Revelation or Theory!

I have recently been writing articles which might seem different than my normal writings such as THOTH, Supplements, etc. They seem to be more of an opinion than a Revelation directly from God. I have been writing on topics such as: The relationship between the Native Americans, the Mongoloid race in Asia, and the Turks; the possibility of aliens coming to Earth, especially in South America; etc. This might have confused some people: What happened to our old down-to-earth Revelation from God? These materials seem different. They do not have the backing and certainty of what we have been revealing for the last 30+ years.

The answer is that: Mission materials can be divided into two categories: Revelations and Theories. THOTH, Supplements, The Golden Keys, The Plan, and all our major writings and Satsangs are Revelations. They are the direct Word of God to humanity. However, my articles which talk about ideas that have yet to be proven are theories. They have the backing of God, but humanity has not verified them to be correct 100% scientifically, historically, etc. Most of these theories will be!

In fact, some of the theories and ideas I have been talking about during the last 30 years have already been proven to be true. The people around me during this time have heard these theories and have come up with a list of some of them:

  1. Hormones in food causing problems: For many years, I have been saying how the hormones and chemicals that are being added to our food for the last 30 years are affecting humans in many ways. However, it is only recently that many other people have started recognizing this, and even scientists are now confirming that these hormones and chemicals are affecting us. As an example, strong evidence is emerging that xenoestrogens are affecting sperm count and are one of the likely causes of the recent rise in infertility.
  2. The evolution of humans in many places on earth simultaneously: I have been talking about this for years (almost since the Mission started more than 30 years ago). Now we can see much evidence is being given to humanity that this theory might be a fact!
  3. The Flood of Noah might have, in part, been triggered by a meteorite: Now there is strong evidence that a meteorite smashed into the glaciers of the Ice Age and created havoc on earth around 12,000 years ago.
  4. The fall of Russia and its tilt towards a free market economy and capitalism: Of course, this one was an educated guess, as they had already passed the Shudran (laborer class) and Ksattriyan (warrior class) phases and were approaching the Vipran (intellectual class) era. The Vipras brought the next era, and since Vipras love the free market economy, the transition from the Vipran era to the Vaeshyan (business class) era was short. In fact, they have not completely entered the Vaeshyan era yet, as they are still half in the Ksattriyan era and half in the Vipran era. That might be why they did not suffer as much in the recent economic downturn as the West did! Their economy has not yet become saturated to the point of collapse.

    Actually, I wrote a paper when I was in college at Mississippi State University about the shortcomings of the Communist system and predicted that it would not work. It was later on, however, that I could see that its demise was coming soon, and it did.
  5. The economic collapse of the industrialized and free economy: This was another prediction I revealed years before it happened. This also was an educated guess, as was the fall of Communism. Anyone who knows Baba's teachings of PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) and our teachings about the four classes and the Cyclical Movements in this theory and explanation could have predicted this one also. However, I saw the telltale signs of it happening around 10+ years before it happened, when the customer was no longer the king and business organizations were concentrating on their maximization of profit not through customer service but through financial speculation and maneuvering.

    As I have explained many times: One of the characteristics of the business and market economy is that it has to expand. If it (a business) does not expand, it will fall behind and eventually a bigger business will take it over. The bigger become bigger, and the smaller are absorbed by the bigger, etc. In fact, the biggest companies become so huge that, as we saw in the financial collapse of the last few years, governments conclude that such companies are so big that the economy cannot afford to let them collapse and they have to be saved no matter the cost!

    The problem with expansion is that there is a limit. When an organization and/or business system reaches its saturation point, there is no way for it to expand but to artificially create ways to at least look like it is expanding. That is exactly what happened before the financial collapse of the nations with the free market economy. They reached their saturation point. They tried to go the route of looking like they are doing OK (expanding and making money, etc.) and eventually they were exposed and so came the huge collapse that no one seems to know what happened and how to fix (except us, who no one is listening to).

    However, the prediction was correct, and we know how this can be cured!

Besides these, we have also tried to help some people and suggested some actions to them which would have benefited them tremendously. For example, when I decided to stay in the US, it seemed there would be no one to take care of my aging parents in Iran. My parents expected me to return to be a part of their lives and take care of them. However, I had no choice but to stay here, as God made it very clear that this was His Will. The alternative I gave them to me going back to help them was that they sell everything and come and live with us in the US. That way we could easily take care of them, etc. Their wealth was significant enough to allow them to live comfortably in the US.

However, they did not listen to me, and a year later was the Iranian Revolution and their wealth plummeted. If they had listened and had brought their wealth with them to the US, their money would have been worth much more in Iran after the revolution, as the value of the dollar increased by probably around 200 times in that country. They could have gone back within a few years or so 200 times wealthier than they were before!

Even in the US, we encouraged many to come to Rio Rancho (a suburb of Albuquerque) and invest here. Many did not listen, and after the economic crash they lost a lot of money. They could have been in much better shape if they had listened, as the economy in New Mexico was not affected nearly as badly as other areas! Also, the property values in Rio Rancho are increasing or at least not decreasing as much as in other places in the US.

These are all to make the point that: What is said through this vessel has some merit and Truth to it. What I am saying might not appeal to the masses, and many might resist it. However, in the long run, many of these theories will be (and are being) proven to be facts.

So realize which parts of the Mission are Revelations and which parts are theories. What is Revelation is anything besides the articles I write for these Newsbriefs. What is written in most of these articles are theories. The articles that are Revelations are later included in our writings such as The Golden Keys, Supplements in THOTH, etc. As mentioned above, some of these theories have already been proven to be facts. Theories that have not been proven to be facts at this point, will be in the future.

Not only has God Blessed us with His Revelations and has Revealed the Mystery that has been hidden to humanity until now, but He has also given us the ability to see His way of dealing with social and economic situations (the cyclical movements, etc.). Besides all these, which by themselves are Amazing, He has granted us the Wisdom to Guide humanity in all aspects of their lives. Those who do not listen, as happened to my parents and those who did not come to New Mexico to invest, will suffer the consequences.

If you are not listening to God, you cannot complain about what happens to you. Remember you have free will. Only those who submit their free will to God have the right to expect the calamities to pass them over. There are Laws and Rules in the universe on how to receive the Grace (Holy Ghost). You cannot go against God's Will (Calling) and expect to receive the Blessing.

The Calling is to Listen to God and His Prophets (Scriptures, etc.). Do not fall for this world, Fall for God.

May God Be Praised and Followed in All Levels in human life.

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