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Shield of Approval Certification (Example):

This page certifies that the website Mission of Maitreya's Shield of Approval and its contents have been fully reviewed and approved by the Mission of Maitreya.


You have reached this page by clicking on the Mission of Maitreya Shield of Approval. Seeing this Shield (with a link to a page like this) on a website, video, painting, or other form of expression indicates that the work meets Mission standards and is in full accordance with our teachings.

Note: If the approved piece is a website or other online work, and has links to other websites, the Shield of Approval does not extend to those websites. It may be that these sites have relevant or useful information, but are not approvable; therefore, each site should be checked individually for its own Shield to verify its status.

To confirm the authenticity of a Shield of Approval:

If it is on a website or online work, click on the Shield (or, in some cases, a nearby related text block). It should link to a page very similar to this one. If it does not link to a page like this, or links to a page not on the www.maitreya.org domain, it is being used without our knowledge or authorization, and that work does not have our approval.

To confirm Shields that are not online and cannot be linked, please contact the Mission and ask if we have approved the work.

Any unauthorized use of the Shield is unacceptable and will be pursued with full legal action. If you see an unauthorized Shield, please let us know at shield@maitreya.org.


The Mission Of Maitreya Round Table

Process for receiving the Mission Shield Of Approval

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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