June 08, Issue 6



Meditate on where you are, where you want to go, and why you cannot go where you really want to be. Then eliminate the obstacles in your path. Eliminate the things that are keeping you from going there, one by one. Any one you break down and you eliminate, you are one step closer to your goal of where you want to be.

That is a part of being in the stillness in our meditation. Put your question in that stillness. What is it that makes me not to go all the way? What is keeping me? In that stillness you will see, "Yes, that is what is keeping me. That is why I am not going where I am supposed to go."

Satsang with Maitreya  2-02-08


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Meditation: the process of directing attention from going outward to going inward.

In Sanskrit the word for meditation is "sadhana," which means, "struggle." So it is a process of struggling to know the self, the relationship of the self with the universe, and overcoming those forces which are in our way toward the goal to be(come) Divine.

Meditation is not escapism, but an all-out and in struggle to overcome all kinds of evil (tamasic) influences.

God and self-realization are not for those who want to escape the struggling but are for those who are soldiers of the Lord.  

LETTER M, Glossary of THOTH


The biggest news from Turkey this month is that there may be a possibility to rent a fairly large land area with some properties/buildings on it from the government in order to start a MOM Center Retreat. The land is close to a tiny village up on the hills surrounded by pine tree forests and has good quality drinking water, natural springs and good air. Meetings with governmental officials are still in progress and hopefully will give Fruit by next week. God knows the best and the results are His. 

Since we now have THOTH listed in amazon.com, I attempted to put THOTH and the Mission on Wikipedia.com; however, the articles were deleted pretty quickly under their criteria for ‘speedy deletion’.  The facts were stated very objectively, but Wikipedia says it is a blatant advertisement. If so, they should delete the Bible and the Koran, etc. because the article about THOTH was pretty similar in context and format to the other Scriptures.  But, of course, they would first have to accept THOTH as Scripture and Maitreya as the Christ.  I suggest that we let them be, until more people write articles about the Mission, Maitreya and THOTH, etc. on a volunteer basis.  God said His Kingdom would come so It will, and when It does, most parts of the encyclopedias will have to change anyway! 

All thanks to God for THOTH, the Mission and The Maitreya.  They are for sure the Light of the world.  ATTG!!! 




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After what seemed to be a never-ending period of waiting for the new island to be delivered in SL, it has been done.  The island name in SL is New Jerusalem that you can either search for in SL or use this link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20Jerusalem/141/58/27  



Mark your calendar!   MOM Room will be June 20th, 7:00 PM Mountain Time Zone this month in Paltalk, Religious groups/interfaith. Mandala will be the facilitator this month.   


Singles:  During a recent conversation about singles in the Mission and the issues involved with meeting someone who will accept the Teachings, an idea came up about starting a singles group for Mission members.  If you are single and desire not to be, maybe this will assist in finding that other half.  It is set up to be an international group, so your location will not be a limiting factor.

Here is the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/missionsingles 

“Good luck to all the singles in the Mission.  May you all find your spouses and bring many children who will bring great Fruits to the Mission and God.”



Wikia Search launches the hackable search engine

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales' latest experiment: wiki-style search results. If you do a search on the engine and don't like the results, you'll be able to change them--for everybody.

Tue, Jun 03 06:00:00 PDT 2008 | Read full story   

Now, anyone can add many selections from the Mission Teachings to this Wiki Search Engine! 

Added so far - The Greatest Sign, The Seventh Angel, The Holiest of the Holies, The Temple, End Times, Prophecies Fulfilled, God Is Calling You, Letter to Humanity, Maitreya.

Be creative with inserting search topics and click to add links with unlimited information about our Mission!  



Scrolling License Plate Flash Frames are an incredible new accessory for any car!  The E-Plate features a lighted, scrolling message display built into a license plate frame.  Flash Frames allow you to express yourself while on the road or stuck in traffic.



NOTICE:  Attending the Feast of Tabernacles this year requires an Application for Approval.  Due to a limit of 10 at the present location and also because we want to reserve the attendance for those who are sincerely interested in the Mission and Eternal Divine Path, anyone interested should send a request to:  Feast@maitreya.org

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Our Books in Amazon.com:

The THUS SPEAKS MAITREYA series is newly listed in Amazon.com.  THOTH and The Plan are already listed and now also have the ‘Search Inside’ feature added.  Anyone browsing Amazon can click and read a short part of each book and see the Table of Contents.  


Any suggestions to improve Mission outreach, creative ideas, and interesting links are welcomed!



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