Confusion Continues For Those Who Do Not Recognize the Messenger of

By Unus

Benjamin Creme (BC) is the person who claimed Maitreya would announce his presence on earth in the spring of 1982. His Maitreya has not materialized even yet (July 25, 2010).

Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya has answered many questions asked to the Mission on this matter. Some examples are:

I received the first signs that I have a Mission in this life in 1976-77. By the year 1982, I was ready to publish my Revelations to humanity, and we did. It was at this time that we heard about Mr. Creme. He had predicted that Maitreya would come in 1982. His Maitreya never showed up. Our teachings accomplish exactly what Mr. Creme expects Maitreya to accomplish. We have fulfilled all the prophecies of the coming of the Seventh Angel. What Mr. Creme says will never happen (it is not Scriptural).

The whole thing reminds one of what happened at the time of Christ. John the Baptist acknowledged that Christ is on earth. Then later on he did not recognize Him. It seems a parallel here. Mr. Creme predicted that Maitreya will come in 1982 and He did. Mr. Creme has his own opinion and understanding of how He will come (as John had). He now is waiting for Him to come, as John waited and never recognized that Christ has already come.



BC was chosen to Reveal the coming of The Maitreya in 1982. He came as BC predicted, but BC, as John the Baptist did, did not recognize Him. Now unclean spirits have taken over BC's mission and miracles have become more important than the Words of God. You do not need the miracles he espouses to. Just look at your body and the universe, and you will find many Greater miracles than what many are falling for as miracles made by Maitreya.


In fact, Maitreya wrote a whole article entitled "Who is One of the Antichrists (As the Bible says there are many, 1 John 2:18)" in which one can read Maitreyas comments on BC's claims and his fallen group (Share International, the Theosophical Society, etc.).

Recently, at a lecture in London on January 14, 2010, BC announced that Maitreyas first appearance on US television had taken place. According to him, Maitreya had already taken part in 11 such appearances, and would continue to appear in more. BC said that "He appears incognito, as one of us, an ordinary man, so that when people respond to Him they do so because they want for the world what he advocates for the world, and not because of His spiritual status." So still no one, including BC himself, knows who this Maitreya is, even if he is appearing on television and is being watched by millions, and confusion about this mystery continues.

Many have taken that an author named Raj Patel (RP), who appeared on TV around the time of BC's announcement, could be BCs Maitreya.

Maitreyas answer to this new development is as below:

It seems again the Theosophical Society and those who follow the masters in the ethereal level (the hierarchy) are making the same mistake they made with Krishnamurti. They also groomed Krishnamurti to be The Maitreya. He later on refused to accept their assertion and made it clear to everyone that he was not, although he was a great soul.

One of the reasons many took RP to be Mr. Cremes Maitreya is that they believe he fulfills the below prophecies:

  1. He will come from the East.

  2. He will stutter.

  3. He will neither affirm nor deny his identity.

Here are rebuttals/answers to these beliefs:

Answer to #1 (Maitreya will come from the East): They claim that in 1977, RP went on vacation to India and flew back to England in an airplane, so he came from the East to the West. This, they claim, also fulfills the explanation of Mr. Creme that Maitreya built his own body in the Himalayas and then came to London and lived in a Pakistani community.

However, RP was born and grew up in England, never came from the Himalayas, did not make his body, and most probably lived in an Indian, not Pakistani, community in England (London). Going to India for a vacation and coming back to London does not mean that RP has come from the East as the prophecy intended. He did not come from the East to be manifested in the West; he already was in the West!

In fact, there is another person claiming to be Maitreya who was born in the West and says that he came from the East to the West, as he travelled from the West to the East and then returned to the West. He says this fulfills the prophecy that Maitreya will come from the East and Shineth in the West, so he is Lord Maitreya. This persons claim to be Maitreya does not fulfill this prophecy for the same reasons that the claims that RP fulfilled this prophecy are incorrect.

On the other hand, the Maitreya we represent was born in Iran (the Middle East) and never was in the West until he flew to England and then the US in 1973. Therefore, He is the only one who truly was born in the East and came to the West. Also, it was in the West that He received His Revelation (Shineth in the West)!

Answer to #2 (Maitreya will stutter): About RP stuttering, it is interesting that in one of his videos he does not stutter at all! However, this is not really the point, as the meaning of the expectation that Maitreya will stutter is much deeper. It really means that He will Reveal His Revelation in another language, not his mother tongue! Since the language that the Revelation is revealed in will not be the one he is born into, his writings and speech will not be perfect (like a person who stutters)!

Therefore, it is a symbolic meaning that only Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya has fulfilled, as the Revelation came in English, not His native tongue of Farsi (Persian).

Answer to #3 (Maitreya will neither confirm nor deny his identity): This also is fulfilled by Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya. When people have asked Him if He is The Christ, the answer always has been: It is you who has to prove this to yourself. Listen to and study the Revelation, see the Fulfillment of the Prophecies, the opening of the Seven Seals, etc. These should make one to see that all these are from God and so Maitreya is from Him, and that means He is Christ!

Maitreya also has always insisted that He is a man and that people should concentrate on His Teachings instead of on Him. Hence, this prophecy has clearly been fulfilled by Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya.

This is not true about RP. He has strongly denied that he is Maitreya. Indeed, in one of his blogs, he compared himself to the main character in the movie "Life of Brian." In the movie, Brian was mistakenly taken to be the Messiah, although he was not. RP says "call me Brian" (not Maitreya), as he has also been mistakenly taken to be The Maitreya, which he is not.

It looks like BC and his group, knowingly or unknowingly, are again making people to stay in confusion (as they did before with Krishnamurti) by creating a world of mystery, miracles, signs and expectations, etc. Could this confusion be a way to protect our Maitreya by diverting attention from Him to these confusing stories, expectations, etc.? Some of this attention could have been very negative, and Maitreya would not have been able to Perfect the Mission in peace as He has. Also, we know Maitreya is prophesied to come as the Thief Of The Night, and this further reinforces this status (staying unknown)!

Another possibility is that all this time Mr. Creme has been promoting the Maitreya that the Mission represents, and even he himself does not realize it. Will there be yet another person who he might try to groom to be a false Maitreya? We surely will see!

It seems the only thing Mr. Creme has been correct about in terms of Maitreya's coming is his prediction that Maitreya would declare Himself in 1982. Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya fulfills all the expectations of His coming, as explained above and also in our Prophecies section. Even in the case of BC's claim that Maitreya built his own body, Maitreya went through an intensive meditation, yoga, breathing, etc. process to prepare His body (built a stronger body) to withstand receiving Gods Revelation!

In any case it is obvious that this indeed is the end time, and many have come in His name to deceive many to fall from the path, which is straight and narrow.

God, on the other hand, has given everything that is necessary for humanity to know themselves, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and to free themselves from all bondages and narrowness of the mind. The Eternal Divine Path is revealed, history is explained, and indeed the mystery is now finished! There is no need to stay in confusion about the mystery anymore. Everyone can learn the lessons of the past, follow Gods Way, and know the purpose of the universe, Gods Will, and His Plan. In fact, it is time to know the self and the Self and be united under the banner of God. The way is given, the Path is shown. No secrets/mysteries are left!

However, many are trying to hang on to the ways of the old and do not want to submit to God and His Will and let the ego go. But God has promised many things in the past and fulfilled them, and He also promised His Kingdom will come, so it will. The rest is history! At the same time, God is making it clear that a seeker of the Truth should be spiritually advanced, intellectually accomplished, and physically fit, so that by knowing the self and following the Eternal Divine Path, he will not fall for all these traps. God indeed is the only salvation. All thanks to Him, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE), His Prophets, and the Words revealed to us through them.

All thanks To God (ATTG)!


Update: After this article was written, we found out that Mr. Creme had already announced several months ago that Raj Patel is not Maitreya. In an interview, he stated that: "Mr Patel (who himself denies being Maitreya) could not be Maitreya. Apparently he was only a child of four when Maitreya arrived in London in July 1977 as a fully adult man." Mr. Creme also wrote an article about it in The Guardian. We hope that all those who follow BC and/or take RP as Maitreya will wake up and realize they truly are waiting for Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya, so we can stop all this confusion and start working towards the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

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