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  1. I would like to hear your view of Zoroaster and his encounters with different religions.


Q1. I would like to hear your view of Zoroaster and his encounters with different religions.

A1. I believe that the religion and beliefs of the Aryans who went to India and those who went to Iran were the same. Indeed they were from the same tribe. They believed in many gods and demons (as Hindus still do). Later Zoroaster brought the Zoroastrian religion to Iran. He brought the concept of One God (Ahora Mazda) and the Devil (Ahriman). This created a rift between the Iranians and Hindus. Indeed they became enemies and they had many wars with one another. That is what the legends of Rustam and Esfandiar, in Persian poetry, and the epic of the Bahagavad-Gita in Indian culture, evolved from. The very gods (divas) in Hindu became deevs (demon, Devil) in Persia. So the Zoroastrian religion became the rift which tore these two cultures apart.

I also believe that Abraham was Persian. He traveled to Southern Iraq (most probably Iraq became a Persian providence, but that is not the point). He already believed in One God (Ahura Mazda). People in Iraq then, of course, did not believe in One God. They believed in Bal, and many other gods. Conflicts started between Abram (Abraham) and the natives. He became more and more isolated. Hebrews kind of fell on themselves. At this time he started having visions and started the Hebrew religion. That is why that religion has been strongly influenced by the Zoroastrian religion.

Of course the rest is history (His Story). Christianity, Islam and the Bahai religions were all influenced by the Hebrew religion. Hebrews and Arabs are all children of Abram (Abraham), etc.

The Children Of Israel (the ten lost tribes), later on, left Palestine and went toward Europe and North America (to understand this, read our book at: CHILDREN OF ABRAM (ABRAHAM), "ALL PROPHECIES ARE FULFILLED" (you need Microsoft Word or Word viewer to read this book; we also have this in Adobe Acrobat!). Arabs conquered all the Middle East, Egypt and North Africa to Spain and south of France. They made a lasting impression on the Spanish race and culture. Spanish people come to South America.

So the Persian influence on the human race and their religion is much more than most people realize!

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