God’s Plan is to Bring Unity in the Universe

 Sometimes people ask me, “Where are you from?”  I answer, “I am from God, where are you from?”  They usually stop for a moment, and then say, “If you are from God, I am from God too.”  “Well, then we are from the same place, and we are one.  There is no separation between us.”


The earth has been divided by categories and concepts that we have created.  The human likes to categorize everything because if they can categorize something, they can relate to it much easier.  But in order to become a united world, a united people of the planet earth, we have to go beyond these concepts.

The fastest way to do it is through the Spirit.  If we realize that all the great religions of the world have come from one Source and one Spirit, then a lot of concepts are going to break down.

If the many people who are called Hindus, or Christians, or Jews, or Moslems, or Bahai’s, or Jains, or whatever religion they are from, realize that all their truth has come from the same Source, they would have to realize that they are all children of the same Spirit, wouldn’t they?


See, there are a lot of religions, and there is only one Reality.  If we all accept there is one Reality, and that Reality has sent all these religions, we are beyond labels.  The moment we accept that each of them is a part of a greater truth, we no longer belong to that part, because the whole is greater than the parts.  So we go beyond any labels.


We are talking about unity.  Some people cannot imagine it because they separate one another in so many ways – ours and theirs, this is my religion, this is their religion.  Now people are waking up more and more and seeing that this is not working.  Probably years ago it would have worked.  Now they see, if something happens to another country or another nation, it is going to affect them.  They have no escape.  They are very much a part of the interdependent earth, and they cannot escape being affected by the actions of other people – their beliefs, their value systems, their economical systems, their social systems, their intellectual systems.  All of this is affecting them.  They have no escape.

They do not understand it, there is such confusion.  Each culture truly believes they have the truth.  They really believe they are the way, and what they have been inspired with is the only way.  You know this by listening to a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Moslem, or a Christian.  They really believe, they are sincere in what they do and what they are following.  Yet, all of them preach that there is one God who sent all these religions to humanity.  Then, at the same time, the other persons’ God does not know what He is talking about – only their God knows the truth.

So although they want to create unification, each wants to convert the other to their own religion.  They say the only way that peace can come on earth is for everyone to become a Moslem.  The only way that humanity can be saved is for everyone to become a Christian.  The only way that God is going to bring that everlasting peace is to fulfill the Jewish expectation of being the chosen people.

Then what is the truth?  What has God really created in the last 12,000 years?  Who is the chosen person?  The chosen person is the person who follows God’s Will.  Yet, who knows what God’s Will is?

That is where the Mission comes in.  Our teaching comes to humanity with a definite answer.  We do not want to convert each of you to one religion.  Each person, each religion, each Prophet had a message for humanity.  Each of these messages, although they have great truth, are not complete without the rest of the messages.  Each of these messages belong to the greater truth which we call, the Eternal Divine Path.

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