Native American Prophecies


  1. Many Native American Prophecies (with Maitreya's comments)

  2. More Native American Prophecies and Legends (with a note from Maitreya)


  1. The Seven Fire Prophecies (with Maitreya's comments)


  1. The Rattlesnake Prophecy, Cherokee Time Untime (with Maitreya's comments)

  2. On the same page, The Legend of the Keetoowahs (with Maitreya's comments)


  1. The Golden Spruce Tree (with Maitreya's comments)


  1. Blue Kachina

  2. The Hopi Medicine Wheel Prophecy

  3. Message from Chief Dan Evehema (with Maitreya's comments)

  4. Prophecy Rock (with Maitreya's comments)


  1. Eagle and the Condor
    Maitreya's Explanation


  1. Deganawidah: The Two Serpents (with Maitreya's comments)


  1. The Return of the White Raven


  1. He Comes as . . . The Great Spirit

  2. The Rainbow Bridge Legend (same page as Flood Stories under Native Cultures --> General)


  1. Eight Thousand Sacred Drums (with Maitreya's comments)

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