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10/01/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Conversations are over! It is the Time of Implementation

2. The New Focus

5. Knowledge has increased and it is time for humanity to recognize that it is the end time.

6. This is the Golden Age and time for those called to help to usher it to the next generation.

7. Come Forward and be a Paravipra. Be Honest with yourself if you are a true paravipra.

8. Science and Religion are brought together again.

9: Question: Now that the focus of the mission has changed, does that change your incarnation as the "thief in the night" also?

11. Experience God!

13. Create the Communities - share, create the better environment, understand the teachings.

15. Come together, create an environment, and gather the resources, overcome ego.

16: My Work Is Done!

17. Ultimate does not have mind - IT just IS.

09/17/2005: ListenFTP site

Topics Covered:

2. The Only Way of Unification.

3. The Spirit of God is reaching to humanity.

4. God's Will is The Eternal Divine Path.

6. Communities of Light.

7. Becoming Divine.

8. How is God's Kingdom going to come?

9. Science based on Spirit.

10. "Darkness has to go back to the Light!"

12. Maitreya. I have only one question for you, and it needs a yes or no only answer. Does reincarnation ever end?

13. God is not a man ever?

09/10/2005: No Conversation today.

09/03/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Awakening Calls of God to turn around.

3. New Science based on Spirit.

4. Only way of becoming One.

5. What is the purpose about Collective Karma?

6. God's Words have to be recognized.

9. Could you please talk about the pitfall of Pure
Consciousness and being zealous and/or being impatient?

10. Aversion to fault-finding - one of the Virtues.

11. Christ is the only Way but He came seven times.

12. See the Vision!

13. Will attending the Feast of Tabernacles also benefit the world or does it only benefit the persons involved?

08/27/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Where would you be in billion years from now?

3. Are you the only Prophet or we can follow many.

4. What effects chanting of the HOSH mantra have on our mind!

5. What is the role of natural disasters?

6. Our actions affect the earth and the disasters occur on earth!

08/20/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What would you tell God when you are in His presents!

2. Withdrawal from the Gaza strip by the Jews!

3. Face yourself squarely.

4. Meditate as if you are in front of God!

5. Meditation is to prepare ourselves to meet God at the time of death.

6. When you are in front of God you can not lie and can not have excuses!

7. This is human salvation.

8. Want God with all your heart, mind and being (like a desperate man who needs air to live!).

08/13/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to the Teachings: Teach that The Goal of the Life is to Be(Come) Divine.

2. Glorify Spirit and Soul not the body.

3. Lessons have to be learned, the sooner the better.

4. Guide the young people on the path of God; We have to reverse the energy from the external world, closing our eyes, to see the Beauty within.

5. Clean and simplify your life.

6. Everything is done, the Teaching is complete...; If you know the Teaching, you know the Plan of God and you know more than any priest, mullah, etc. of any religion...

7. Is speaking in tongues a sign of baptism by the Holy Ghost?

8. I'm interested in Islam, am I in the right room?

9. In these beginning times we are in a state of change... I have had to work a lot with patience and surrender to God's timing and Plan... can you talk of what we can do to surrender to God's plan and help bring The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?

10. In THOTH, page 353 verse 4, the 144,000 are from the 12 tribes of Israel...

08/06/2005: ListenFTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is the Goal? The Goal of the Life is to Become Divine. Create an environment, Communities Of Light (Sangha and Dharma), that facilitates returning home (to God

2. This world is temporary Strive for permanency. The Call is to man to turn around from where they have fallen

3. This Message will be spread to all humanity!

4. We need a New System! Heaven on Earth Eternal Divine Path.

5. Why didnt God create everything Perfect in the beginning?

6. There is a Center in Everything. In Pure Consciousness there is no center because there is no creation!

7. How does one discern between the Will of God and one's own desire?

8. I just spent two days in a work-related seminar, about how to develop leaders. Are leaders developed? Or are leaders born with those abilities? The difference between managers and leaders.

9. Subjective Approach with Objective Adjustment know where we are going and adjust to where we are Be in the world but not of it.

07/30/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Last Revelation of God is finished/has come.

2. God always fulfills His promises.

5. We have to turn around from material world to God.

6. This Revelation is for those who see the Vision.

7. Who brings resources to the Communities Of Light.

8. Creating justness in the Communities of Light will spread to the whole world.

9. Understand yourself first

07/23/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. This Mission is the only way.

2. Four classes after the flood of Noah and the cyclical movement in history.

3. A child (Juliet) asked: How God created everything?

07/16/2005: No Conversation today

07/09/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The London bombing and what we can learn from it.

2. Changing according to God's Way or your way.

3. Meditating - Awakening of the Spiritual Forces.

4. Concentrate on what is coming.

5. Eternal Divine Path.

6. There are soldiers that like war!?

7. Can one say that we create hell according to the state of consciousness that we are in?

8. I hope Kingdom come soon.

9. My question is will we serve Him in live, death and both when we reach Pure Consciousness?

10. So God is in reality doing a great Service for us by sending His Spirit - Never saw it that way before

07/02/2005 (all teaching taught 5): Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Teachings of Maitreya (Classes of humans through history)

2. How can I as Muslim know that you are the Messiahs?

3. If there is time, a young person trying to understand mission is having difficult time with his ego he says. The only thing i could say, is to be aware of ego is the first and best step at the moment, and universe will help when it can. Do not judge yourself, relax and be aware and experiences will help. Is this a good thing to suggest to him. He also tries to listen to these Satsangs.

4. Follow up to 3: he seems more worried that his ego will block his spiritual progress and feels he might not be good enough to do well spiritually

6. How do you know so much about Islam?

7. What does Maitreya say about Zoroastrianism.

06/25/2005 (all teaching taught 4): Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Inner Sanctuary

2. Darkness was before the Creation

3. What does one do, when one feels extremely insecure?

4. All religion have a sensitivity toward human sexuality specially sex out of marriage and homosexuality what the last revelation say about that issue?

5. Explanation of the cyclical movements and the five classes of humans

6. Where do the caretakers (who are not the biological parents) of children fall into the hierarchy (God, Spiritual Teacher, Parents, and Spouse)?

06/18/2005 (all teaching taught 3): Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. God Particle (Science and its limits).

2. Vision Quest (All should explore this and have a Vision of God and this Mission).

3. Can we say that Elijah also reached Pure Consciousness?

4. Christ is the God Particle to bring the Kingdom.

5. Since God took Enoch, if he were to be incarnated would he come back as a human?

6. Sharing is not a good idea - it is the Law!

7. Christ = God Particle = nucleus in any atom,,,,so could Elects be attracted like Electrons to the center?

8. It seems that our weaknesses are reflected sometimes in the people we choose in business to help us. It is as if we are being shown we have to deal with many issues as we grow.

9. Some people can get along with animals and children than they can with adults - why is that? And how we can overcome this?

06/11/2005 (all teaching taught 2): Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Fall of Man

2. So the fall of man is not only what happend then but it is also a description of what is happening now?

3. I read in a Satsang that you spoke about that we should have one "face" whatever the situation - not two or three faces etc. Could you describe that face that we should strive to have?

06/05/2005 (all teaching taught 1): ListenFTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Understanding the Verses of Genesis.

2. Maitreya explains The Eternal Divine Path.

3. How can thing go wrong with God? For God is everything!

5. Is it ok that we desire ( earthly) things (ie home /car ect....?

6. Where does the serpent come from?

7. Do you know the time? When heaven will be here on earth?

8. How will the teachings join the differences in religious understandings, like reincarnation in Buddhism and its deny in Christianity

05/27/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Mystery of God is revealed by the Seventh Angel.

2. Reincarnation? Why can't I remember other lives?

3. I was told once we are to come back 7-times, is this true? Also I do remember my birth / not wanting to be born.

4. Sal-OM Maitreya. What can we do about children who say they are shy about praying to God?

5. E-S-A is very close to U-S-A. Is that just a coincidence? I am thinking about the prophecy of gathering the people.

7. Thank God I am an atheist.

8. Maitreya, I do not believe that there is a God, because the existence of God cannot be proven.

9. How can you believe in something you cannot taste, see, hear, and feel?

10. The separation of God & man can it cause suffering?

12. If God is composed of finite (imperfect) parts like myself, the chair, the cup, then how can God be a perfect being...?

05/21/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is the reason behind Creation.

2. God is Everything!

4. Christ rose after three days on Saturday

5. Could you please discuss more about the dangers for people who are on a devotional path?

6. The way of Bhakti (Devotion), Karma (action), Jnana (Knowledge).

7. Please explain John 8:56. Your Father ABRAHAM rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.

05/14/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Are you the Messiah?

2. What is going on with childrens and how can I respond to them as their teacher?

3. Is your geneology correct?

5. Where does the Goddess fit into this scenario;is the divinity male?

7. I want to know what the Maitreya is doing about the world political situation.

8. What is a Great Soul?

05/07/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Seventh Revelation.

3. You believe in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from the teachings of the Qur'an?

4. So then from the SAME Qur'an you would believe that he (peace be upon him) is the last of Prophets/Messengers/Warner?

5. Who wrote your book?

6. The Miracle of the Mission

7. More than one version of the Koran

8. Would you please clarify about the word Jahad?

10. Some of my BAHA'I FRIENDS are so confused and there is internal persecution of some where their universal house of justice is expelling and punishing people for perhaps a thought or an opinion. They wonder, how could god abandon us, maybe it is a test?

04/30/2005: No Conversation today.

04/23/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. what become of those whom study these teaching but never join the mission? I am referring to those who study these teaching on the outside .who have not or will not join the mission, what will happen to those people souls?

3:12 Therefore as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on mercy, kindness, gentleness, humbleness of mind, meekness, patience; etc.

4. Maitreya, I had read a book along time ago that says Jesus Christ had offspring, now I was wondering do you believe the same thing? I read that his offspring were residing in France.

5. Maitreya, only 1 question. Do U Believe The Words Spoken In Rev 22:18 & 19? For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:" (Rev. 22:18), And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." (Rev. 22:19)

6. I understand doubts and questions, but It feels painful when someone suddenly says some one is false with what seems to be truth but is really based on what they have learned from their readings in the bible and other books. Even though they are sincere most of the time, it hurts to see and sense that sharp rejection when they come into this room or when you talk to them. Even Jesus loved those who did not accept him. How can a prophet or other people work with this energy?

7. Maitreya many people believe that computer chips will be embedded in people's bodies in the future, as societies will go to a cashless society, now maitreya I'd like to know if we humans are forced to accept the chip, is accepting the chip like accepting the mark of the beast?

04/16/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Why only those who follow the Will of God will win and why those who don't will self destruct.

3. what should a person do who relaxes too easily into meditation and tends to fall asleep? Would another color be beneficial?

4. Maitreya i was wanting to know if divorce is a sin, and if the person who commits the act of leaving the relationship for another person suffers afterwards? I'm asking, because ever since my divorce my ex wife has begun to look real haggardly, and stressed so i was wondering if there was

5. Do you believe that there is a coming back for Jesus?

6. How is it that he returns as Mohammad?

7. You can say both came from the same source but this is doesn't mean they are one?

04/09/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. These teachings are IT! No other teaching has the complete Plan of God! Know it well.

3. what is the differences between Bahai's faith and the one after that ? Baba

04/02/2005: Listen Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. I was wondering to know if kabala is bad or good in Maitreya's mind?

2. Mr. Maitreya what is your feeling about scanning the Aramaic text, because many believe the letters in Aramaic that the zohar was originally written emits spiritual energy, do you believe that the letters have energy, and that scanning the letters give off energy to the reader?

3. Thank you Maitreya-Ji, that just answered my question ready to go next, which was: What is the value of thought? and, part two, " How does it affect our soul?"

4. Maitreya what are your feelings about the Urantia book, because i am contemplating reading it, but before i do I'd like your feelings about the book? Does that book come from God?

5. Chanting versus Meditation!

6. With household chores I find that chanting makes it easier, seems that meditation takes away from laundry etc , or taking care of my household.

7. In the QUR'AN there is a passage that refers to CHRIST as not being crucified; however when CHRIST appeared to THOMAS he asked him to touch the mark in his hands and sides. Please explain.

9. My sister has a question concerning the body and death. After the breathe of life is withdrawn, should we not disturb/cremate the body for three days as is the practice with some?

03/26/2005: No Conversation today (technical difficulties).

03/19/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Which kind of GOD does this religion have?

3. Sorry, but there are too many religions and - as you said - only one God!

4. Sal-Om. My question is what Gods role for autistic children and mentally handicapped children is now and in the future. I dont see how these individuals can "see" or understand the teachings.

5. Do these individuals struggle with ego?

6. A number of people I talk to have ADD. They are looking at this path. As one person said to me, it is one step at a time. We get medical and psychological help, and we can get to the point where we can act on this Mission. One person is 16 and is aware of ego and is asking god to help him lower his ego, handle his ADD and other problems. Is this the correct attitude?

7. So this is a way that modern medicine can be used in a positive manner? Isn't it "playing" God?

8. modern medicine allows parents to know through testing if their child will be born with for example Down Syndrome. When they do make the choice to do an abortion, is this stopping the soul from manifesting itself into the body?

03/12/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Learn to heal yourself and teach others to heal themselves.

4. My mom has invited me to dinner... but I know the reason is that its her birthday. Should I respect her wish because she is my mom?

5. When one manifests the Holy Ghost do all three Creative Forces act at the same time.

03/05/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. God's way is the way....why does Esa said " I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" in John 14.6?

2. I am asking myself if the Word of God is all the revelations thru the Prophets (without dogmas) and from the "Akashic" records, or there is some more?

3. Are you saying that God is Consciousness?

4. What is God?

5. So Consciousness is all there is

6. Are Nirvana and samsara the same?

7. The 3 guans are just expressions of Consciousness

8. with respect, it is like u still need a bit of ego as one needs a little water to survive but we drink often too much and hurt others and self

02/26/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. All kinds of idols including Psychological and spiritual idols.

2. With respect, can a Prophet make an error, as the Bb, or Bah'u'llh, Abdul-baha, or Shoghi Effendi their Guardian. i.e. the Bb's harsh ideas amidst his beautiful writings.

3. How do I express the absolute love within my Soul for God?

5. What is definition of knowledge?

6. How does one handle overwhelming personal catastrophe?

7. Does God have a sense of humor?

02/19/2005: No Conversation today!

02/12/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

02/05/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

2. I am getting feedback from people that is negative ...about the Mission's website. They say it is a cult. I keep telling them to study but they still think it is wrong. Can you clarify this for them, that this is not a cult?

3. What is the role of children in the Communities of Light?

4. Where is my longing to be a mother coming from? I never had this. But as I study the Mission more, the longing to be a mother becomes stronger.

5. What is the best time for Meditation?

6. The Mark of the Beast, will it be a Chip or something, how will it be in the right hand or the fore Head just like revelation says?

7.Did I feel your presence in the past, last month in the astral level?

01/29/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Can you heal people?

2. What do you know about the end of time in association with the devil and the false prophet who will show up at the end of time?

3. Are you tax exempt?

4. In the 7 churches in Revelation (Rev.2;1-Rev.3;22) the 1st,the 3rd, the 4th,the 5th and the 7th are specified to repent, the 2nd and the 6th are not specified to repent, is that related to the 7 kings in Rev.17;10-11?

5. Is there a New Revelation, a new God, and where is this based?

6. Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. How can you die and return back to earth according to this verse?

7. Could one consider Paul as a False Prophet because he has led so many astray? 8. Is the Sabbath day of the Ten Commandments still in force?

01/22/2005: No Conversation today!

01/15/2005: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Eternal Divine Path explained

2. What is meant by the Ring of Solomon and what does it symbolize? This was mentioned by some Moslems I was talking to. They say that The Expected One should have the staff of Moses, Koran of Muhammad, Ring of Solomon...and the sword of Ali.

3. Buddha never taught there was no God.

4. Are you the Buddha that is expected to come?

5. Is the word OM not the name of God?

6. Similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism

7. Don't you think that most of us would be better off if we give our love to God instead of trying to comprehend him. Even though it is good to study and try to understand him?

01/08/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Details on Communities of Light

3. Treasures in Heaven. Will people who follow Eternal Divine Path eventually obtain access to the same Wisdom as You, Maitreya-ji?

4. I saw in the mission's Glossary about "Edgar Cayce" and I have a book about him can you tell us how he is related or involved in the Spiritual experience of the Humanity?

01/01/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Tsunami

2. Would it be unrighteous to go to jail instead of war, if it was a righteous war based on knowledge?

3. Is Maitreya the last Prophet?

5. The question that is being answered now is: Could you please explain Isaiah 24:17 - 23?

6. Isaiah 24:21:and it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones.

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