For most humans the very seed of pleasure of the sexual relationship is at the first chakra. In fact sex is the only time they experience the pleasure of the raised Kundalini. It is the Kundalini that is stimulated in the sexual relationship, and eventually at the time of fulfillment (climax), it raises for a very short period of time. Depending on where your spirit is (which chakra you are at) the pleasure will be experienced differently.

Many great souls have realized this and that is where the base of the relationship between sexual experiences and spiritual progress is found. These masters have recommended that the aspirant overcome the desire for sex by left-handed Tantric sexual practices. In this practice the couple meditates together while engaging in the sexual act. They try to overcome sexual desire by understanding its nature (meditating on the process, etc.). By overcoming the desire to reach the climax of the sexual relationship, they overcome sex itself!

So the idea is to bring the Kundalini to the higher level and so experience the Joy of higher self rather than become addicted to the temporary pleasure of sex. As the Kundalini is raised to higher levels in both partners (married couple), the relationship between the couple expands itself not only to the sexual relationship but to the whole life. They dance together in the endless oneness in God. Then sex becomes a pleasure of being together and enjoying one another. The act of sex becomes a very small part of their relationship.

Since the Kundalini resides in the first chakra, stimulation of this chakra brings some pleasure in a sexual relationship. Those who are persuaded to have the pleasure of sex in this way accept that this is the best way to have a sexual relationship.

In some instances the energy (Kundalini) is blocked. These are the only true homosexuals! Only around 1.7% of the human race are true homosexuals.

For gay (male) relationships, the energy is blocked in the first chakra, so the desire to have anal sex to raise the Kundalini in this way attracts the person to homosexual activities. They demonstrate feminine traits. Basically they say to nature, "I am a woman, not a man!"

Since the Kundalini resides in the first chakra for everyone, even if a person is not homosexual, if they engage in homosexual activities, the Kundalini will become blocked in the first chakra and they will experience great pleasure in homosexual relationships. Such people are created by social dysfunction and are false homosexuals.

This is also true about females. In this case, it is the women who display masculine traits (often called 'butch' which we will use for lack of a better word) due to an energy blockage or genetic defect who are the true lesbians. How this blockage happens can have many explanations. They will approach vulnerable women who will become attracted to their male energy. Such women, as the female part in the relationship, are sometimes called 'femme.' Therefore true lesbians are the butch; their partners are being seduced into such relationships! Lesbians might not agree with this statement and say that the relationship is natural and desired by both sides, but that is not the truth.

In some lesbian relationships, there is no butch or femme. These are not true lesbians; they are created by the social effect (as it is explained below).

So there are true homosexuals and false homosexuals. False homosexuals are made through social malfunctions. They are found all through history. Usually in societies which become prosperous, people become self-centered. Couples no longer struggle together, and sacrificing is not required for a better life. They create unrealistic expectations from one another. This results in unhappiness and many divorces, etc. Men and women seek shelter and comfort with the same(homo) sex. They end up having sex and so the number of homosexuals increases beyond the true 1.7%. After a while this practice becomes so prevalent that everyone accepts it as a natural phenomenon! It is not. If it was natural God would not have called it an "Abomination!"

In the Kingdom this problem will be realized and couples (a man and a woman) will sacrifice to bring everyone to higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness. They will not become unhappy for artificial reasons and will not seek comfort only from one other person (each other). They will be comforted by the whole community, and so the sexual energy will stay healthy and natural between the couple.

Therefore, if homosexuals realize these Truths (above), the majority of the ones who consider themselves as born homosexuals will realize that they are the victims of a malfunctioning society!

The very minority of homosexuals who have a problem with the energy being blocked in the lower chakras can overcome this problem. Meditation, prayer, a balanced diet with less meat eaten (especially these days when most meat contains hormones that promote this lifestyle!), cooling of the body (half-bath and other cooling techniques), Tandava or Tandavi exercises, etc., and of course, His Grace, will transfer the energy trapped in the lower chakras to higher ones. These all will help them to become normal. In an environment where people are encouraged to meditate and Know the self, fewer will be found who have blocked energy and so the number of those who have this problem will decrease.

Of course the other kind of homosexuals also can benefit from these recommendations.

It clearly has been revealed to us that the kingdom of God is based on Pure Heterosexual couples. We hope that homosexuals will listen to these Truths, overcome this lifestyle, and then, if possible, join the Communities Of Light which is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (if not in this lifetime, then perhaps in the next one). If they will not and continue this lifestyle as individuals, it is a personal Karma, and we neither condemn them nor support them: We leave them to God. However, if society accepts such behavior, it becomes a collective Karma, and those who accept it will pay for it collectively.

There is no doubt that it is an anomaly. It should never become a political issue!

We do not hate homosexuals, as our teaching is that God is everything, including homosexuals. However, we do not approve actions, by anyone, which are not Godly (Natural)!

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