Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. A large amount of changes and additions have been made to Golden Keys 7. These changes range from small grammatical improvements up to a new question answered by Maitreya. An article will be written about this for the January 2010 Newsbrief. The changes are too numerous to list here; if you need to know the specifics, please email a request to


  1. Some very small corrections were made to the Copyright and Privacy Policy pages, mostly dealing with grammar. A few outdated sentences dealing with the e-commerce site and Newsbrief were also updated.


  1. Took cellphone number off of our New York contact as the phone has been disconnected.

  2. Added "Best time to contact" section to Massachusetts contact.

  3. In the Categories page, near the bottom, a small change was made to the following sentence: "If anything is unclear, or you have any questions about the system, please email us at" The words 'the system' used to be 'this change'.


  1. Additional changes and corrections made to the Feast Information page.

  2. A link to the 2008 Welcome Message was placed at the bottom of the 2009 Welcome Message page.

  3. In THOTH, Readings (The Koran), Tablet 1: In Verse 7, the last word of the last sentence, "progress.", was missing. It is now corrected.


  1. Added several paragraphs to the Feast Information page explaining a new policy about pricing and having more than ten people attend. An article about this will be published in the January 2010 Newsbrief.


  1. Corrected an error in the article in the December Newsbrief about updates to the Danish translations. The updated translations are actually in Dutch. A correction will be published in the next Newsbrief about this.


  1. In THOTH, Commentaries on St. Matthew, Tablet 21: At the bottom of the page, (Matthew 13:35)) was changed to (Matthew 13:35) (one of the ')' was taken out).

  2. In THOTH, Commentaries on St. Matthew, Tablet 22: Near the top of the page, (Mat 13:41) was changed to (Matthew 13:41).

  3. Made many small formatting changes to Newsflash, Newsflash Index, and Newsflash 2008 pages.

  4. Corrected some outdated information on Newsletter/Newsbrief page.


  1. Updated many links in the Powerpoint meditation classes that were no longer working.

  2. Added several links between the Powerpoint meditation classes to make them easier to navigate.

  3. Added that Thursday and Saturday services also occur in the mornings to the Conference Room Activities page.


  1. Deleted several pages and files that appeared to be no longer used and not needed. If you notice that something on the website is suddenly not working anymore, please email and let us know.

  2. Deleted information about live video streaming from Video Streaming page, as this is no longer happening.

  3. Made many formatting corrections to Supplemental Divines pages: See index of these pages here.

  4. Made improvements to the wording of the Shield of Approval application process page. It should now be clearer and simpler.

  5. Took off all websites on the Websites by Others page that have not received a Seal/Shield of Approval. If your website was previously on this page, and you would like it returned, please apply for a Shield of Approval for your page (read the process to apply).


  1. Added Record of Changes page.

  2. Added new contact for North Carolina.

  3. Changed phone number for Massachusetts contact.

  4. Made many small grammatical and formatting corrections to Past News page.

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