be consumed by those who want to receive the blessings of such a food.

Prophets: those chosen, inspired individuals who bring a message from God to humanity. They are also called Angels and Avatars.

Psychic Body (Astral Body): same as astral body.

Pure Consciousness (Christhood, Christ-Consciousness, Being Divine, State Of Enlightenment): the state in which the power of the three gunas over the consciousness is overcome, and the consciousness in its pure form (pure intuition) beyond the mind (ego) is realized. Then the oneness with God (universe) is complete, and there would be no Maya left.

Purification: means to become clean internally and externally, physically, mentally, and spiritually: to avoid all things which alter this process or to create an environment that will accelerate the processes of purification.

Anything that stimulates the first three chakras unnecessarily is a hindrance toward purification, especially for those who have not overcome the influences of the external world over themselves and will be affected by it easily.

Purusa : manifested world.

Purusattma : same as Parama Purusa (the nucleus of the universe).


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