Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast Of Tabernacles 2008

09/19/2008: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

1. What do you mean by "you?"

2. What is the difference between God in the absolute world and God in the material world?

3. What is this assisting the universe?

4. Will the New Order of the ages, the one world government as it is stated in THOTH (Children of Abram, tablet 18) come before the Communities of Light are created, or the Communities of Light have to be created first to choose the leaders?

5. Could you discuss more about Imam's service at this time?

6. I mean, Karim Aga Khan.If I love both of you, what is going to happen?I say because you are Prophet, he is called Imam.

09/16/2008: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

1. In reference to Esa the Christ, "He was in the world, and the world knew him not," also, "His own received him not." (John 1:11), is this the same world treatment that you, Maitreya, are currently receiving?

2. How can your Paravipras reverse this treatment and receive you, yet, this time?

3. Today's parents and grandparents, look at so many of their young and see them addicted to drugs, sex, money, spending, and crazy music. Parents are helpless to change the young and set them on a correct path. God looks at His children, addicted to the world and its Maya, and is not so helpless. He has His Plan.

4. How can we know and do God's Will during this time of pause between His Revelation of the Eternal Divine Plan and the sundering?

5. I like Jesus and he said God's Will is always done in heaven and "likewise" on earth (my interpretation). I believe the surrendering is important because we do not know what the best way is.

6. What is the meaning of "opening of the Seventh Seal"?

7. Do you know the thoughts of every human being in the world, Maitreya?

09/14/2008: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

1. What balance should I aim for between the Kingdom Of Heaven Within and building the Communities of Light? Is within a greater priority than Community?

2. Please assist me in viewing God's Mercy and Compassion in allowing mankind to suffer in the approaching sundering that is inevitable.

3. Can we say that it is not only just God bringing the tribulation on humanity, but humanity not knowing the Laws of the universe or the set-up of these words and what is the purpose of life, going
against the Laws, bringing the tribulation on themselves by being ignorant of this, of the reality behind this universe?

4. What do you think the "all-seeing-eye" means?

5. Maitreya, repent from your sins and believe in Jesus Christ the savior before it will be too late for you.

6. What is the best way to remain in a meditative state of mind all the time, so that we choose the right action according to His Will?

7. Can you explain what Lucifer is actually?

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