Tablet Seven

Surah The Spider

Karma (samskara) is equal with sin in the Koran, verse 13:

"However they verily will bear their own loads besides the loads of others which will be added to theirs, and they surely will be questioned on the Day of Judgment, concerning that which they fabricated." (The Spider, 13)

<1>What is that load? That is the reaction of your bad actions (samskaras, sins). Also you will be punished for misguiding others. So the false Prophets will be severely punished.


Knowing God by contemplation of the universe, verse 44:

"Allah has created the heavens and the earth for a purpose, therein is definitely a sign for those who believe." (The Spider, 44)

<2>By understanding how perfect the universe and all things in it are, we would know that it cannot be by chance. So there is a Creator, and it will help us to become a believer.


Warning Moslems not to fight with Jews and Christians, verse 46:

"And argue not with the People of the Book, except with a good manner which is best, save their unjust ones. Tell them: We believe in that which is revealed to us and in that which is revealed to you. Our God and yours is One, and unto Him we submit." (The Spider, 46)

<3>We can see here that Prophet Muhammad was discouraging his followers from fighting, and even arguing, with Jews and Christians. However, later in history there was a great fight between them (the crusades). <4>So it is the people who create these fights and inflict suffering on humanity by following dogmatic beliefs and bringing superstitions between people.

<5>It is not the religions that have brought suffering to humanity, but it is those who misinterpret the religions and present them this way to the people. <6>Because of their ignorance and because they do not search for the truth themselves, they believe whatever is told them. They become narrow-minded and this brings suffering to humanity. In short, suffering comes from ignorance.


Hell is in each of our lifetimes, verse 54:

"They ask thee hasten on the punishment of the Day of Doom, but surely hell is already compassing the disbelievers." (The Spider, 54)

<7>We can see that "hell is already compassing the disbelievers," so it surrounds them right now in this lifetime. They do not have to die to go to hell. They are in the hell of the attraction of Maya, which is attachment, desire, fear, shame, insecurity, and many other sufferings related to this attraction.


Surah The Romans

On the Resurrection Day man will be sundered (separated), verse 43:

"Before the unavoidable Day which Allah has destined to come, people will be sundered..." (The Romans, 43)

<8>They will be sundered by their actions. Those who have reached Pure Consciousness will be saved and those left in Maya will stay in ignorance for a long time. Also he who reaches higher consciousness becomes different (is sundered).


Reincarnation, verse 50:

"Observe, therefore, the signs of Allah's mercy (everywhere), how He quickens the earth after its death: He is the One who gives life to the dead, for He is Able to do all things." (The Romans, 50)

<9>"He is the One who gives life to the dead, for He is Able to do all things." So He can reincarnate also.

<10>Another point in this verse is that, "Observe, therefore, the signs of Allah's mercy (everywhere)." He created the whole universe to help humanity to come from the unaware state to aware consciousness and will help them to eventually reach Pure Consciousness. <11>So that is how you understand God's mercy and compassion in His actions and creation, by His signs in the universe. In fact these signs are the results of His actions. <12>It is exactly the same with people. You know them by their actions. You know God by His creation.

<13>This is a very small portion of the Koran which was taken to show how Prophet Muhammad and other Prophets are saying these truths of the universe, in different ways, with the same understanding of the realities of the universe.

<14>They all understand these points: (1) There is reincarnation; (2) There is an evolutionary process, and eventually all will reach perfection through that process; (3) God is the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer; (4) God is the Greatest; (5) God has not been taken from anything, and God has not been created; (6) God has control over everything; (7) There is a purpose in creation; and (8) The Laws of the universe should be understood and followed by everyone.

<15>If we understand Him, and surrender ourselves to Him, we accelerate that process to reach Pure Consciousness. So we will suffer less than those who do not understand and are lost in the attraction of Maya. <16>Being lost in the attraction of Maya (excess attraction to the external world) will bring suffering to the person, society, and humanity in general.

<17>It is the duty of the Elects to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and to bring humans to Pure Consciousness as fast as possible. <18>That is when the end of the tribulation will come. The tribulation is to make humanity understand that there is a God, there are Laws in this universe, and that these Laws should be followed. Otherwise there will be suffering and unhappiness in the world. <19>The human should understand that he has no choice but to follow the Laws of the universe in order to become Pure Consciousness, where the bliss is.

<20>In fact for a realized Soul, suffering is a blessing. It is a warning that you have gone astray from the path of the reality of this universe, <21>or it is a lesson. <22>Whenever you come back to the reality of the universe (the right path), you will have joy. You will "quicken" (accelerate) your Soul's progress toward reaching the goal (Pure Consciousness). And when you do reach there, you will be in the Bliss (God).


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