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Vaeshyas : the business-oriented type of human.

Those humans who are inclined toward accumulation of the physical wealth and control of the resources, and are interested in economic activities, are the Vaeshyas.

They can be categorized as intellectuals (Vipras) whose intellects are directed toward economic activities. They have very little interest in things other than these activities.

Vedantas : the last chapter of the Vedas (end of the Vedas; "Veda" + "anta" which means end); the ultimate truth. The Upanishads are called the Vedanta (the final goal of the Veda.)

Vedas : the oldest Scriptures known to man as the earliest Hindu sacred writings.

Veda (from the Sanskrit root "vid," to know) means the knowledge which contains the evidence of its truth within itself. The Vedas are made up of four principle books as Rg, Yajus, Sama, and Atharva.

The Rg Veda contains prayers and hymns to the elemental deities ("rig" means "to laud"). The Yajus ("yaj," "to sacrifice") contains sacrifices and prayers adapted for certain rites. The Sama-Veda contains songs of lyrical character to be recited with melody. The Atharva-Veda consists of various hymns and incantations.

The Atharva-Veda is considered to not be an Aryan Scripture, but one that w
as added to the Vedas later on.

Vidya : knowledge.

"Vidya" is opposite to avidya (ignorance). Vidya means "to turn toward God or knowledge." Avidya means to turn toward the external world (Maya) or ignorance.

Vigamaya Kosha (Discriminative Mind Begins - Buddhi) : the kosha corresponding to the fourth chakra.

Vipras : the intellectual type of human.

Vipras are those whose abilities are to penetrate, understand (to know), and to try to explain the phenomena in the material or manifested world and in society.

The honest and developed intellectuals are guided with rational minds, but not with emotions or intuition. The intellectualized spiritual theories (the binding religious doctrines) are created or supported by those intellectuals who want to exploit the masses (consciously or unconsciously).

When intellect is accompanied by intuition, it becomes illuminated intellect and a guide for the self and others.

Vishudaha : the fifth chakra in Sanskrit.


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