Testimonials from Previous Feasts

Some pictures from previous Feasts


May I say thanks God again for the most wonderful Feast of Tabernacles 2010 shared at the center with all of you.

I am so humbly grateful for the experience and opportunity to be a part of the activities from the Center.

Again, I give thanks to God for The Mission of Maitreya and the true love it emanates.

Thankfully and humbly, love to ALL.


* * *

It is difficult to explain how wonderful the Feast is, how all of a sudden there is an incredible Godly energy everywhere, as we meditate together, and chant together, and eat together and be in Maitreya - its presence. It is like the whole world is transformed during those times. I felt a rejuvenation, again, a renewal of purpose and strength. We laughed a lot during this Feast. Someday it will like the Feast all the time, in the world, sharing, smiling, being in our higher natures, understanding and joining together in one purpose...

After we discussed the saying that some Christians use, "Blessed is He who taketh away the sins of the world," we came to the conclusion that it is really referring to this Revelation, to Maitreya, since His Teaching is the only one that has the ability to take away "the sin of the world", the hatred, the separation, the disunity between man and man, and religion and religion...

I thought some more about that sentence that night, and I realized that Maitreya-Ji took away the sin of my world, He made me to turn around towards God, He showed me how to live a correct life, he healed my sins by His Teaching and Guidance. As each person who comes to this Path, turns around from the world to God,there will be less sin in the world. So that is another way that we can say, full-heartedly about Maitreya-Ji, "Blessed is He who taketh away the sins of the world!"

Sal-Om, and thank you eternally Maitreya-Ji for showing me the Way,

A disciple.

* * *

Oh, indeed it was sooo great to see all of you for this year's Feast of Tabernacles. God's Grace is surely abundant during His Holy Days!

It seemed that the joy during this time of the year was enhanced by the moon's grand appearance in the skies of Albuquerque as well as the sun's (son's) :). We could not have been more blessed with the weather. That crisp New Mexico air makes one want to breathe and breathe and breathe! And, not to forget a surprising display of a meteor flashing brightly through the night sky as we observed from the deck of the Mission's Center!

The sharing of kirtan, prayer and meditation, and THOTH Readings is so ONE when we are focused on God! It cannot be explained, but felt so deeply in the heart, God is for sure the best Doer! And, in the sharing of Prasadam, we received the blessings from the food prepared by all. The service to the Community this year by cleaning up some of the city park area was not only fun but rewarding as we saw the beautification unfold. I also enjoyed walking through parts of the desert and discovering "new rocks"!

There were so many things that make good God memories of the Feast, but the most rewarding is the direct contact with the spirit of God through Maitreya-Ji and His teachings of unity. Maitreya's perseverance of the teachings of the Eternal Divine Path and His continued offerings to mankind with His endeavors, sparks the fire of continuity in the struggle "with God", to bring His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

I am humbly grateful to have the opportunity to be a small participant at the Feast of Tabernacles and look forward to see the vision manifest more and more each year. I give thanks to God for all who worked so hard to make this Feast, again, the Best Ever :)!


* * *


To use just words to attempt to describe the Holy Days of God, Feast of Tabernacles, is incredibly inadequate. That is why it is so important to actually participate wherever you are with the Mission and all the activities, lectures, and Satsangs. Sometimes just one line from a Satsang with Maitreya (GIWH), a knowing smile from another member or a message from someone online with the Mission room opens your heart and mind to greater and deeper levels of knowing God, and we actually dissolve our own ideas of self into The Greater Self.

When we all first gather and arrive, we jostle around to find our flow. After a couple of days the flow is more evident. By the end of the Feast, we are the Flow and there is no doubt left of God's Will for us. The confidence, assurance, and absolute Oneness is all there is. There is a 'hum' of perfection as we each are in sync with the other; no matter what we are doing. We blend; we dance; we are One.

Maitreya (GIWH) teaches us that we grow more spiritually during these 8 days than all year. It is True. It is our duty to take this energy to accomplish what we now know to wherever we are in the world and spread this Mission.

Thy Will Be Done.

* * *

To be able to attend the Feast is indeed a Blessing from God. Not only was it a Godly Feast but also it was a window through which one could see how it would be to live in the Communities of Light.

It is a Community where people want to share and help each other as much as they can and do God's Will; each according to their potentials. It is no wonder that people didn't want to leave, including myself, because it is unlike anything one has ever experienced. The Spirit was so High that one just wanted to stay there and continue the good (God) work.

There is no doubt that the Salvation of man lies within the Communities of Light as explained by Maitreya-Ji.

Thanks God for Your Son Whom You in Your Mercy sent to us to guide us to the Truth. May the Whole Universe See this Revelation and Rejoice!


* * *


This was my first Feast of Tabernacles. I wasn't able to be at the Mission to celebrate and so had to do with the Services of the Mission on PalTalk. Although PalTalk can never substitute actually being there, the Spirit came through beautifully!

During the Feast there was put emphasis on the Second Seal which of course is the Communities of Light. It was Great to have that much focus on one Seal. It gave you the possibility to contemplate on this part of The Greatest Sign but of course also its relation to the other Seals. This gave me a deeper understanding of the importance of the Communities of Light.

The Divines were incredible!! They enabled people around the world to participate in this last Feast of the year. They did it with so much Energy that you have no doubt where from this Energy comes! And they don't even take credit for it, they just say "All Thanks to God."

Maitreya (GIWH) again proved to all who had ears to hear that He is indeed the Mouthpiece of God! When He speaks it just amazes me how much Truth there is in His Words!! He is truly a Channel of God as we all should be!!

I often wonder how people cannot see Truth when they attend a Satsang by Maitreya (GIWH). Maybe they do see it but it scares them off. Don't be afraid! God IS... Good!!

Thanks God for this Wonderful Feast of Tabernacles!!

May the whole Universe see the Vision and do God's Will,

* * *


During the Feast, I was able to come together with others who share the Vision of the Mission. The faces were unfamiliar but the feeling of unity, the feeling of mutual compassion, and the feeling of united one-pointedness was very familiar. To me it was like finally blending with a warm flowing river. All the concerns regarding drowning was gone, because we were all One.

Leaving the Feast, and leaving the new family I received from God, was a very difficult task for me. But I am God's servant and there is no choice. God wrote us a letter when He wrote Samgacchadvam. We may be geographically apart but our hearts are inseparable.

I learned the true meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles. God's soil is fertile. We are the gardeners for God. Our goal is to take this new year and find the seeds within all humans. God is the rightful owner of these seeds, that will bloom into His Consciousness. And after we sow and plant, we can unite once again at the Feast of Tabernacles to share the Harvest.

Inspired poem!

* * *

The participation in the Feast of Tabernacles 2004 was a joy in the House of the Beloved.

Being able to nourish the soul's path towards the fulfillment of God's Plan is elevated more and more during the days of the Feast. The Community of Light revolves around the Eternal Divine Path and the commitment to sharing the teachings and working to be(come) Divine and to help others to do the same. Being bathed in the waters of The Word is a humble, grateful, and strengthening celebration of Oneness.

Maitreya's presence during Satsangs is for sure the nucleus of these teachings. His humility, grace, and joyful aura remains with us all.

Thanks to God for the Best Feast Ever...as Always.

* * *

If you took all the beautiful adjectives in the dictionary and put them together in a sentence it would still not come close to describing the wonder of this Feast of Tabernacles we just celebrated!

Every year we say it was the BEST Feast ever, and once again it is the Truth. The Truth is that God is the BEST and you could feel His Presence everywhere and in everything we did during this Feast. It flowed so naturally and beautifully. We seemed to dance around the Mission working together, praying together, singing together, meditating together, and rejoicing together. We were ONE in every sense of the word...gathered behind this Mission and God!

As for me, I feel my life will never be the same (praise God!). I know I am not the same person I was 9 days ago (before the Feast). I am renewed, my purpose in life is renewed and I believe I will become a better person, stronger than ever for this Mission.

Again I thank God for in His Mercy; He has rejuvenated my spirit and my life which in turn will effect others for the good God. May I become but a reflection of Him!

Inspired poem!

* * *

What a wonderful gift from God I received! I praise the Lord to have guided me to that Teaching, to the Mission of Maitreya, to the Path, the Eternal Divine Path. When we are all dedicated or concentrated on the Feast of the Lord, we really feel that this is the Will of God. This Teaching is the Will of God and to follow It brings a lot of joy and happiness. You know at that moment that you are at the right place in the universe, doing the Will of God. It is a great Source of Light for the Soul, calming and focusing the mind and spirit in God. It is like to be in a Divine Shower. I can say nothing else than "Thank You Father to have guided me to the Mission of Maitreya." Also, thanks God for all the Divine Brothers and Sisters you gathered under the same Goal of the Life, to be(come) Divine. Let us walk the Path all together.

Light, and Higher Thoughts will dawn on you, it is then that you know God is with you. Eventually the Goal will be achieved, you will be One. >> (THOTH, Holiest 1, Tab. 4, V. 21-22)

* * *

Quietness, oneness, harmony, peace are the words that come to me when I remember that wonderful Feast of Tabernacles 2003.

This is the wish I make for every person on the earth: To feel once in their life what it is to do what God wants us to do, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people; everyone focused on God, focused on the Goal, to be(come) Divine.

I received great gifts from God during that Feast and I thank God with all my body, my heart, my Soul. I know that God is always with me.

Let us find the Path, let us follow the Path, let us go to God!

* * *

The talent night of the Feast was a delight... seeing the creativity of God that poured through the Divines (Divines are those who serve the Mission). I was amazed that such a small group could manifest so much talent and express so much joy while doing it.

* * *

This Feast was so huge; I have to let it sink in and go deep in my Soul. Maybe by next Feast some of the depth and Glory of this Feast will be better understood. I am in Awe of God's Greatness.

This Feast was a Feast for humanity (The Universe), not just for the individual or our small group. Never in this era has humanity witnessed the Coronation of the King of Kings. This Feast was historical, Sacred, and Most unique ever. We are everyone at a whole new place in the progression of God's Plan - His Eternal Divine Path. God is Most Amazing and Compassionate. I only wish to be His Servant and humble myself to His Will. Tears of unspeakable Joy are shed for this Mission, Maitreya (GIWH), and where we are all going. All Glory to God. He is the Greatest. May humanity see this Vision and be Glorified in Him.

The inspiration, hope, and faith soars within as an eagle taking flight to heaven! Maitreya teaches God is our strength and He is the doer within us. I truly believe that nowhere on the face of this earth is there another time and place where God is praised, honored, given devotion, love, and service more than at this Mission. This is God's Feast.

* * *

I always enjoy the daily walking, while breathing in the fresh air of Rio Rancho and feasting my eyes with such magnificent views of those spacious blue skies that provide a most glorious backdrop to the purple shades of the Sandia Mountains. I can see why it has been predicted for the Messiah to establish Himself there!

Having filled my senses, I retreat back into that inner stillness where all of my senses are heightened, yet stilled by a presence of even greater magnitude. The stillness at the Mission is not comparable to any other I have ever experienced. A true meditative arena for the thirsty soul. I only pray that all can experience this communion with God.

It is especially nice to be able to meet the others from different parts of the country, and world, and to see the face behind the familiar voice that we connect with over the internet,all brothers and sisters in this great plan of God.

God is indeed, the Greatest.

* * *

What a wonderful Feast! For me the highlight of the whole Feast was the two-part lecture given by Maitreya on the Seventh Seal. That really brought home what a wonderful Mission God is doing! Thank God for His Revelation and for His Holy Days!!!

* * *

The Feast is always a time to reflect, reconnect, and re-establish our faith in God. It is a time to be with other like-minded people, a time to meditate, a time to laugh, and a time to share. The only thing I do not like about the Feast, is that it ends too soon! I do wish we could live like this all the time; that is our goal, to create Communities of Light and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

* * *

This feast, as usual, was a really great and Godly feast. We truly worked together as a community based on God. We had a lot a fun and learned a lot from giving and hearing the incredible lectures.

* * *

At the Feast time I lived a great joy when I met for the first time some members of the Mission. I knew them by their voices, through the Internet, but now I can put a face on these voices. Though we never met before this Feast we spent a week all together and shared the whole Feast as if we always knew each other. It was such a natural relationship. We were One in God so easily without endeavors. Now all of them have a place in my heart. One day a lot of people will live this Joy too in the Communities Of Light.

May these days come as soon as possible!

* * *

Sal-Om Maitreya-Ji,

We really had a good (God) Feast. For me, it was the best one ;). I felt so clean, so purified, and pure! My heart was expanded, and full of Love for everything and everyone! Love is really a Divine Grace. May I keep that tremendous feeling until the next Feast of Tabernacles and forever. I am so grateful to God to guiding me for all my life to be here and now in the Mission of Maitreya. It is actually the best place to be in the whole universe. May all people understand that pretty soon. Thanks God for sending Your First Begotten Son to the earth once more and to have permitted that I found Him and His Teachings. My only prayer to God is to be kept on the Eternal Divine Path and to continue to follow the Path, to sacrifice for that ideal and to become an Elect and eventually, by His Grace, to reach my Goal, the Pure Consciousness. And also to help others to find the Path and to follow it altogether in the Communities of Light. May His Kingdom come and humanity live in peace!

In the Love of God,

* * *

This year was the first time I went to the Feast of Tabernacles in the main center of the Mission of Maitreya.

Great days.

My first intention was to soak in the Energy of the Source.

And to bring it back overseas and become more and more a Wearer of the Light as Paravipras are.

And what happened?

This Feast was the most opened to the world I lived.

And we met a lot of people from all over the world through the Internet!

And a lot of Hearts received the Message at the speed of the Light!

Even ten kilometers upon the earth, in the airplane I was close to a very beautiful soul.

And we spent almost all our time in talking about THOTH, Maitreya's teachings and spiritual practices.

Also I have been impressed by the complete dedication of the members living in the Mission.

Dedication is not a vain word in their mouths.

May humanity follow their example and create a lot of places in the world where people can grow and progress in Communities Of Light.

And live in God's Peace, Harmony and Joy.

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid." (Matthew 5:14)

But those who continue their struggle and progress further in the path to become the light of the world will shine and they cannot hide it.

"Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house." (Matthew 5:15)

These people should accept their responsibilities to humanity and become a guiding light for them.

(THOTH - Commentaries on St. Matthew - Tablet Seven)

* * *

I was at home during the Holy Days this year. Not being physically present with my "Mission Community" is somewhat different as when I am with all there Singing the Universal Mantra and Dancing the Kirtan together. I did miss sharing in the most delicious, splendid meals that are prepared with such devotion, care, and joy. There are so many wonderful functions going on daily during the Feast. The days are filled with God!

However, wherever we are during the Holy Days it is a time to think about God and his creation and celebrate this in heart, spirit, and mind. And, as Maitreya tells us, "You are never alone..." We are always One in this spirit of unity whether we are present in New Mexico, or in our own home/centers in the US and other countries.

And, as our Teacher tells us, "God is the doer!" And, THOTH is always nearby on my desk for reference. The Mission reached out to many "truth seekers" during these eight days of our Feast of Tabernacles. Our Prayers are being answered; to reach as many people as possible and to tell them about The Greatest Sign; the greatest teaching on earth! This was the Feast for reaching out!

The Christ has returned and is here guiding humanity into the Golden Age!

In Faith,

* * *

Sal-Om (We pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you),

See you All next year!

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