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Search the Website, For Questions You Might Have, From Any Page: Now you can search for the answer to any question you might have about the Mission and/or our teachings from any page in this website. Just enter your question in the search box on the left and click "Search."

Add Your Email to Our Mailing List: Now you can easily add your email to our mailing list. Just enter your email address into the "Email" box on the right side of the page and click ok. Follow the instructions on the next page. You will receive our Newsletter/brief and any other interesting information we might send to the people who are interested in the Mission and our activities.

Recent Financial Collapse and the Cure According To Our Teachings:

The recent financial meltdown in the US and the world is another sign of tribulation and disaster coming to humanity. The old ways of dealing with this situation will no longer work. In this article it is explained what will work and why. It is the New Way which is a part of our teachings!  

If Seven people gather together: On 3/1/2008 (March 1st, 2008 or Adam 1st, 011991 MC) Maitreya stopped giving public Satsangs (discourses). However, He will make an exception for those who can gather seven (7) sincere people together and ask Maitreya to come and talk to them (give Satsang).

An exception to this is the Feast Of Tabernacles when Maitreya, for a few sessions, will participate in the Paltalk chat room (All Religions Unified - see Feast Schedule for 2008). He also will give nightly Satsangs at the Feast, if more than seven people are attending the Feast.

Our Books on THOTH and The Plan are now listed on Anyone can go to their website and search "BOOKS" and type in The Holiest Of The Holies. The listing will come up with ISBN numbers and a brief introduction about THOTH.

It is easier to find The Plan if the name Maitreya is added on the search line as it narrows the field and The Plan can be found easily. It also has a brief introduction describing the two booklets, MAP and The Light.

Persian Files/Web: We now have a section dedicated to Persian files. Not only is the Message Maitreya made recently in Persian for people that speak the Persian language (read the post below) in this section, you also will find the base of our teachings in Persian there. Also our system, which has been written by Maitreya Himself in the Persian language, hasbeen posted in digitized form in this section (more than 120 pages).

We hope this will help our brothers and sisters who speak Persian to become familiar with our teachings and system. We look at these pages as a starting point and hope people who speak Persian will take the challenge and translate the rest of our teachings to the Persian language for the greater good of those who speak and understand only that language!

Maitreya's Message in the Persian Language: There has been a request from people in Iran that Maitreya send them a Message (Payam) in the Persian (Farsi, Iranian) language. He complied and now you can hear this Message, download it (right click and save), make CDs and distribute it, and/or download the MP3 version of it to use in CD players and/or other devices that use this format. Click Payam for more detail.

Poster of The Greatest Sign Over the Earth: One of our members created a beautiful poster of The Greatest Sign over the earth. We have made two versions of it: A smaller version, which will be sent free with any purchase of the materials we offer, and a larger version (22'' X 33''), which you can buy. The larger ones are in the Visual Aid section of our e-commerce (Store). The posters are stunning and mind-expanding!

Free Introductory CD: The Mission now has a free (just ask for it) Introductory CD. Send an email to

The CD contains audios of the Letter To Humanity, Introduction to the Mission, and an explanation of the Mission by Maitreya himself. Or you can download all the audios in one file (right click download and save the file to your computer). Our contacts and those who are helpers of the Mission can ask for copies to distribute in their local areas, at conventions, seminars, spiritual gatherings and in whatever outlet they can reach out to humanity to hear this Message. Send email to

Further Clarifications Room: Since the Revelations were finished in our last monthly gathering, we will have monthly "Further Clarifications" sessions starting from August 4th, 2007. These sessions are to further explain and clarify the teachings. Maitreya will be available in these monthly gatherings only to answer any questions left or to clarify and further explain the teachings. These sessions also are for those who want to see where their religion falls into these teachings and/or would like to discuss, debate, and/or challenge Maitreya and His teachings.

We invite all people to come, study with us, debate the teachings, argue, and challenge what God has sent to humanity. We have the last Revelation from God and we would like all to see this, join, and help to bring His Kingdom on earth.

The Last Revelation from God: The last Revelation was given 7/7/07: A new format started 6/2/07, where the Voice of God Revealed new Revelations. It finished 7/7/07 (only two sessions). In these two Revelations, God Revealed many things, confirmed the Mission of Maitreya, warned humanity of the last days, and finished 30 years of Revelations from 1977 to 2007. Listen/Read these two Revelations and marvel at their depth and Truth that God has Blessed humanity with. God Indeed Is Amazing.

Letter to the Leaders and People of the World:On March 2, 2007, we sent a letter to the leaders and influential people, and all of humanity. We thank everyone who participated and sent their suggestions to the Mission to be included in the letter. The eventual form of the letter has already been sent out. So read the letter and if you like what you see, send it to as many people as you can! Also as it is suggested in the letter, translate it to all the languages that you can, so we can cover all of humanity. So no one is left who has not received this last Message.

Fulfillment Project: We are trying to gather the expectations ofeach religion on how their Messiah will act and fulfill things that they expect to happen. We will gather these expectations and will decide which ones are from God and will try to fulfill them as God has envisioned them to be Fulfilled. So if you know of any of these expectations in your religion and/or other religions, send them to:

Release of The Holy Name (The Word): The Holy Name (The Word) has been released to the public so that The Elects are known faster and so they can come forward to be counted as such!

Maitreya's genetic family tree: Here is another proof (besides genealogy, Prophecies, Teachings, Scriptures, etc.) that Maitreya is indeed connected to the Hebrew race. His genetic tests to find His family tree confirm this link.

Streaming video in Google: The Mission now has a Video playing on Google Video! We have been working on this project and it has now been approved by Google. Thanks God for more Mission outreach and spreading of this Message to humanity! Check it out!

Call to Prayer: We have been using a gong sound to call people to our daily and weekly prayer, Collective Meditation, and Transmission Meditation. Now we have decided to make this call more universal and use an audio which combines sounds from the four major religions on earth (Mystical Paths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam) to Call to Prayer.

We found out that religions after this four religions had not brought any new way to call to prayer. That is why we used what these four religions brought to humanity to create ours. This of course is God's doing, as we know the Spiritual Revelation is finished with the fourth Seal. Now God has Revealed the Call to Prayer for His Last and Final Revelation. So here is how this Call to Prayer is constructed: After this audio is played (sample 1 and 2), we read the words we now have in the Mission as the "Universal Call to Prayer." You can hear some samples which combine the Universal Call to Prayer and the audio clips together: 1, 2, 3, 4.

We found the clips we used to combine and create the universal audio to Call to Prayer by searching the Internet. If you have (or find) better clips for any of these four religions (or any audio to call to prayer for any religion), please send them to Thanks.

New facts and information about Baha'is and the Mission: We have been receiving some interesting facts and discoveries about the Baha'is. You can see how God is working toward greater understanding that this Mission indeed is from God. It also proves that God exists and is in charge.

The Third and Final Declaration of Maitreya: This is the third and Final Declaration of Maitreya. It finalizes His Mission. It is a document of historical significance. His Revelation for humanity is indeed done. Now it is time to spread and implement this Revelation and God's Plan. There have been first and second Declarations before this one.

Explanation of the Rosary: We now have a video that explains how to use the Mission's Rosary. You can listen to it and/or download it to your computer for future reference. You can find the link in the explanation of the Mission Rosary Page.

Seventh Angel: A visual explanation of the Kingdom of God on earth and the place of the Seventh Angel in His Plan and His Kingdom!

Who is one of the Antichrists:Many people have accused us as being the Antichrist. We have fulfilled the Prophecies and have Revealed the Words of God. Now we reveal to you who really is one of the Antichrists!

Pronunciation of the words in the Mission: There are many words in our teachings that most of you are not familiar with. Some of them are Sanskrit words, some Arabic, Persian, or from other languages. These words are in the Glossary of THOTH in our website. So if you find a word(s) that you do not know how it is pronounced, go to the Glossary of THOTH in the website, go to the letter it starts with, and find that word. There should be a graphic of a speaker in front of that word. Click on it to hear the pronunciation.

If you find a word that you do not know how it is pronounced and there is no audio for it in the web, let us know the word and we will add an audio for it to the Glossary. If there is a word used in the Mission and it is not listed in the Glossary of THOTH, let us know and we will add it. If you also would like to have an audio pronunciation for it, let us know.

Search for Topics Maitreya has given answers to: Now you can search for all topics that Maitreya has answered in His Discourses (Satsangs) since 1999. Go to our e-commerce welcome page, click Enter, and on the next page, at the top right side of the main page, enter the topic you are interested in into the search box and click "Go". If you did not find your answer, send an email (with your questions) to the Mission.

Audios of Maitreya's lectures: Listen to, or download, Maitreya's Audio Files. These are Satsangs (Discourses) Maitreya has given in our PalTalk conference room, or they are His conversations with people in our PalTalk rooms called Maitreya, Conversation With or Maitreya, Calling Elects.

Download Discourses (Satsangs) given by Maitreya: Now you can download audios of some of the Satsangs given by Maitreya. These are the ones which have been edited and are broadcast 24 hours a day in our room in PalTalk. We will add more to these Satsangs for download as they become available. You can also order the videos of these audio files. The videos are too large to provide them for download.

Second Announcement or Declaration (October 26, 1996): Maitreya announces His Presence on earth, again (He did this once at 1982). Here is the Message He sent to a few News Groups on the Internet. Read it in the section: Who Is Maitreya.

He came in 1982, as was Promised (First Announcement or Declaration): We set up new pages for everyone to see that we are the only organization which announced the presence of Maitreya among us in 1982, as it was foretold to the whole world. This Fulfills the Prophecy:

"For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" (Bible, Matthew 24:27).

His coming indeed was announced in the West and in the East. Although He cometh from the East, He shineth in the West. His presence was announced from the West unto the East!

First Announcement and/or Declaration: Maitreya announced His presence on earth in 1982. That was His first declaration to humanity and His Call to them to Join Him!


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