Finding the Messiah

The prophecies were being fulfilled and that created a great desire to find the Messiah. The prophecy that was the most impressive was, knowledge shall increase. In my lifetime knowledge was increasing in leaps and bounds. In the category of transportation alone, we had gone from traveling by horse and buggy to men traveling by spaceship to the moon. Knowledge shall increase.

The climate of expectation of the Anointed One being on earth was building. So many people were talking about the coming of Maitreya. Of course, there were many ideas about how to recognize the real Maitreya and how he would return.

Born and raised a Christian many of my ideas about how the Christ would come were still grounded in some of the misinterpretations of the Scriptures that had been and still are accepted by Christians. Having left the main line churches many years before this point, there was still so much that had not yet been unlearned.

So in looking for Maitreya I wound up being present at many lectures, such as those of Benjamin Crme. The first time that Benjamin Crme spoke at the Unity Church in Miami, I was there in the audience. I met the group who arranged his visit and took care of his needs while he was in Florida. Later I joined their transmission group and invited many others to join also. I was not convinced about the Maitreya he proclaimed who was supposed to be living in London, yet it seemed like he could be some kind of link to the real Maitreya.

Either late in 1981 or early in 1982 Ben told us that Maitreya would emerge in the Spring of 1982. His organization, Tara Center in California, placed ads in many of the major cities of the world that, The Christ is now among us and his presence will be known by all in the Spring of 1982. Well in the Spring of 1982 the Maitreya who was supposed to be living in London did not make his appearance. Ben told us that humanity was not yet ready. So we all continued to do our transmission meditations and attend his lectures. All this time I was learning and was slowly able to let go of previously held false doctrines. However, at the same time I was accepting some new age teachings that turned out to be not only false doctrines but also ego builders.

This learning and changing process continued until one day in the Spring of 1983 a friend said that he had seen an ad placed by the Mission of Maitreya in Albuquerque, New Mexico and had ordered a book from them. When he said the name Joseph Emmanuel I was very strongly impressed that the Maitreya for whom I had been searching was this same Joseph Emmanuel.

I said, That is him. My friend asked, That is who? I said, That is Maitreya. He said, He cant be Maitreya because Crme said that Jesus is in Italy. I answered, I dont know about that but this man is the Maitreya for whom I have been searching.

The book, THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, arrived and as soon as my friend finished reading this Scripture he asked if I would like to read it. I was delighted and eagerly accept the offer.

Having read THOTH, my friend invited Maitreya (Joseph Emmanuel) to speak at an upcoming convention, Planetary Initiatives For The World We Choose that took place in Canada in May of 1983. He also wanted to bring Maitreya to Florida for a lecture at a center in Hollywood. He asked me that if Maitreya accepted to come to Florida would I provide he and his wife with the room they would need in my home, and help him to get the word out. This was gladly done.

Now I was reading THOTH. I found so much truth in this Scripture. It spoke about the Communities of Light, an idea that was so dear to my heart. There was also the teaching about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. This had to be a part of the teaching of the Messiah for as the Christ 2,000 years ago he had taught his disciples to pray, Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. THOTH showed the unification of religions through the teaching of The Greatest Sign. Of course, there were some other things I read in THOTH that were hard for me to accept because of the false doctrines that were still strong in me at that time. Those teachings were placed on the back burner. There was plenty of truth in the pages of THOTH to keep me moving forward with the Mission of Maitreya.

Many things happened over the next few years. By the Grace of God my life completely changed. Then in 1987 I clearly heard the call to come to New Mexico and be a part of this wonderful Mission that God has revealed to humanity through Maitreya. I accepted the call and have been with the Mission here in New Mexico ever since.

Thank God!

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