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Other Good Things Happening in the Mission

Beyond the specific things that have been announced in this set of news announcements, many other good things have happened in the Mission since our last update. There are too many to write an individual announcement about each, but we can briefly mention some of them here:

Additions to Golden Keys 7: Maitreya has been steadily adding new questions and answers to Golden Keys 7, especially to the Marriage and Sexuality section. We suggest you revisit this Key and see what new Knowledge has been placed there!

New Translations: The Letter to Humanity is now translated to Swedish, Czech, and Bosnian, and the meditation process is translated to Swedish. ATTG to Shiva, Sadhana, and Puja for these new translations!

Feast 2014 Files Uploaded: All the videos, audios, transcripts, etc. from the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles are available on the website. These include the Welcome Message, the video of the Talent Night (see especially the wonderful puppet show put on by Puja and Tahirah!), and the 2014 lectures by disciples (scroll through the lectures to see which ones are from 2014). You can also go directly to most of these (and other) files by accessing the 2014 Feast folder on our FTP (downloads) site!

Zoroastrian Prophecies Correction/Addition: The authenticity of one of the Zoroastrian prophecies we have on our website has been called into question. As a result, we have added a footnote explaining the situation and requesting further information or research from those who might know whether this prophecy is legitimate or not!

More Videos: The Mission, as well as Ben Abramson, our YouTube project manager, has been steadily adding more videos to our YouTube channel. These additions include many Satsangs and answers to questions by Maitreya, as well as a few unique videos such as a Tandavi demonstration by Puja (we hope to use this as the basis for an instructional video in the future with a voiceover, etc.) and an example of the Sabbath Community Unity Meeting. We encourage you to take a look at our channel and see what else is new!

More People Contacting From Other Countries: Over the past year or two, the Mission has allocated some of its resources towards advertising through Facebook and Google. During this same time, we have noticed an increase in the number of people from other countries who have contacted us with questions, ordered materials from us, etc. We take this as a (hopeful) sign that the advertising is working to reach more people in various areas of the world!

Paltalk Broadcast Improved: We have replaced the computer that runs our Paltalk room and services with a much better one, and on our side have seen significant improvement in the stability and quality of the room and broadcasts. We hope you also have noticed an improvement over the last several months!

ATTG for all these developments, and for all Good News of God's Work!

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