Presentations Given By Disciples
(mostly at the Feast Of Tabernacles)

These were previously called "lectures" by disciples. However, the word "lecture" felt too authoritative, as if the disciples were teaching new things or being the source of the wisdom and knowledge (rather than just presenting the Mission or providing further understanding and depth, new perspectives, etc. within the umbrella of Maitreya's teachings). Therefore, we now call them "presentations" to remind everyone (both the listeners and the presenters) that Maitreya's teaching is not being added to, but only presented with more information gathered together, from different parts of the teachings, in one place (very similar to the Booklets called: Thus Speaks Maitreya...).

Presenters do not interpret the teachings but merely present them by gathering the words Maitreya has spoken in many different places, in the Teachings, together, and then leaving each person to reach their own conclusions. Even those who hear these presentations and come to some understandings (conclusions) should not impose their understandings on others (it is their understanding only). With this, each person is encouraged to study the teachings and come to some conclusion, which should relate to their situation and will help them. Eventually, when great Spiritual Beings are chosen as such (Elders), they might help a person (or people) if the interpretation has gone too far astray. However, such interference should be minimal, and instead more people should be educated by the Elders to come to an acceptable conclusion by themselves. In other words, it should be flexible, with some boundaries (sweet spot)!

The presentations are listed by year:


  1. Justice (.pptx) by Noor
  2. Karma (.pptx) by Unus


  1. Tantra - audio (.mp3), presentation (.pptx) by Noor


  1. Finding Your Place in the Mission (.pptx) by Unus


  1. The 33 Virtues - audio (.wma), presentation (.ppt), notes (.docx) by The Divine Sisters
  2. Meditation and Initiation - audio (.wma), presentation (.ppt) by Unus


  1. Spiritual Practices in the Mission - audio (.wma), presentation (.ppt), notes (.docx) by The Divine Sisters
  2. Meditation - audio (.wma), presentation (.ppt) by Unus


  1. God's Prophets: How Have We Treated Them? - video (.wmv), audio (.mp3), presentation (.pptx), notes (.pdf) by Noor
  2. The Plan (.pptx) by Unus


  1. Lessons to Learn from Ananda Marga's History - video part 1 and part 2 (.wmv), audio (.mp3), notes (.pdf), visual aids (.pdf/.jpg), resources (.pdf) by Noor
  2. Innercise - video (.wmv), audio (.mp3), notes (.pdf) by Unus
  3. Exercise - video (.wmv), audio (.mp3), notes (.pdf) by Unus


  1. Seven Week (Session) Meditation Course (.ppt) by Ananda Ma
  2. Introducing the Mission and Eternal Divine Path to a Group (.wmv) by Brad (a sample for everyone to watch and use to give similar presentations, or create your own style!)
  3. The Sixth Seal (Paravipras) (.ppt) by Maitreyii
  4. Prophecies in the Book of Daniel (.ppt) by Maitreyii
  5. The Theory of Maslow (.mp3) by Maitreyii
  6. Organizational Aspect of Baha'i Faith and Comparison with Maitreya's Plan (.ppt) by Radah
  7. The Essence (.mp3) by Radah
  8. Prophecies: How Do We Know Maitreya Has Fulfilled Them? (webpage) by Unknown/Anonymous

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