Schedule For The
Feast Of Tabernacles 2021


UN, Maya 22-23, 012004 MC
(Mission dating and timing)
Monday, September 27, 2021


Mountain Daylight Time

Mission Time


Broadcast Online?

5:30 AM - 6:30 AM

11:30 Night - 00:30 Day

Kirtan, The Reminder, Samgacchadvam, Collective Meditation, Divine Path

-Broadcast on Paltalk-**

6:30 AM - 5:30 PM

00:30 Day - 11:30 Day


(If not rounding, rest, yoga, meditation, prayer, etc. - Sabbath)

-Broadcast on Paltalk-**


5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

11:30 Day - 00:30 Night
(Maya 23 Begins)

Kirtan, The Reminder, Samgacchadvam, Collective Meditation, Divine Path

-Broadcast on Paltalk-**

6:30 PM - 6:45 PM

00:30 Night - 00:45 Night

Candle Ceremony***


6:45 PM - 8:00 PM

00:45 Night - 02:00 Night

Dinner (with candles)


*Rounding: continuous "rounds" of a full service throughout the day without stopping. Each round consists of Kirtan for twenty minutes, followed by The Reminder, Samgacchadvam, 30 minutes of collective meditation, and Divine Path.

Everyone comes together for the first round at 5:30 AM (11:30 Night of previous day).  Then each group (previously chosen) takes turns doing a round, for one round each.  (Of course, individuals from the other groups can always join for more/other rounds.  Doing all the rounds, for the full day, is an intense and wonderful spiritual experience!)  Finally, everyone comes back together again at 5:30 PM (11:30 Day) to do the last round.

**The rounding for the last day of the Feast (Holy Convocation) is one of the only two times during the year (the other is Passover) when we broadcast a recording of service led by Maitreya himself!

***Candle Ceremony: Everyone takes an unlit candle.  One by one, each person reverently bows before Maitreya's (GIWH) chair (or an altar, etc. if you are not at the Mission Center).  There are lit candles at the foot of Maitreya's chair, and each person lights their candle from those lit candles before returning to the group (you can see a brief example of this process in this video, which was also of Maitreya's Coronation).  We receive the Light (Truth, Salvation) from Maitreya, and take that Light with us in order to spread it to the world during the year, until the next Feast!

If you felt to do so, you may also bring a flower to place at Maitreya's feet (or your altar, etc.) during the Candle Ceremony.

After the ceremony, we take our lit candles to the dining room for a candlelight dinner (example 1, example 2).  We eat by the Light we have received!

Feast officially ends at 6:00 PM (00:00 Night, Maya 23).

Please email your comments/suggestions/testimonials about the Feast to:

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