Messiah Is Here!

The Prophet Daniel was told to seal up the meaning of his visions until, "...the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4). St. John the Revelator in a similar manner was ordered by God to, "Seal up the things which the Seven Thunders uttered and do not write them" (Rev. 10:4). Yet, John waspromised that, " the days of the sounding of the Seventh Angel, the mystery of God would be finished" (Ibid 10:7). We find in scripture only one figure who is, "...worthy to take the book, and open the seals thereof" (Ibid 5:9), this figure is the First Begotten Son of God, and revealer of God's mystery. It is not mere chance that Maitreya Reveals the meaning of the visions of both the Prophet Daniel and St. John (Commentaries on Daniel, Revelation of The Revelation),and in accordance with the fulfillment of prophecy, reveals to humanity the meaning of each of the Seven Seals, represented in The Greatest Sign.

It is this same Maitreya who is believed by all Faiths to arrive in this generation and to live in this time. "For I know that my redeemer lives, and that he shall stand atthe latter day upon the earth" (Job 19:25). The Hindus call Maitreya, "Kalki," and await His birth sometime after 1943. The Buddhists seek the Maitreya to arrive from the west, and to begin His Mission after the expiration of Buddha's around 1973. The Jews prepare for the appearance of the Prince of Peace who is to be sent to lead governments to peace,sometimeafter the creation of the state of Israel which was 1958. Christians desperately await the return of Christ, who by His own accord promised to return to them when the Gospel Message reached the entire world, and by all accounts the Gospel penetrated all parts of the world by the year 1977. Muslims await the coming of Mahdi who will help restore dignity to an Islamic society divided by secular and protagonist governments, the likes of which we are witnessing in this late hour. Baha'is await the arrival of the Seventh Angel, who is to be Manifested sometime before the date of 2001 and bring with Him the entire Message of God. Even the children of New Age know Maitreya as "World Teacher," and have awaited His arrival at the promptings of a Mr. Benjamin Creme. Notwithstanding the hopes of an entire planet, the promised Manifestation of God is here, and this is my testimony for Him:

I am John, a servant of God, and I bear witness in regards to the Light of Maitreya, a Light given to us through His teachings, and the Revelation of which He has been the chosen bearer.Maitreya is the Revealer of God's Entire Plan for humanity. Maitreya is theTeacher of The Eternal Divine Path, a Path which leads all toward Salvation. Maitreya is the Example for all to follow so that in Him we may seethe One True God.It is by this accord, knowing the truth, and witnessing it at all times that I testifyon behalf of God, and His Servant, the first Servant to all men.
I found the Maitreya, because Maitreya had first revealed Himself to all Flesh at once, and announced His Great Mission and Irresistible Cause in 1982. Through the efforts of the first fruits of the faithful I was able to locate the Mission's website and weigh its message by the standards that God has given all men, both scriptural and intellectual.Giving myself over to the Spirit and asking God for confirmation in Faith,I was granted spiritual understanding and immediately beganto see the prophecies which had so boldly heralded this Day and Hour.
Afterthe promptings ofanother, I personallydelveddeep into the teachings of Maitreya. IreadGod's Message for this DayTHOTH (The Holiest of The Holies, The Last Testament), and began to meditate on the Universal Mantra as instructedby Maitreya. Throughthis message I was able to locate my progress on the spiritual path, understand the pitfalls that I was facing, and how in all cases overcome them and subsequently continuemoving toward union with God.
So by all possible confirmation I became a disciple and as time passes continue to learn more and more about the love of God manifested to us through His Plan.God's PlanRevealed through Maitreya, given to all men, and to all men therein the hope of salvation, a salvation granted by the Grace of God to awaken the sleeper.
"And do this, knowing the hour, for now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed"(Romans 13:11).
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