Is He One of the Antichrists
(as the Bible says there are many,
1 John 2:18)

or a Messenger from God?

From the very beginning of my spiritual awakening it was strongly emphasized in my consciousness that: Whatever stands between you and God is an obstacle. Throughout my awakening this truth confirmed and reconfirmed itself on many occasions through teaching, observation, and Revelations.

As I started teaching, I saw many are readily willing to make me their God and forget about going to God themselves. I have to say, the temptation to accept their offer was great. The end result would have been to create another cult (the messenger becomes more important than the Message). We have seen how many cults end up in destruction and infamy. The reason is that their leader had become an obstacle in the way of men to God. With this understanding I resisted this pitfall and will try forever to connect men to God, and I am hoping all my disciples and the future generations of men do the same!

In God's Revelation this has been shown many times; probably the loudest example was when Samuel went to God and complained to God that the Children of Israel rejected him (Samuel) because they were asking for a king to replace him. God told him that they did not reject him (as he was God's representative) but they rejected God.

In other words, Samuel had taken on himself to be the god over the Children of Israel instead of realizing he was only a representative of God. He had become an obstacle in the way of man to God.

Humans, in fact, create many obstacles and idols between themselves and God. These obstacles indeed cut man from a direct connection to God. These idols teach them the ways of man instead of God (His Words).

There are rabbis, priests, mullahs, Brahmins, mahatmas, gurus, etc., who connect man to themselves and so become idols and obstacles. There are statues, idols, etc. and historical artifacts, intellectual discourses, and many, many other physical, mental, and emotional idols, which are taking man from a direct connection to God.

It seems that there are deliberate forces/beings with plans to make man go astray from the straight Path of God. In these last days of the old era, it seems this plan to make man go astray from God has been even stronger and more elaborate. Indeed, besides the old ways to do this there seems to be a plan to make even the Elects of God go astray!

It is here that the presence of Mr. Creme and his claims should be considered. He seems to be claiming the coming of the Christ, but what he says and claims are far from the words of God. Many have fallen for his claims and words. It seems that if it was not for God, His Words, Wisdom, and Truth, even the Elects would have fallen. God has predicted this would happen at the end time.

A few weeks ago we received an e-mail from a person (Richard) who has been in touch with the Mission but had never committed himself to it. He told us that George Noory, the talk host for the program "Coast to Coast," would have an interview with Mr. Benjamin Creme. He said, since George could not find Maitreya to interview, he was interviewing Mr. Creme.

Mr. Creme is the person who claimed Maitreya would announce his presence on earth in the spring of 1982, exactly when the Maitreya we represent first reached out to the world. We called him to join us and accept Maitreya as the fulfillment of his prediction, but he did not, and continued to make other predictions of Maitreya's coming. His Maitreya has not materialized even as of this writing (February 4, 2003).

I had never heard Mr. Creme talking before. However, after we received this e-mail from Richard, and since it was easy to find the station that carried the program, "Coast To Coast" in Albuquerque (770 KOB), I decided to listen to him for the first time.

I had heard about his doctrines from here and there, however, after I listened to him for three hours, now I am certain that the spirit he represents is not the same as God that we represent. He indeed is trying to connect man to his Maitreya and the hierarchy they represent. His Maitreya is not trying to connect man to God, but to himself.

The first time I came across the understanding that there might be a fallen group (angels, sons) who have set themselves up as gods, was when I was reading chapter six of Genesis in the Bible. It clearly talks about the sons of God. These sons of God, however, fell for flesh, "saw the daughters of man..." It was after this that the earth fell even into a deeper falsity and corruption. God decided to destroy man and all He had created. So the flood of Noah came and the new man was created, etc. (read our scripture The Holiest Book in THOTH for detail).

These fallen sons of God, however, it seems had survived the flood. After the flood of Noah, the corruption did not stop. In fact, Nimrod came and set himself up as god and created many false teachings, which still are followed by many. None of these teachings let you go directly to God. They attach you to many beings that become your gods.

These fallen sons of God have created their own doctrines. Their doctrines are not according to the Words of God. Mr. Creme seems to represent these fallen angels. From what I heard in that interview with Mr. Creme, I will mention some of these false teachings below. Then I will show how they are not according to the Words of God.

1. Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya has been living in the Himalayas for the last 2,500 years. In this time period, he has overshadowed most (or maybe all) great Prophets and Revealers in human history.

So it is not God who has sent all the Prophets, Messengers, Messiahs, etc. It is Mr. Creme's Maitreya. So all Scriptures, which have come to humans in this period of time, are the words of Mr. Creme's Maitreya.

It very much sounds like a being who wants to set himself up as a replacement for God, and that is exactly what God impressed on my consciousness as being the wrong person. Although there might be some truth in this as all Major Revelations are Revealed by Christ, but He received them from God through The Holy Ghost, not by being overshadowed by Mr. Creme's Maitreya.

Is this the being who, with his angels, will fight Christ at the end of time? Is he the one who is depicted in chapter 13 of The Revelation, and is Mr. Creme the one who has two horns like a lamb (seems so innocent) but speaks like a dragon? They would send a flood (propaganda) to destroy the woman and the child (Christ), and if God would not have interfered they would have succeeded (Revelation chapter 12)!

I (Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya) had tried very hard to reconcile what Mr. Creme has been saying (the little I knew) with what has been revealed to me (which is based on the Scriptures). For a long time I thought we might be working for the same Spirit (God) and tried to contact him, and so we could work together for God. However, after hearing him on the radio ("Coast to Coast"), increasingly I have come to accept that Mr. Creme and his group do not represent the Words of God and indeed might be representing the very antichrist! The Devil (antichrist) is depicted in all the Scriptures as the one who opposes God and has been trying to replace Him!

2. Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya says that Maitreya has built his body (has not come from the womb of a woman).

This again is against the Words of God and how God sends His Prophets and Messengers. Prophet Muhammad clearly stated the ways of God. He said in the Koran that God has never sent a Prophet who was not born from a woman, who did not eat, or sleep, etc., and His ways will not change (Koran, The Prophets, verses 7-8).

If Mr. Creme's Maitreya is the one who overshadowed all Great Prophets and Revealers and he also has overshadowed Prophet Muhammad, then he surely said something (through Prophet Muhammad) and acts differently.

The True God (The Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal: FINE), however, never changes His Mind (Ways). He always prophesies for a long time of the coming of a Revealer and then that Revealer is born from the womb of a woman. This person fulfills the prophecies of his coming, reinforces the Words of God, and Reveals God's Message to humanity, in the clearest way possible.

So we can see again that what Mr. Creme says is against God's Words and Ways. Those who believe in these wrong teachings will end up where the devil will end up!

3. Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya "does not eat, sleep, etc."

Again, according to Scriptures (the Words of God), as indicated above (Koran 21:7-8), there has never been a Messenger who did not eat or sleep, was immortal, etc. God sends Messengers as humans who are men who also represent the Spirit of God. Christ also Revealed this truth as he called himself a son of man (a man) and the Son of God (His Spirit).

The Maitreya who we represent fits this pattern perfectly. He is a man who has been born from a woman. He fulfilled all the prophecies of his coming. He is from the lineage of King David and Prophet Muhammad, etc. He has opened the book sealed with the Seven Seals. His Words and God's Words do not contradict. There will be only one Begotten Son of God (Maitreya). Now we have two Maitreyas. One of these has to be false (antichrist).

Is it the one who has not fulfilled the prophecies, has not opened the book sealed with the Seven Seals, has not been born from the womb of a woman, does not eat, sleep, etc., is not from the lineage of King David or Prophet Muhammad, that is The Maitreya, or is it the one who has fulfilled all the prophecies of his coming, has opened the Seven Seals as written in the book which was sealed with the Seven Seals, etc? You make the correct choice!

4. Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya appears in many diverse places, to many diverse people.

Has not God already warned us that many will come with great powers, miracles, signs and wonders, and we should not be deceived by these (Matthew 24:24)! Does any place in Scripture say that you know the Messiahs by their powers? The Scriptures say you know them by the fulfillment of the prophecies and bringing the Words of God to humanity.

In fact, Christ made it very clear that miracles and signs are not important, but living according to "every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4). When he performed healings, he instructed the healed not to tell anyone about it. He also said that the generation of vipers (and unbelievers) ask for signs, wonders, miracles, etc. So signs and miracles are not important, but the Words of God and prophecies are.

5. Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya changes his appearance and appears to people in different shapes (as white, black, ...), etc.

It sounds like an episode of Star Trek with a shape shifter (or channeling) in it. Is this other Maitreya really an alien? Is he the devil that has these powers? Did God know that these things would happen so he de-emphasized miracles such as these, and emphasized the prophecies, genealogy, and the Revelations (His Words)?

No other Prophet (Messiah) but Christ was given some power of healing (and a few others). God does not care about these tricks but what He considers more important (Prophecies, His Words, etc.), which are the signs of a True Prophet from God.

Again, this is against God's Words and Ways, and it sounds like a re-run of a bad episode of Star Trek. The Elects of God will surely see through this false representation of God's Plan and will not be fooled by it!

6. Mr. Creme says his Maitreya will be with humanity for the next 2,500 years.

Again, we can clearly see this is not Scriptural and is false (even if it could be done)! As our teaching reveals, God has been promising the events that will take place in the future and He would fulfill these predictions. He has fulfilled all the predictions He has given to the point of the "Book Sealed with the Seven Seals." This Book only can be opened by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It has been opened as predicted, by Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya.

Therefore, we are in the period after the time that this Book has been opened. Let us see what God Reveals about what will happen after this Book is opened!

There surely will arise false prophets who will fight with Christ and they will almost succeed in destroying Christ, the child (Revelation 12:13-15). God will interfere (through the earth), however, and so Christ will be saved (chapter 12:16-17). Then Babylon the Great will fall. In this battle, Christ will win, and the devil, who wants to set himself on the throne of God, will be defeated and will be thrown into the lake of fire (utter darkness).

Now, the important point here is:How long would this Kingdom of God last? According to Mr. Creme and his Maitreya, it will last for 2,500 years (the period that his Maitreya will be on earth). According to Scriptures (Revelation 20:3) it will only last for one thousand years. After one thousand years there will be the final battle between Christ and the devil, and it is after this that the Kingdom of God will be established forever.

Again, we can see that Mr. Creme is wrong and his Maitreya is not revealing the truth based on the Words of God. He is giving people false hopes!

7. Mr. Creme says that his Maitreya says that Sai Baba is the cosmic Christ and Maitreya is the earth Christ.

This means another layer between you and God. This means you cannot go to God directly. This again is against the Words of God that atman and Atman, self and Self, you and God are One, "Know thyself to know God." Now, not only do you have to know Mr. Creme's Maitreya, you then have to know many cosmic christs, etc. Where do all the obstacles end? You then can never reach God because there is another false christ you have to know, satisfy, worship, etc.

Whenever someone says you cannot go to God but through me (except the Messiah who Reveals the Words of God and you will go to God through His Words), such a person is a false prophet, teacher, messiah, etc. You only can go to God through His Words (Scriptures) and Christ, which are the same.

The Scriptures clearly say that we are in the image of God and by knowing the self we can know God. You do not need miracles and signs, etc., to reach God. You do not need false christs to go to God. You only need the Messiah who brings the Words of God and His Plan to you.

These are a few topics which stood out in those three hours of interview between George Noory and Mr. Benjamin Creme. I am sure there is much more of Mr. Creme and his Maitreya that can be found, which contradicts the Words of God.

In fact some people already have realized this. They point out that Mr. Creme and his Maitreya teach that Esa (Jesus) was not The Christ (was overshadowed by his Maitreya, not from God, etc.). The Bible surely shows that he who denies that Esa was The Christ (Son) and He has come from God (Father) is antichrist (1 John 2:22).

Any person with some understanding of the Words of God and Scripture has no choice but to come to the same conclusion: Besides for his prediction that Maitreya would come in the spring of 1982, what Mr. Creme represents is not from God!


Many people brought great information to the Mission that helped to prove this Mission is from God. However, they later proved to be not of the highest spirit.

Although Mr. Creme did predict that Maitreya would appear in the world scene in the spring of 1982, and the Maitreya that we represent did exactly that, he also has a lot of his own ideas. It is his ideas that seem to tilt toward promoting the antichrist. It seems he was inspired by God to predict the coming of Maitreya (who is the one we represent), but he also believes in (or is influenced with) things which are his own.

That also happened to John the Baptist. He (John) predicted that The Christ was coming soon, but he could not recognize Christ when He came. It was after John died that His disciples started recognizing Christ.

So we believe that Mr. Creme was inspired to announce the coming of the Christ, but is influenced by ideas which are tilted toward ungodly teachings (attaching you to his imaginary Maitreya instead of God). In that regard He is one of the antichrists. In the part that he predicted the coming of The Maitreya in the spring of 1982, he was inspired by God to do so.

As John's Christ never came, so the imaginary Maitreya of Creme never will!

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