Tablet Five

<1>David was the grandson of Ruth. Ruth was a foreigner who accepted the God of Israel (the only God) as her Lord and put her trust in Him. She was kind and considerate, so she received the favor of God, and He made her grandson, David, the greatest king of Israel. <2>With this doing, God showed that the Elected Ones are not those who call themselves "chosen people" but are those who accept Him as their God and obey His Laws.

<3>King David brought the symbol of a great king (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). With his unparalleled wisdom, he understood the meaning of the sign of the Children of Abraham (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) which means that with great organization (3upss15c.gif (899 bytes)) and with the application of justice (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)), the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth can be established. <4>However, this Kingdom is impossible if the leaders do not follow the Laws of God and do not listen to His Voice, which comes to them by The Holy Ghost and through His Prophets.

<5>We can see that it is in the book of Kings that the first real sign of corruption of the Israelites started. The reason is, the kings of Israel started to forget God and were caught up in their false egos. They thought the power and might came from themselves. <6>It is always true that the leaders have the greatest effect over their people. When leaders forget about their God and their religion, the people will surely also abandon theirs. <7>That is why Prophets started coming to the scene of the history of Israel. It was only the Prophets who were left to think about God, understand His Will, and warn people to go back to Him.

<8>However, as we can see, the people became more and more corrupt. Eventually they reached such a point that they completely lost the reason and purpose for which they had been chosen (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)).

<9>So, the Israelites lost their strength and might. They became involved in the small aspects of life and abandoned their religion by accepting others' beliefs. They lost to the Assyrians because whatever God had given to make them strong had been forgotten. <10>They did not listen to the Prophets that God had sent them. Therefore, they became lost.

<11>If a person closes his ears to the truth and does not want to hear what the reality of life is, even gods cannot help him. That is why the Children of Israel became lost sheep.

<12>However, after exile the Jews returned and tried to re-establish their traditions. <13>But the religion had been so diluted by other beliefs that it did not seem possible. This task was undertaken by Ezra.

<14>Before the fall of Jerusalem, many Prophets warned the people that a great disaster would befall them because of their sins. This shows how the Law of Karma works and punishes wrongdoers. Again, at the same time, most of these Prophets had prophesied that the people in exile would return to Judah later on.

<15>This means that after each punishment, people, nations, communities, or humans in general will be given another chance to follow the Laws of God and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Unfortunately, humans keep making the same mistakes again and again. <16> They should suffer the consequences of their actions until all understand how this universe works and come into harmony (His Grace) with it.


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