Announcements (First Declaration) in 1982-83
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Here is one of the announcements we placed in the East West Magazine in April 1982:

It was shortly after we placed these ads that we heard about Mr. Creme, his claims, and his teachings. Since he never produced any other Maitreya who had claimed to come in 1982, we were sure Mr. Creme and his followers would come and see us and our teachings. They would realize that what we say is what they desire to happen. We were sure they would recognize that they have been inspired to claim the coming of these Revelations. They, however, did not come.

They still maintain there is another Maitreya (also), somewhere, and his coming is imminent, any day. It has been more than twenty years now, with no one in sight. Their very approach to this matter and their claims have increasingly become unrealistic. Their holding out and continuing in not recognizing the One who came in the spring of 1982, has created great confusion (similar to John the Baptist not recognizing the Christ!)

We invite them to come, see the truth, accept their own predictions, and let us accomplish what we all desire: The unification of all religions and humanity, proclamation that there is no God but One God, Creation of the Kingdom Of God (Heaven) On Earth, Peace and Good Will To man....

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