November/December 2011 Newsbrief Message From Maitreya

No Other...

In the spring of 1982, when we first started the Mission, something interesting happened. We heard about a gentleman by the name of Benjamin Creme. He placed ads all throughout the earth announcing the imminent appearance of Maitreya (The Christ). We surely thought he was talking about us. The more we learned about him, however, the more we found that although he was saying some truth, he also had many of his own ideas which were not from God. Still we tried to contact him, and his organization (Share International), to start a dialogue. It did not work.

For the last 30+ years he has created many false expectations and much confusion, so that the name Maitreya has become well known to many (as it was not as such before). In fact the name became so well known that many started calling themselves Maitreya, and many who even did not know much about Maitreya started saying that their prophet was Maitreya. So the confusion continues on. Of course, this has already been Prophesied that "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matthew 24:5) - confusion!

I know many people are thinking, "If you really are Maitreya, why did you not know all these from childhood, and why did you not know about all these things before they happened? Therefore, you are not connected to Spirit and so you cannot be Maitreya." You have to remember that God chooses a man to be His Prophet (Messenger, Messiah, etc.). However, he will not Know it until later in life. This has happened to all Prophets, all through history.

After he (the Prophet) is informed of who he is, He realizes that He is Chosen to be God's Prophet. It is in this state that the Prophet remembers His True Divinity (who He really is). Then that person receives Revelations and He becomes a Channel to Reveal what He receives from God. Even in this stage He only will Know what God wants him to. Remember, even Christ said, "Then answered Christ and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself,..." (John 5:19). If He does not tell me of something, I cannot tell you as I also will not know!

It is important for us to completely understand how God Works and not to expect something which has not been, and is not, His Ways. Although people He chooses are Great Souls and are Chosen, they are kept in the dark about many things since they are also human. If I had known I would have to work as the thief of the night for almost two lifetimes, I might not have been, humanly, as happy about my Mission as I was when I started it and thought I could change the world in one year!

Of course, the people whom God chooses as His Prophets come with specific Prophecies Fulfilled, with a Special Genealogy, and with Revelations that confirm they are the Chosen of God. So it is not by their miracles, signs and wonders, knowing the future, etc. that you should know them. It is not because someone says they are Maitreya, or that their prophet is Maitreya, that you should believe them. It is by the Revelations they bring you, the Prophecies they fulfill, etc. that you know they are from God.

This situation with Mr. Creme has a similarity to past history. John the Baptist also came before Christ and proclaimed His imminent manifestation. However, when Christ came, he did not recognize Him. Indeed it was after John died that his disciples went to Christ and asked Him if He was the One.

Similarly, Mr. Creme has created much confusion. However, we also have to give him credit that he has made the name Maitreya well known. He created a great expectation for Maitreya's appearance, and people recognize our name with ease. If he had not done what he did, probably the Mission would have a harder time to be as easily recognized. Therefore, all through the last 30+ years, we have had this conflicted feeling about Mr. Creme: Is he from the devil who is trying to create confusion and hurt the Mission, or is he a forerunner sent by God to announce the coming of Maitreya so many become aware of Maitreya's name and that His appearance is imminent?

After hearing Mr. Creme speak in a radio show in 2003, my conclusion was that he is one of the Antichrists. That is why I wrote an essay calling him that. I was waiting for him to announce his Maitreya and thought we would have a fight on our hands, as it is Revealed in The Revelation in the Bible that there would be one. However, with the new Revelations we received in the last few months about chapters 13 through 19 in The Revelation (Babylon The Great, Three Incarnations, The Beast), we now know that fight will not be in this lifetime. Also, after 30+ years of Mr. Creme claiming his Maitreya would appear soon, and his Maitreya never doing so, we can attribute this to his confusion and safely say his Maitreya will never come!

All these lead us to believe that Mr. Creme acted more in the capacity of John the Baptist than Antichrist. That is why we have changed the title of the essay that was wondering if Mr. Creme was an Antichrist to: Is He One of the Antichrists (as the Bible says there are many, 1 John 2:18) or a Messenger from God?

The jury is still out and history will prove which is true. However, we are leaning toward accepting him as a positive force for the Mission. We hope we are right and Mr. Creme is a saint (prophet), as John the Baptist was. He surely has made our work easier, to an extent, as the name Maitreya is now well-recognized by many (name recognition). We appreciate this and are willing to give him much credit for it. So we would like to give him one more chance to make this right and not to make the same mistake as John did!

This article is our last attempt to reach out to Mr. Creme and his following that: There is NO OTHER Maitreya. Let us make this life different than before. Let us recognize this, Mr. Creme, before you leave your body, that you might be Blessed. This Mission will eventually attract everyone and Unify them, be it this lifetime or the next. Let it be this lifetime, as the sooner we all come together, the sooner the Kingdom, which we all desire, will come.

This article is also to re-affirm that there is no other Maitreya but the Maitreya that the Mission represents. We call upon all those who are misguided and call themselves Maitreya to recognize their mistake, repent, and turn around to God and His Ways. They have not fulfilled the Prophecies, have not opened the Seven Seals, are not from the lineage of King David and Muhammad, etc. They are mistaken, and with this warning, if they do not respond they will surely create great Karma. They will suffer tremendously, as those who were burned in the furnace!

In a circle, the tightest and most compact form in nature, there only can be One Center (the Noghteh or Point - Center). Apparently God has Blessed this vessel to be that Noghteh. If you Truly are for Unification and Manifestation of the Kingdom, rally around this Center. Withdraw all your support for any other causes and concentrate on this One Alone, as there is no cause as Great as this one. All other causes will be taken care of when the Kingdom comes. The Kingdom will come through this Mission alone!

God has made it abundantly clear that we have the Truth, from the most mundane to the Highest part of human life. With the events happening now, and what will happen in the future, this Truth that: We have all the answers (are from God) will be clear even to those who do not see it now. Those who truly Know God and are a part of His Plan have seen this, and many more will see this soon.

God indeed is preparing man for His Ultimate Manifestation. It is when He will Victoriously bring His Kingdom On Earth. Be a part of IT!

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