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Unconscious Mind (Collective Consciousness): same as Universal Mind. Also refers to the memories in the Akashic Records which are not easily accessible to all individuals. Only those who purify themselves and go beyond their individual minds (egos), with His Grace, can have access to them.

Unit Consciousness: same as Soul.

Universal Mind (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) (Collective Consciousness, Unconscious Mind): same as the creative force in the universe, the three gunas in the operative state.

Universalism: to consider the good and progress of the whole universe as the goal of life; to consider the universe as our home and country; to see the whole universe as God, so serving the universe is serving Him.

Any ideal other than universalism will result in narrowness of the mind, and any narrowness is bound to create suffering.

Upanishad : same as Vedanta; many writings which were written to bring light (supplementary) to the meanings of the Vedas (the end of the Vedas or Vedanta).

Uthman (Usman) : the third Caliph of Muslims.


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