Maitreya Calling Elects

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12/02/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Thanksgiving is the first law, to thank God all the time. 2. It's happening on earth nowas God has said. 3. There is a purpose in this creation. 4. The peace will only come when humanity will see that there is a God and will follow His way. 5. Creation is not created by chance; there is a very serious goal. This has to be understood and taught to our children. 6. We are all from the same God... this isthe message we have to give to everybody. 7. Each individual has to face himself or herself... to start to change. 8. Could you talk a bit about the history of the Ananda Marga religion, and why the Baba is the angel of the sixth seal (The Elects)? 9. Communities of Light are the only environment created to help people to progress on the Eternal Divine Path and reach theDivinity. 10. "Subjective approach with objective adjustment," what did you mean by that statement? 11. Are you saying you're holy now?a perfect being? 12. In one of your power point presentations, you stated that Diana (one of many names including ISIS, ) was the Whore of Babylon. I found coin collectors that referred to this Diana on Roman coins as Diana Lucifer. Is there a lineage created from Lucifer, who is the tempter and destroyer, and one of the three forces of GOD. 13. Is there an end to this worldly life?

11/04/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Great events happening on the earth now. 2. There is a Logic behind Creation. 3. To turn around, to follow the Eternal Divine Path is the greatest goal on earth. 4. The Message has been perfected, now It is perfect. 5. To Be(come) Divine is the Goal. 6. To go beyond the mind, Experience God. 7. You cannot explain Eternity. 8. The Mission is here to call the Elects, the 144,000. 9. The Elects are chosen from many incarnations. 10. This Mission is for everyone. 11. The last Revelation would come at the end time. 12. Peace on earth will come with the creation of the Communities of Light. 13. The free will of man is only two : choosing God or not choosing God. 14. Question : Maitreya Ji: Salom! A small question: Is it not injust that only '144, 000' are elects? Why destiny is moulded in such a way that only a few will be selected and the rest will be destroyed in an atrocious way? I mean why not all the souls of the universe are not allowed in the New World, is it not unfair? 15. This Revelation clears all the truths. 16. Another important question: Is it possible to follow GOD 50% and ego 50%? 17. For me, I always thought 100% GOD is to abandon my material life and go and meditate in the woods and forest and concentrate ONLY ON GOD and forget my studies, love life, family, etc... Is it like this (turning to God 100%)? 18. The Message is the miracle; the miracle is the Message

10/07/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Holy Days of God and the Grace of God. 2. Rituals and Knowledge of the Mission relating to all religions. 3. Now humanity knows... 4. What does it mean to be Divine? 5. God exists... 6. Will Islam conquer the world? Prophecy in Hadeeth. 7. Living the New Teachings. Create an environment to help anyone to progress... 8. What would cause a person to get angry at God? I am thinking about the shooting in the Amish community. 9. The effects of junk food, drink, air, environment, etc and what to do about them. 10. Culture of business and ungodly actions (putting God out). 11. The fourth Seal, Islam, brings the message of Surrender and Submission, which is the focus of this Feast of Tabernacles, could you talk more about the fourth seal and surrender and submission. 12. I noticed that you were born in 1944, and started your Mission in 1977. You were 33 years old. Esa died on the cross when he was 33 years old. It is almost as if you started your mission at the same time you ended it as Esa. Do you think this is just a coincidence, or additional evidence that you are indeed the Christ that Christians expect?

09/02/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1: The Lines drawn in the Sand. 2: God has a Plan, a Vision, for the earth and the whole universe. 3: The Message has been given! 4: Web site upgraded. 5: The Duty to reach out. 6: Creating the right Environment. 7: Bring the Spirit of God into your lives. 8: Swimming against the tide. 9: Please use me to manifest His realm. Guide me, please. Step forward and do the will of God. How will I know the proper course of action? Should I remain in this marriage? Should I take the job out of town? Where will I fulfill my mission? 10: What you can do inside the Mission and for the Mission. 11: Leaders, Teachers, and Supporters. 12: The free will of man, the choice of man vs. to follow God's Will, the true Revelation of God... 13: Choose Wisely, choose God. 14: No one knows the best answer for a person than the person himself or herself. 15: Marriage. 16: The 4 persons most important in our lives (the hierarchy of beings): God, spiritual teacher, parents, spouse. 17: Is this room interested in Jesus Christ as a Teacher?

08/05/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1: Come out of Babylon the Great - Be Still and see the Power of God 2: Purpose of Creation and the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven 3: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam

07/01/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1- Why is the first step the Chinese yin and yang? The first step is the awakening of the spiritual forces... 2- So what will you achieve by taking all the symbols and looking for a one god? 3- It's time for humanity to listen to God (example, not eating unclean animals, etc.) 4- What is the baptism on fire means? vs baptism with water? 5- So why is there so much poverty and disease and such...? Dogmas and ego created wars between religions, not God... 6- The circle is the sign representing God... 7- Face yourself and see yourself truly. That's the greatest battle... 8- If you want to be an Elect, you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

06/03/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1- Outline of MOM and its Mission. 2- THOTH Translations from English To Turkish are done and we hope to have it in other languages. 3- Language history, coming of a Universal language (English) with expansion incorporating from other languages. 4- Proclamation to humanity to see this revelation. 5- If overcome Ego and be truthful, fastest way to God. 6- Goal is to become as the Father is perfect. 7- Elects and their process. 8- Logic of God, Hand of God is in all things around us, if we see God in Everything we can become one. 9- Reminder of the importance of COL's and freeing up the complications of life and how COL's help. 10- Can you talk more about Om Nam Kevalam? 11- God created material creation as supply, had to use His own Body to create them. 12- Understanding deeper molecular realities would allow someone to change molecules in "trash" to become "gold". 13- Image doesn't mean completely God, like God, not everything is God in pure consciousness. 14- God is within everything and we cannot kill if we see God within all unless we kill God. 15- We are here to implement peace, we are here to create an environment of Peace not hurt, an environment where all are accepted and no one is hurt. 16- Lion lying down with the lamb prophecy, no instruments of war will be left on earth. 17- When we realize Om Nam Kevalam, the ego is humbled and man can bring peace. 18- End Times: Man can destroy himself and unless we realize Om Nam Kevalam we will destroy ourselves. 19- God said the Elects will come and help bring the Golden Age and complete destruction will not happen. 20- How does the aspect of God separating the male and female propensities which translates into the Soul mate and Twin flame? 21- Christ's relationships in history, Christ comes to bring Revelation. 22- Attraction because we were one (male and female) once. 23- Any male and female who put God first can get along fine and be a couple. 24- Are we aloud to ask general questions concerning God please? Why we do exist? What is the interest of God for having created us? 25- Three gunas explanation, EDP explanation. 26- This Revelation reveals why we are here. COL's let us come together for remembering the Goal of Life. 27- Calling Elects proclamation. 28- I've heard that there will be peace for 1,000 years as we enter in the new age; why only for 1,000 years? What will happen after? Will humanity get back to sufferings again? 29- The Will of God is unification.

05/20/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1- Be honest with yourself - God knows you. 2- Don't take part of the world (of what is happening in other religions). 3- The only freedom is to choose God or not to choose God. 4- Close your eyes (the most powerful sense in the body). 5- A warning about using the WORD improperly (the WORD is now released by Maitreya to the whole world). 6- The new world is coming - the peace of God. 7- Heal yourself, not other people. 8- Focus on God, not on each other. 9- Come and belong to the last Revelation, be(come) Divine. 10- Purify yourself, even if it is hard to do in the middle of the world. 11- The Teaching is not for God, it is for you. 12- Ego separates you from God. 13- Come out of this world, be(come) an Elect.

05/06/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. The Truth is Out 2. Seeing God 3. Heaven and Hell 4. To go back Home 5. These yogis who have reached PURE CONSCIOUSNESS ,DO THEY COME BACK TO EARTH WITH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS? 6. All should hear these Teachings at least once 7. Unification of the religions 8. Education and the setup of the system 9. From Commentaries on Saint Matthew, in THOTH, chapter 10, Verses 2&3, after we leave this earth , are we still going to be attached to Maya if we still have treatures here on Earth..? 10. Thief of the night could it relate to the personal struggle as well... one hears the truth, realize it is the truth but don't yet follow it completely maybe even it is about the Elects 11. Could you expand more on how in other religions when people die there are customs in religions for people to guide the dying...Could we use meditation individually to do the same thing? 12. You are a Child of God

04/22/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. The Word is now released. 2. A warning of caution to those who are not Elects. 3. Meditation on The Word 4. Nothing is more important in your life than God and His Will. 5. Are you all Elects? 6. His True Name. 7. Why did God decide to reveal His Name to Joseph? 8. Esa's Path. 9. I was asked that question few months ago...."We will recognize you by the fruits you bear" But who am I to judge of the fruits I bear If I have submitted them to God, and according to the teachings, I have forgotten completely about it because they are not from me but from God... 10. One Center is needed. 11. Christ is the only Way. 12. Returning home. 13. God created history or we created history? 14. How come whenever something horrible happens it is blamed on man (us). And whenever something good happens (a miracle) it is definitely the cause of God 15. How can we find out who is to live in the Communities of Light?

03/18/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Why Genetic test (we were asked for it. Now we did not). 2. Connection to Hebrew race (to prove He has the potential to be the Lion of Tribe of Judah) 3. Connection to Prophet Muhammad (to prove he is a Sayyed, descendant of Prophet Muhammad) 4. Connection to Turks (Nadir Shah): Turks most probably were related to American Indian (Yahoo in Vermont). Turks and Chinese (intermarriage between them and the Chinese princesses). 5. European (to prove that European race indeed has reached Iran (land of Aryans) and was passed on to many people who now live on earth).
a. Fusion: Mixing of the European race with Asian (most probably dark skin or black). b. It was then that the Great Prophets came to scene and to human history. c. Zoroaster was such a Prophet. d. Zoroaster teachings (Ahoramazda, Ahriman and Shah Bahram). e. Abram (Abraham) was Zoroastrian (most probably Persian)! f. Story of the Abram (Abraham) and the idles. g. Abram (Abraham) was chosen to start the second Plan of God (Judeo, Christian, Islamic Bahai faiths). h. Cyrus knew Jews were Persian! i. Three wise men knew Jews were Persian. j. Muhammad knew Arabs are Persian. k. House of Judah went back to Iran (Persia) and Maitreya is connected to King David (from the tribe of Judah) through this event). l. House of Israel went back to Europe (Denmark, Danube, etc.), they end up in North America. m. Arabs are the children of Abram and Hagar (black). They became Muslims and covered most Africa, Spain, some part of France (mixed up with English for 200 years) and eventually end up at South America. n. Albuquerque is in North America (Children of Abraham) which is bordered with Central and South America (Children of Abram)!
6. Maitreya has the blood and gene of all races on earth: While (European), Black (through Hagar), Red (through Turk
men) and Yellow (through intermarriage between Chinese and Turkmen). 7. Not only teaching covers all religion on earth, not only the religions are Unified, not only the way is given how to bring Gods Kingdom on earth, and many other unification, now it is shown God indeed made sure that genetically also Maitreya is a Universal Man (carried gene of all people)! It is indeed an act that only God can accomplish. It all is To Glory God. 8. Could this be another way of fulfilling the Prophecy that all
shall see Him? Through the genes? 9. My question was going to be on asking you to talk on the Feast of Unleavened Bread. 10. Is there a difference between a Messenger and a Prophet?

02/11/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Don't be affected by the world 2. The Elected will be gathered first and then Babylon will fall 3. Clashing between two parts of the world. 4. Story about Prophet Muhammad and how tolerant He was. 5. Dark age of Islam - Islamic leaders and their power - compared with Catholic Church 6. "Your freedom ends where my nose starts" - Who decides where the boundaries of freedom are? Paravipras! 7. The whole Truth comes with the Seventh Revelation 8. Jews had 3-4000 years to make everybody Jews, Christians 2000 years to make all Christians, Moslems 1400 years to make all Moslems. It was not God's Will. 9. You don't kill the Essence of God. Prince of Peace. This is the Revelation of Peace!!! 10. Some say all religions can't be unified. Humans can't, God can! 11. Don't be obsessed with what is happening in the world! 12. A person overcame anger. 13. Go through in Meditation what you desire. 14. Be clear. See both sides as a True Judge. 15. No savior is going to come and do everything for them. 16. It seems darkness (Maya) is winning. God has been put out in every situation. 17. God is not attached. Witness Entity. 18. All religions are unified! It is Done! 19. Only Prophet Muhammad was able to Manifest His Ideas. An example of a New Jerusalem for a small period of time. 20. We are creating the New Jerusalem. 21. Become a Witness Entity. Meditate: why aren't you jumping with two feet into this Bandwagon and do what you are asked to do? 22. The more we come together the easier it will be to cope with the situations. 23. Who are these two prophets yet to come..........? Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. 24. More that 144.000 Prophets that came to earth but there were Seven Major Manifestations from Asia. 25. Project New Jerusalem. 26. Every leader in this world is trying to get absolute power. 27. Answer when you will: During the 6th seal, 144,000 are to be chosen and sealed by God. Do you believe that this is yet to take place? What are your thoughts on that? And when you say that the elects are 'chosen', do you believe in the rapture [whether pre-tribe. mid-trib. or post-tribulation) isn't important]? 28. Think this IS tribulation,, is it now? 29. Humanity needs a new system: Communities of Light! 30. In your opinion, will Russia, China and Israel play a large part in this?

01/21/2006 and 01/28/2006 combined: Listen - FTP site
Topics Covered: This is the topics covered in Satsang 01/21 and 01/28/2006. The Satsang on 01/21/2006 covered the fulfillment of the Prophesies and coming of the Gog and Magog, and how the EU will not succeed and the coming of the fall of the Babylon the Great and His Kingdom. In Satsang 01/28/2006 Maitreya explains what the Elects have to do and how they should prepare themselves for these coming events!

01/28/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Does God exist? Meditate on it!! You have to know! 2. Promises that God fulfilled. 3. Are the Scriptures really the Word of God? 4. His Kingdom is fast approaching. 5. There is another Way: Communities of Light. 6. True satisfaction. 7. Thanksgiving is the first Law. 8. Micro example of what the world can be. 9. Accept God and His Words and Godly people as they are in the Communities of Light. 10. If you reject God it is your problem. Reject God/others and you reject yourself. 11. All Prophets said they finished their Mission. 12. Maitreya is the only One who said this is the last Revelation of God. 13. 144.000 minor prophets - but only seven major Prophets. 14. God always sends the Prophets with all the evidence they are from God and what they say is true. 15. The more you resist the longer it is going to take. Become a part of the solution! 16. Wrap yourself in the Words of God. Sing, dance, attend the Services, etc. Turn around and go to God. 17. Power and strength in numbers. Living in New Jerusalem will be easier. 18. Disconnect from this world and go to God. 19. If you don't want to do the Reminder the world has got you! If you are with God you will do the Reminder without thinking about it. 20. People who don't see God is Everything and Everything is convertible to everything else. 21. Rejecting religion and God. 22. Thesis and Anti-Thesis becoming Syn-Thesis.

01/21/2006: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Predictions of God are coming true. 2. Accept the Call of God - take it seriously. 3. Rift between East and West. 4. Ten toes of clay and iron - EU. 5. Dedication to God 100%. 6. Run away train. 7. The religions have become dogmatic. 8. Humanity seeks ego and lower nature. 9. The Prophet is ahead of His time. 10. Do you want to listen to God or to your ego? 11. sleep walkers. 12. Everything is ready for New Jerusalem. 13. An example for humanity to show there is a way out. 14. We are the Pioneers. 15. Is this project (Project New Jerusalem) out lined on the web site? 16. Perhaps those of us who already live here can create an information package for this area: business, schools, jobs, real estate, etc? 17. God said there is going to be a New Jerusalem. 18. The Only Revelation of Peace. 19. Gog and Magog. 20. God's Kingdom Will Come. 21. You are responsible if you know these Teachings - reach out! 22. Maitreya-ji is the only Prophet who wrote the Book Himself. 23. Sal-Om, my question is about the wars and tribulation to come ... In this increased time of tribulation how do we avoid the pitfalls of escapism in creating the Communities of Light in this time? 24. Follow Eternal Divine Path to avoid escapism. 25. Please explain ISAIAH 45:11"THUS saith the LORD, the holy one of ISRAEL, and his MAKER, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.". 26. Jump into the Eternal Divine Path.

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