Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. Uploaded 2011 Feast lectures and discussions, accessible from the Lectures by Disciples page and/or on the FTP site under 2011 -> Feast -> Lectures-and-Discussions.


  1. Uploaded the transcripts of Maitreya's Q&A sessions for the 2010 and 2011 Feasts. Updated the Feast page to link to the 2011 Q&A sessions and to the Q&A Index page.



  1. Uploaded the transcript of Maitreya's second Q&A session in 2009.


  1. Added three new stories to the Stories section: That's Not My Problem, Do Not Question the Search, and The Praying Hands (they were read on the Spiritual Stories night at the 2011 Feast of Tabernacles).

  2. Uploaded the transcripts of the Welcome to the Feast 2010 and 2011, created an index page to access all the Feast Welcomes, and updated the links on the Feast Announcement page to point to the 2011 Welcome and the new Index page.


  1. Made several small changes to all 3 menus (top, left, right) to improve simplicity and ease of use.

  2. Reorganized the Videos page, added links to our YouTube and Vimeo accounts and to the Videos section of our FTP site.

  3. Added two new example videos to The Reminder page.

  4. In MAP in The Plan, one of the parts of the Table of Contents was missing (under Introduction, the 5th reason the present systems will not work) and has now been added.



  1. Added a new story to the Stories page.


  1. On the left side menu under "Introduction" -> "Who Are We?" added item "Introduction By Maitreya" linking to the Satsang where Maitreya gave the introductory Message From Maitreya found on our free CD.

  2. Added a new poem to David Shatzer's poems page.


  1. Added stories from the Spiritual Stories night at the 2011 Feast of Tabernacles to the Stories page and the Mullah Nasruddin page.


  1. Made some small changes to the GoToMeeting instructions to bring them up to date with the most recent version of GoToMeeting.

  2. Added a new poem to David Shatzer's poems page.


  1. Improved formatting and consistency on the Declaration pages: First Declaration 1, 2, 3, Second Declaration, Third Declaration.

  2. Changed the title, modified several paragraphs, and added a new conclusion to Maitreya's article about Benjamin Creme to more fully reflect the Mission's stance on Mr. Creme and his claims and teachings.



  1. To the Swastika page, added a link to a video compilation of Swastikas in Lithuanian/Sarmatian history.

  2. Added assigned readers to the 2011 Feast schedule, as well as a few other things. Also changed the listed time zone from Mountain Standard Time (MST) to Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), as the Feast occurs when Daylight Savings Time is still in effect.


  1. Several changes have been made to the left, top, and right menus. The changes worth mentioning: A link to the transcription mentioned in #1 above is under Introduction -> Who Are We? -> Introduction By Maitreya. A link to THOTH has been added under Introduction -> The Revelations -> The Seven Seals Are Revealed! -> THOTH. And a link to the Social Networking page has been added under Broadcasting -> Social Networking.

  2. A note has been added to the bottom of the Prophecies page.

  3. Found transcript of a lecture by a disciple, Prophecies: How Do We Know Maitreya Has Fulfilled Them? Improved formatting and linked to it from the Lectures by Disciples page.


  1. Added information about our two new Facebook groups, MOM Divine Brothers and MOM Divine Sisters, to the Social Networking page.



  1. Made some improvements to the layout of the Suggestions For Newcomers page and section.

  2. Added a contact for Arizona, and removed a contact for North Florida.


  1. Added a new instructional video (embedded from YouTube) on how to do The Reminder to The Greatest Invocation, The Reminder page. Also on that page, removed the Real Media versions of the example Reminder videos, as the sound did not work on them.


  1. Completely reworked the formatting on the Comments on Many Native American Prophecies page (the Message from Maitreya in the October 2009 Newsbrief) to make it consistent with how most of the website looks. Added a link to that page to the Native American Prophecies page.


  1. Made minor corrections, mostly formatting, to several pages: Swastika, Seventh Angel Explained, Native American Prophecies, Eagle and Condor, Maitreya's Explanation of Eagle and Condor, and Science Based on Spirit.

  2. Added the Mission's new group on the Kaskus social network (primarily for Indonesians) to our Social Networking page.


  1. Added a Google +1 button to our homepage.


  1. Updated the email address of our British Columbia, Canada contact to his new email address.



  1. Added a Seal of Approval page for the Mission's official Facebook group, Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya. Added information about this Seal of Approval page to the Social Networks page.


  1. Updated all pages in the Contacts section of the website to have titles, better formatting, etc. Also added links on individual contact listings to bios of those contacts if they have them (e.g. because they are project managers, MOM meeting moderators, etc.)

  2. Added information about contacting Unus to the Yoga classes and Pilates class pages.

  3. Slightly updated Noor's bio.

  4. Added a link to the audio for one of Radah's lectures to the Lectures by Disciples page.


  1. Removed one of our Canada contacts who is no longer with us.

  2. We had two video pages, the Video Index page with most of our videos and another one with only one video, which was accessed from the top menu, Broadcasting -> Video. Therefore, deleted the page with only one video, moved that video onto the Video Index page, and redirected the menu links to go there.

  3. Added the Reminder example videos (also found on our Reminder page) to the Video Index page.

  4. On the top menu, slightly re-organized the tabs under "Feast."

  5. Fixed the many formatting errors on the Feast Testimonials page, and added a testimonial from last year's Feast (2010).

  6. A link to our GoToMeeting webinar in 2010 has been added to the GoToMeeting instructions section of the MOM Members Meeting page.


  1. Posted a very beautiful letter sent by a disciple of Maitreya in response to His article in the Newsbrief that just went out, and linked to it from Maitreya's article.


  1. Added a bio for our Tithes project manager.



  1. Some small clarification and grammatical changes were made to the page containing Maitreya's Genealogy.


  1. On the Welcome page, the Base of Our Teachings in Other Languages page, the Website in Other Languages page, the Letter to Humanity page, and the Universal Mantra Meditation page (all places where we have links to translations of the teachings in other languages), added the names of those languages, in those languages. For example, instead of it just saying German, it now says German (Deutsch), or instead of Danish, it says Danish (dansk). Hopefully this will help people who cannot understand English to more easily find the translations in their language.

  2. Added a link to Google Translate to the Base of Our Teachings in Other Languages page and the Website in Other Languages page (along with a disclaimer of the service's shortcomings) to try to provide another option to people who do not speak English to view and study the teachings.


  1. On the Social Networking page, added logos to the titles of most of the social networks (all the ones that have a logo and allow use of it) to help more easily identify and distinguish between them while looking at the page. Also, changed the Facebook section to include a nice widget referring to the Mission's Facebook Page, and changed the links to go to the new official Facebook Page and Group we have now created. More information on this Page and Group will be given in the upcoming Newsbrief (July/August 2011, sent out July 10).


  1. To the Join Our Mailing List page, added that you can now sign up for the mailing list by texting "Mission" to 42828.

  2. Added info about our new Tithes project and project manager to Project Managers page.

  3. Added information about the new "MOM Outreach Discussion" closed Facebook group to the "Updates" section of the Social Networking project info.



  1. Added a Note at the end of the donations page explaining that no individual is authorized to ask for donations on the Mission's behalf, and to be careful and vigilant when donating to individuals as there are many dishonest people out there.


  1. The date of the Yearly Sabbath is now correct on the Calendar of God, both the online version and the downloadable version.

  2. Based on the new explanation Maitreya has given of the Yearly Sabbath, it will now be called the Feast of Revelation. This has been updated in the various places on the website where this Feast is mentioned.


  1. From now on, the date of the Yearly Sabbath will be calculated in a slightly different manner than before. The explanation of how to calculate the Yearly Sabbath has been updated in the essay in THOTH as well as in the explanation of God's Calendar. Please note that due to this change, the date of the Yearly Sabbath is now incorrect in the current Calendar of God, both the online version and the downloadable version. These will be updated to the correct date ASAP. There will also be an announcement in this month's Newsbrief with the correct date, and explaining this change.


  1. Removed the old Passover service recording from the FTP site and replaced it with a higher quality version including an introduction explaining the order of service for the Passover night. The service can be found under Order of Services, PassOver, "PassOver_Service_with_Intro.mp3".


  1. Added a new Prophecies project and project manager to the Project Managers page.

  2. Added a brief bio for the project manager of meditation and social networking and linked to it from the listings of those projects on the Project Managers page.

  3. Two exciting new recordings have been added to the FTP site, of orders of service from the 1992 Feast of Tabernacles led by Maitreya himself! These can be accessed under Order Of Services, Maitreya.

  4. Several more recordings of readings of the Passover Satsang were added to the FTP site (under Order of Services, PassOver) and linked from the Passover Satsang page.

  5. The Mission of Maitreya has been named a Constant Contact All Star for 2010, the second year in a row! Our Constant Contact All Star page has been updated to reflect this, as well as the All Star logos used on our website and in our emails and Newsbrief.



  1. A new page was created called Observation of Passover detailing how to set up for and observe the Feast of Passover. A link to this page was placed at the end of the Satsang Passover.

  2. All across the website, mentions of the Feast of Passover were linked to the Satsang Passover to provide more opportunities for people to click through and learn about Passover.


  1. In the explanation of the system in THOTH, in Mount Zion and Zion Tablet 4 and Tablet 5, it lists 5 reasons why the present systems of government do not work. However, in The Plan, in the introduction of The MAP, only 4 reasons were listed. The 5th reason has now been copied over from THOTH to The MAP to make the explanations consistent.


  1. Changed the downloadable yearly calendar on the Calendar of God page from the old year (011993) to the new year (011994).

  2. Added a note to the main page of our ecommerce store explaining that customers must be sure they enter correct shipping information.


3/17 (listed additions were made over the past 2 weeks):

  1. Some additions have been made to the Privacy Policy concerning cookies used by the third party services on our site (such as Google Search and AddThis).

  2. A new menu item has been added linking to the "If You Need Help in Other Languages" page, under Contacts on the left side. Some edits and improvements have also been made to that page.

  3. Links have been added to connect the three sections dealing with languages besides English: Help in other languages, website in other languages, base of the teachings in other languages.

  4. Added 2 new pieces to the poems section: Create The Future You Remember and a poetic quote

  5. A new project managers section has been added to the website. See the Newsbrief announcement for more information.

  6. After our March/April Newsbrief was sent out, we made a few small additions. First, a note was added to the anniversary of the Letter to Humanity announcement (at the bottom) about the disasters that have just occurred in Japan. Also, a report from Unus in Turkey was added to the reports section.

  7. The link to the MOM Members Meeting page under the "Join Us" tab on the left side menu which was added several months ago mysteriously disappeared. It has now been re-added.



  1. Several changes and additions have been made to the website over the month of January. For the biggest changes, please see the Announcements in our January/February 2011 Newsbrief (or the January/February News Flash, taken from those Announcements).

  2. All throughout the website, any reference to our questions email address,, was changed to reference our new questions policy page. This way, anyone wishing to ask us questions will read our questions policy first.

  3. Several websites were added to our social networking page to reflect our new official presence on those sites.

  4. A new poem has been added to our poems by disciples section.

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