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It is not the physical ability. It is not financial ability. It is spiritual and mental strength that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Maitreya


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Actualized Person: a person who knows the Self and is aware of what he can and cannot do. He is content with what he is without relying on others' approval or disapproval.


Sal-OM M.O.M.

I officially applied to lease some property in the mountains to start a MOM Center retreat. It is in the process of being approved. Things in the Middle East work a little differently than in the West so the progress is a little slower. However, All Thanks To God, slowly but surely it is progressing and if it's God's Will, it will manifest.

I will also move the Center to a bigger place in which I will have separate rooms for yoga and meditation, biofeedback tools, counseling sessions, etc. So this month I spent some time and energy to become prepared for the move. Because of being in a smaller city and because the majority here are fundamental Muslims, things have been a little slow, but now the people are actually starting to recognize me and the Center as a reliable source to obtain help. So things are improving, ATTG!

Other than these, this month I spent most of my time in studying the teachings to realize things in deeper levels. I was also reading and checking the Turkish website for spelling errors, etc. It's amazing! Every other time I read it, the teachings make even more sense :)

Also, while listening to the All Religions Unified room in PalTalk, I happened to record a HOSH Mantra chanting. The recording came out fairly good with the reading and the HOSH mantra chanting in the background. So I can suggest to those who are willing to try, to play a HOSH mantra chanting while doing a reading. With a couple of others we will try to add HOSH chanting to the background of the audio recordings we have for

Thanks God for giving us the opportunity to constantly improve ourselves, His Work and even be a part in improving the whole earth. ATTG!


Testimonial in video:


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New Jerusalem link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/New-Jerusalem/141/58/27 Second Life continues to evolve! See new fish, birds, trees and the Temple. Even if you are not too savvy in SL, simply going to New Jerusalem, listening to the wind in the trees, gazing at the ocean and calming the mind will be a wonderful meditation experience. Give it a try!

(Mandalas children love investigating all the new additions in New Jerusalem. The children will see!)


Mark your calendar! MOM Room will be July 18th, 7:00 PM Mountain Time Zone this month in PalTalk, Religious groups/interfaith. Unus will be the facilitator this month. Click HERE for the audio from last months discussion.


How big is the Universe? An exercise in thought such as the one presented in this video can really allow folks to SURRENDER so much of their worries and feel secure that, in the big picture, the Divine takes care of it all. See Video And,,, God is infinitely more than this! - A great exercise in expansion of the mind.

So, here is a question: How small are your problems?

Are there deadly superbugs in your pork? Scientists are discovering the WHY of Gods command to not eat pork! It is not good to eat the garbage cleaners of the earth and God had a very good reason behind His Command!

Once a while we receive emails from one of our friends, who want to stay anonymous, that usually are very useful. This one is one of them and we thought you might benefit from it and strengthen your Faith. We indeed are on the right Path. M

We are looking for people who would like to write articles for this Newsbrief and our Newsletter. There are many topics in the Mission that can be used to write about, such as: Testimonials; inspiring insights about the Mission Teaching; prophecies coming true before our eyes; World events which confirm this Message; Meditation, Communities of Light; our System; etc.

The goal is to present articles and creative endeavors in ways to not only promote these Teachings, but to inspire and intrigue others to seek out more information at the Mission Website.

NEW DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES IS THE 10TH OF THE MONTH Please send them to: Shirin@maitreya.org


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Attending the Feast of Tabernacles this year requires an Application for Approval. Due to a limit of 10 at the present location and also because we want to reserve the attendance for those who are sincerely interested in the Mission and Eternal Divine Path, anyone interested should send a request to: Feast@maitreya.org

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Deadline is August 1st.


Video testimonials! Unus recently submitted a beautiful video on Why I think Maitreya is the Christ! Click HERE to view.

If you feel inspired to make your own Testimonial video, please send it to: Testimonial@maitreya.org

These testimonials might be added to an upcoming video being made by Mandala (with your permission of course).

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