Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. Removed Dwolla as an option on the tithes and donations page, as Dwolla no longer provides direct peer-to-peer payment services.



  1. Further additions have been made in Golden Keys 7 to the Marriage and Sexuality section (several new questions and answers) as well as small additions to the "How does the universe work?" question in the Miscellaneous section.



  1. Two more questions and answers have been added to Golden Keys 7: "How does the universe work?" in the Miscellaneous section, and "What about those who are asexual?" in the Marriage and Sexuality section.



  1. Two paragraphs have been added near the end of the answer to the first question in the Marriage and Sexuality section of Golden Keys 7 (the question about the origin of marriage and polygamy). These new paragraphs address why the Revelation was initially that polygamy should not be in the COLs, and some voting-related considerations for COLs that do allow polygamists.



  1. The transcripts for the 2012 Feast Q&A Session with Maitreya and the Feast Welcome Message and Testimonials have been added to the website.


  1. A new Supplement has been added to THOTH! It has been placed at #6 in the list of Supplements: Be Successful in This World and the One to Come. This Supplement will be added to the next edition of the physical THOTH, and will also be announced in a future Newsbrief.



  1. Maitreya has made very minor additions to the polygamy- and masturbation-related sections of Golden Keys 7 (a new sentence at the end of each).


  1. A new Statement by the Round Table has been added: Those Who Must Be Banned From the Mission.



  1. The Feast Announcement page has been updated to reflect the recent announcement about the Mission no longer hosting a physical Feast gathering until we get an actual Center.

  2. A new explanation page about the Tandavi dance has been added to the website, and the word "Tandavi" all across the website has been linked to this page.

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