Hopi Prophecies
(what they say and believe)

In an email correspondence with our contact in British Columbia, he (Andrew) wrote: "I find that the Hopi talk a lot about the, 'three returns' at the 'four corners' (New Mexico) [the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet at a single point known as the Four Corners]."

We were intrigued and asked him if he had some literature about this topic. He wrote back that he will start a project and use what he knows and what he finds to let the Mission know more about this.

We know that Hindus talk about the three reincarnations of the Kalki Avatar. If there are other religions that also have this Prophecy, that would be great.

So he sent us some prophecies (Blue Kachina and Prophecy Rock) which are expected by Hopis to be fulfilled at the end time. Although we have had other Hopi prophecies sent to us, for this one Maitreya decided to add some comments and explain what are their meanings and the symbols used in them.

Native Americans surely have seen the signs of the end time. They have gone through the tribulation that was predicted to come to them. They also know His Kingdom will come. Indeed they have been speaking about the coming of the True White Brother from the East more intensely since this Revelation has been revealed (1977 AD).

Of course it is not only the Native Americans that have seen their prophesies coming true. All religions see this happening and are waiting for the One they are expecting to come soon. We are telling them all that He is already here!

Although God has given enough evidence that even the most skeptical person eventually has no choice but to see this is from God, still the more evidence the better.

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