Conversation in FB
about Swastika

Below is a conversation we had with someone in Facebook about Swastika. There are many information exchanged that might be of interestest to some people. Espxcially to those who are as emmotional as Zak was about this matter:


Zak Mir

the form in the middle of the symbol
is swastika
please modify it
thank you

NE: Sal-Om (we pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you) Zak Mir,

It seems you have bad feelings about the swastika (we call it lotustica), probably because of how Hitler and the Nazis used it. However, they misused what is actually a powerful, positive, and extremely ancient spiritual symbol, found in relics and artifacts all over the world from Japan to India to the Native Americans. The very plus sign (+) is derived from the swastika. 5 years of misuse should not outweigh 5,000 years of sacred history! For more information, see:

Zak Mir as it was misused
it would be nice of you
to pay respect
to the eyes
that it sore

JE: Sal-Om Zak,

Should we no longer use knives for any purpose, because a murderer once used a knife for evil? Nothing is good or bad in this universe, only how it is used makes it good or bad. In our symbol The Greatest Sign, the swastika holds a very important meaning that humanity must learn. For more information, see:

The Greatest Sign was created and Perfected by Maitreya Himself. It is the very base of Maitreya's teachings, the unification of all religions, the complete Path of God, etc. Asking for this Sign to be changed is asking to change the Word of God itself!

It is necessary for everyone to overcome their attachments and preconceptions to signs, idols, symbols, and anything in this physical, manifested universe. Instead, see what they truly mean, understand and focus on the spiritual significance and symbolism behind them, and use that to further the spiritual progress of all!

Zak Mir the idea of oneness
does not require any symbol

the lotus is fine
there is no need to carve a swastika in its heart

you may harden your heart
to not listen to what i say
and go around it

we need no symbol at all leading us to unity
we just need to comprehend the idea of oneness

you will not unite people with a symbol
used by the nazis
that acted against God

you are free to make your choices
do not fail to distinguish between your choices
and the choices of God

you do not speak for or choose for God
you only do so for yourself

i brought to your attention
how offensive the swastika is

you can choose to ignore it
but your choice
will come back to you
as it is the way
of the universe

i comprehend oneness
i need no symbol
nor a flag
to know of the unity
of all there is
for God is one
and so is all His creation

JE: Sal-Om Zak Mir,

It seems you are judging us based on your emotion than facts.

Swastika is a very ancient symbol which has nothing to do with Hitler. Just search for it in the Internet and you will learn that it is more good than evil. Indeed even German government has recognized it and in a ruling in a court in Germany they have now only ban a very narrow kind of swastika:


You can even learn more about swastika in our website:


Do not judge a book (organization, Truth) by its cover.



The Epoch Times | German Court Approves Swastika Use

Beginning in October 1999, the German police confiscated banners or posters disp...See More

Zak Mir it is your choice
to not want to understand what i am telling you
it has nothing to do with emotions

you cannot cage an idea
in a symbol
or organization

the idea of oneness and unity
does not need a symbol
it is an open concept
all inclusive
and non exclusive

an organization is exclusive
and so are flags and all exclusive ideas manifested in symbols

the swastika is a symbol of hate
no matter what the truth you hold is
no matter what court decided what

you are free to use it as you wish
just do not expect to unite too many people under your symbol
that pretend to unite all religions and beliefs
with a swastika at its core :)

you are free to not understand what i am telling you :)

JE: Sal-Om Zak Mir,

Sorry you feel like that way. What you say is your understanding (based on your religions and background, etc.), and maybe opinion of a a fraction of human population (mostly west and orthodox Jews). The symbol of swastika has been used all through history and is a part of many great religions on earth. No longer the ideas from west will be the dominating theme on earth as it is time for humanity to realize the Truth of things instead of what few believe.

The rest of your post are purely your opinions and God does not agree with you as He has sent the Symbol we use. There is no way for us to change that symbol as it will offend God. We rather offend people with narrow view than Him.

If our teachings and symbol offend you, you are welcome to leave this group. We would rather you did not though and would have expanded yourself to see God's Way and His Symbols!


Zak Mir God has no symbol
nor does He need any

God has no shape no form no sound and no color
and God has all shapes all forms all sounds and all colors

no one stands between God and each of us
i do not need you to teach me about God
or what God would like us to be like

do not pretend to speak for God
nor to know what God wants

those who do not understand
need symbols

those who do
do not need any symbol

i am not religious
nor do i accept any organized religion
or think that any of them could unite with another
or lead humanity to peace

i do not need your symbols to expand understand and comprehend all i can

fare well into your life
i cannot be a part of any group
for all is one
and all groups
stand in contradiction to oneness

good luck to you in uniting all religions
why don't you start with islam :)
to find out how far you may go :)

JE: Sal-Om Zak Mir,

:), that is the problem isn't it. Read your post and see how many "I" you have used.

As far as you think YOU ARE the does God cannot help you. When you could see that He is the doer then you might realize that God is going to unify them all, not you and/or i!

Sorry to say that you have realized much and then you resist to take the Final Step: Surrender to God and His Prophet!


Zak Mir the prophet ?
which one ?
muchammad ?
yeshua ?
eliyahu ?

no one stand between God and any person

go preach your unity to the muslims and christians :)
find out how far you may go with your teachings :)

you teach what ?
love ?
it will never work

could work
no one could possibly love everyone
and there is no need for it

all we need
is just eliminate hate from all hearts

fare well
whoever your prophet may be :)

a messenger can never assume the value of the message he delivers
care for the truth
and nothing else :)

don't bother responding :)
and keep your swastika :)

surrender to a prophet ?
why ?
as if God is conditioned to anyone :)

JE: Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path Sal-Om Zak Mir,

You do not have any idea what we are about, do you! And you have already jumped into so many conclusions. That says a lot!


Zak Mir fine
i admit my ignorance
go ahead
enlighten me
tell me
teach me
what i do not know
the stage is yours
speak out

about an hour ago Like

JE: Sal-Om (we pay our salutation to the Divinity within you) Zak Mir,

:), we actually agree with almost everything you have said, except your emotional (and sorry to say: Irrational) hate for Swastika. We also admire your Spirit to seek the Truth and the passion you have demonstrated in your posts. However, there is more than any human, to this point of history, knows. The only way they can Know the Whole Truth is to Know the Mission Of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path's Teachings!

Indeed we agree with you that:

You have to go to God directly,

. that God has no shape, form, etc. In fact we call God Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal (FINE). Anything between you and God is in the Way,
. that there are so much dogmas and separation between religions and also within each religions.
. that it is almost impossible for a man to unify each religion as One, and even more impossible to Unify all religions, etc.

Now if these are all True then how come we ask you to surrender to God and the Prophet? Because: Prophets are Chosen to bring the Words and Will of God to man. They come with specific qualities and Fulfill the Prophecies that have been foretold of their coming. They are the Mouth Piece of God. They cannot say anything but the Truth. By surrendering to them you surrender to the Spirit behind them (God) and accept their Words as God's.

Their Words should take you to God. If not, or attach you to themselves, then they are False prophet, run away form the false ones. The Great Prophets, however, have come to man all through history (His Story) and by listening to them we are Guided to Know God's Will and Ways.

Through these Great Prophets we have the Scriptures (Words Of God) sent to man. The Most complete and the base of these Revelation is the Bible (the Old and New Testament). In Revelation (Last book the Bible) God Reveals that:

. There will be Seven Revelations (Seals),
. that there will be Seven Messengers which will reveal these Seven Seals (Revelations), each is called an Angels,
. that God is a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes (Revelation 10:7),
. that there is a Book Sealed with the Seven Seals, and no one can open it but Christ (the Lion Of Tribe of Judah), etc. (Revelation chapter 5)

Mission Of Maitreya, has opened this Book which has been Sealed to this point in history. Therefore no one, I mean NO ONE, not Hindus, not Buddhist, not Jews, not Christians, not Muslims, not Baha'is, have the whole Truth, or Know It, until this Book is Revealed by the Seventh Angel. NOW It Has.

Basically: Each major Religion (Mystical Paths, Judaism. Christianity, Islam, Baha'i Faith, etc.) has One Outstanding Message. When you put all these together it will make sense and will Reveal a Path (Eternal Divine Path - EDP) that not only Unifies all these Religions but Leads to Unity, Kingdom of God on earth, and great Understanding of what God has been doing for the last 12000 years.

This all is possible because Eternal Divine Path (EDP) has no dogma. If you follow it you see the benefit and the result will be what is thought it will be. Indeed if there is any disagreement in teachings and dogmas the argument should be stopped and all should go back to following the EDP, the Path. Dogmas and opinions are from ego and will separate people from one another. EDP Unifies!

So this is the New Wine and you have to put It in a New Skin. Your old ideas (concepts) and assertions does not work here as they are all old and this New Revelation does not fit into the old skin (it either will not fit or it will burst the old skin and spills out with no coherent understanding of it).

There is also a very important understand in these Revelation that: there are those who have progressed for the last 12000 years and understand these Teaching readily and adopt it the same. They will become a devote follower and will Manifest their Understanding and Devotion through their Great Works (you know Them by their Fruits). We call them Elects!

So in reality the only thing we have to do is to provide people to hear this Revelation, at least, once. If they are one of the Elects they see the Truth in them and that is it they are converted to this New, and Ultimate, Truth.

God has already made it easy for us to do this. He has created the Internet. He has inspired us to be one of the first people who sat up website (

) for their Religion and Truth. Anyone who ends up in that website (or hear it as I explained above) we are done with him/her. If they see the Truth and Join us, we rejoices in their Spirit and God. If they reject us we leave them to God.

So you have been told that the Messiah (Christ, Mahdi, Kalki Avatar, He Who God Will Manifest, etc.) has come again and is on earth. Your expectations, or any religion you belong to, is now Fulfilled. This is the Last Revelation of God and the End Time is here. It is now up to you what you will do with it.

You might say: I am an atheist or agnostic, that is FINE too. Many such people have found Mission Teachings Fascinating and they have seen the Oneness of Spirit and Science in it. Most of these people are against dogmas, not the Truth!

Of course Mission is much more than I explained above. If you really want to Know the Mission we encourage you to go to our website:

, and read it in depth there. For average person it will take around seven years to Master the Teaching. Of course we are here to help. You can send us an email to or join us at one of our groups here, in Facebook, called: Learn More About the Mission Of Maitreya ( and ask your questions there.



Mission Of Maitreya, "Eternal Divine Path"

Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya (not related to other Maitreya groups) has unified the religions of the world, fulfilled the prophecies, and brought the final Revelation of God to humanity.

Zak Mir question:
is maitreya a living person
or is he a spirit that revealed itself through a living person (medium, channeler) ?

i will check out your site later

my only interest is in the truth

i accept the truth alone
and no dogma or indoctrination


Zak Mir

using mac
cannot open THOTH
can you send it in a mac friendly format ?


JE: Sal-Om Zak,

Maitreya is a living man, born of a woman, as all of God's Prophets have been. What is extraordinary about Him is the Message and Revelation He has brought and the prophecies He has fulfilled from all world religions and many cultures. To study some of these prophecies, go to:

Indeed we do not encourage channeling or following ethereal beings or spirits, as that is one more separation between you and God (then you must go through the being or spirit to reach God, instead of going to God directly)!

We agree with you completely about accepting truth only, and rejecting dogma or man-made control and confusion. If you truly follow this, you should find great Truth in Maitreya's teachings.

As for THOTH, probably the easiest and most universal way to read it is online at our website:

It is fully and freely available there, and should be usable by all types of computers, browsers, etc. You can also read it in full for free at Google Books:

If you would like a physical copy, you can order it through "print on demand":

We hope that helps resolve your problem. If you still cannot view it, please let us know, and we will find another way.


Zak Mir are you located in new mexico
and where ?

if you do have a community
can you share details about it ?

i am interested to know
as NM is where i know i should be

7 hours ago Like 1 person


JE: Sal-Om Zak Mir,

How do you know you have to be in NM? That is one of the things we teach that NM is the place to BE!

Four corners and Albuquerque area are one of the safest place on earth. Many disasters are coming to earth and Mission is inviting everyone to move from where they are to safest places on earth, and one of the safest is here.

We live in Rio Rancho, a suburb of Albuquerque. We are in the process of creating a Community (Community Of Light). We have some people living close by, but they are scattered about and we have not yet created a real Community. However, it has to start sometimes and any time is as good as any.

If you are really interested coming to Albuquerque and do not want to share private information about yourself here in Facebook, you can send us an email to and we can take this to private email. There will be people who will answer all your question and you can send us more information about yourself, if interested living in Community.



Zak Mir i do not know how i know
i just know :)


JE: Sal-Om Zak,

That is a good (God) Sign:).


Zak Mir

what does JE stands for ?

how many community members do you have ?

does maitreya know what is coming and how to survive it ?

how long ago did he come to this planet ?
when and how did he find out who he is ?
what is his status in the community ?
is he a teacher, or does he hold a sole leadership/authority position ?

is there a plan how the community will be organized
exist and survive all that may come ?
can you share that knowledge ?

i am what i know
and what i know is not me
nor do i own it

if you have the knowledge
you should know that we are all one and the same
we own nothing
except for our choices

i am a passing soul
temporarily living in the body i dwell in

the history of the body i dwell in
is of no essence

only the travel of my soul
and the knowledge it gather along the way
is important

you can find what i know in my posts poems and book 'IRSHALOM' (the link is posted daily)
on this FB page and on: WE ARE ONE

i do not own what i know
nor does it make me anymore than anyone else is

the truth is simple and no complicated
and it does not require a long time to comprehend it when presented in clarity

the truth is important
and not the people presenting it

we should follow the truth
and not make it the property of anyone

we come and go
and the truth stands forever

it is always there
even if we do not know it

JE: Sal-Om Zak,

Q: what does JE stands for

A: JE stands for Joseph Emmanuel. Mission Of Maitreya (this page) that we are posting in is not the best place to answer your (or anyone's) questions. It does not post who is answering your question but uses the name "Mission Of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path" as the name of the person. So you did not know that Joseph Emmanuel was answering you. Others also answered you but you did not see their names either, etc. A better place to ask questions and learn about the Mission is the group called Learn More About The Mission Of Maitreya!: There it shows who is answering you.

Q: how many community members do you have ?

A: One of the most difficult task, especially in the west (it is not easy in the east either:)), is creation of a community. Now add to that: Creation of Communities of Light, which requires even greater amount of sacrifice and discipline, that seems almost an impossible task. We have been at it for last 30+ years and none exists at this time. In fact our conclusion is that: Mission will not even try to create Communities. Our conclusion, after all this time is that: At this time we are trying to staff the Mission and reach out to humanity and spread the teachings. We feel Communities, which we call: Communities Of Light (COLs), will form later on naturally. People should come together and find whoever they are most comfortable to live with and start creating the 12 base for the COLs and eventually these units will evolve to COLs.

For the rest of your questions if you read the page:

, and the booklets The MAP and The Light (together called The Plan):

, many of your other questions will be answered (it is impossible to answer them here, they take books to answer).

In general, as they say: The devil is in the details. Mission Vision is huge and it includes all aspects of life. Although what you say in your post are, ideally, correct, when it comes to the nifty gritty of life it breaks down and a system and laws are needed to manage things in this manifested world. So we do have a hierarchy, and there are special ways to leave which are according to God and His Laws, etc. Although you have a choice to choose in any way you like, if it is not according to the Will of God then there will be consequences.

After you read the literature I suggested, if you still have any questions unanswered we can discuss tem. Also if you join our group I suggested above (Learn More About the Mission Of Maitreya) it is much easier to discuss things and also you would know who is answering you, etc.



Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya!

This is the main, official group for the Mission of Maitreya on Facebook. To di...See More

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