Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. A link to the Paltalk Express version of our Paltalk room ("Join us in our room on Paltalk") has been added to the "Quick Links" section at the bottom of most pages on the website.

  2. A new link has been added to the "Free" section at the bottom of most pages on the website, linking to our new Videos and Classes section. This section will include all video classes (yoga, Pilates, etc.) as well as other videos created for the Mission and Mission activities.


  1. Finished updating the website to reflect the Feast 2010 recordings. Most importantly, consolidated several different pages of lectures and added the 2010 lectures to the Lectures By Disciples page, and made several more additions to the Feast announcement page, such as adding a link to the Lectures By Disciples page and making a few changes to the links and wording at the bottom of the page.

  2. Added a new Paltalk widget to our Paltalk Room page which allows users to click on it and join our Paltalk room through their web browser. Anyone can add this widget to their web page, blog, etc. by copying and pasting the code at the bottom of this page (under "Don't have room for the widget or just prefer..." and then "Get Embed Code").



  1. Added all Feast recordings (Sessions With Maitreya, welcome message, talent night, lectures, readings, etc.) to FTP site (mostly under the 2010 Feast folder) and began updating the website accordingly (for example, the Feast announcement page). More links to these recordings will be added to the website over the next week.



  1. Updated the website (especially the Paltalk broadcasting section) to reflect the changes to our Paltalk rooms (closing all but our main room) as was announced in our October 2010 Newsbrief.



  1. On the transcript of Maitreya's Lecture on the First Seal page, links have been added to the Part I and Part II audios of the lecture and to the Powerpoint presentation. Some small formatting and other corrections have also been made.


  1. Our contact in Malaysia has been removed from the Contacts in Asia page, as it seems he is no longer with us.


  1. The wording of the Mission's Paltalk Rooms page has been slightly updated.

  2. The daily schedule for the 2010 Feast Of Tabernacles has been posted and can be accessed from the Feast Announcement page.


  1. The entire website has been moved to a new server. You should notice no differences except that loading of pages, etc. should be significantly faster now. However, if you do notice that something seems to be changed or broken, please let us know at

  2. We have recently discovered that our rooms in Paltalk have their own pages on Paltalk's website! We have added links to these pages to the Conference Rooms on Paltalk page.



  1. A new page, the Guidelines for Reports page, has been created. It provides guidelines for what should and should not be included in reports for our Newsbrief. Links to this page have been added to the website, and will be added to the Newsbrief from now on.


  1. A new section has been added to the Testimonials/Inspirational page, called Interesting Facts, with one entry so far called Do We Have As Much Sense As a Goose?

  2. The subtitle of the Newsflash page has been slightly changed to be more accurate.


  1. A note was added to the Social Networking page explaining that social networks are an exception to the rules concerning the Seal of Approval.


  1. A link to the new By Disciples section on the FTP site has been added to the By Disciples page.


  1. A link to the Audio Setup section provided by GoToMeeting, an excellent resource for anyone having trouble speaking or hearing in the GoToMeeting program, has been added to the MOM Members Room page.



  1. The new Mission of Maitreya group on the social network Care2 has been added to the Mission's Presence on Social Networks page.


  1. On our website, we had two spellings of Samgacchadvam: Samgachadvam (with one c) and Samgacchadvam (with two c's). These have now all been changed to Samgacchadvam, with two c's, as that seems to be the more well-accepted spelling.


  1. The new weekly live meditation class (every Monday at 7 PM MST) has been added to the meditation classes schedule on the Conference Room Activities page.



  1. Some minor information has been added/clarified on the Shield of Approval example and explanation pages.

  2. A few websites have been removed from the websites by members page, as they have been or will soon be taken down.


  1. Some changes have been made to the organization of the Native American prophecies section. Also, the coloration and formatting of the Prophecy Rock Hopi prophecy has been corrected. The other Native American prophecies still have many problems left over from the last time we updated the menus, and will be corrected when we get the chance.

  2. In the essay in Supplements of THOTH, Passing of the Scepter, some of Maitreya's writings were in the same formatting as the quotes from the Bible, and were difficult to distinguish. They are now in the correct formatting.

  3. In Revelation of the Revelation in THOTH, Tablet 32, the first five quotes from Revelation (20:10-15) were in the wrong order. They are now in the correct order (this is only in the online version, they are correct in the book).


  1. The Newsbrief archives page has been somewhat redesigned. It now looks much cleaner.

  2. On the Maitreya's pictures/videos page, the first sentence was changed from "I present the Spirit, God" to "I represent the Spirit, God." Also, the "videos" link at the bottom of the page now goes to the videos folder in the FTP site, where many videos of Satsangs by Maitreya have recently been uploaded.


  1. Several points have been added/emphasized in the instructions to use GoToMeeting on the MOM Members Meeting page.


  1. A new page has been created explaining the All Star award we received from Constant Contact.

  2. The All Star logo has been added to several pages on the website and to the emails we send out to our mailing list (our Newsbrief, various reminders, etc.).



  1. A link to the Alif of the Greatest Name article has been added to the Baha'i Prophecies page.


  1. Many broken links throughout the website have been discovered and corrected. If you find any other broken links, please let us know at Thank you.


  1. The Broadcasting section has been slightly reorganized. Also, the "Broadcasting" section on the top menu has been expanded and given a drop-down selection, so you can reach more of the pages using the menu.


  1. A new Satsang transcript, the 04/09/2005 Conversation with Maitreya, has been added to the website.


  1. Added an item to the How to Help the Mission list dealing with using social networking.


  1. Slightly reorganized the menu item Literature --> Discourses From The Feast Of Tabernacles, to make it consistent with other menus. Also fixed several links in the right-side manu that seem to have been broken for a while. If you find any other broken links or problems with the menus, please let us know at


  1. A new Satsang, the 10/04/2009 Question and Answer session from the Feast of Tabernacles, has been added to the website. The link to the Question and Answer sessions from the Feast of Tabernacles page has been updated to 2009, and linked to this page.

  2. Corrected the Recent Site Changes link in the footnotes section (at the bottom of nearly all pages on the website), which had been broken for some time.



  1. On the Swastika index page, the link to the website of the Friend of Swastika was broken. It is now working again.


  1. Several changes have been made to the calendar section of the website to improve its navigation and usability. Most importantly, a link has been added to an Excel spreadsheet version of this year's calendar, so people can download it to their computer, print a physical copy, etc. The link can be found on the Introduction page.


  1. The footnotes sections (seen at the bottom of nearly all pages on the website) have been completely revamped. They have been condensed into a single footnotes section and reorganized. We feel this is a great improvement stylistically and also improves the ease of use of the website. ATTG.


  1. A new page has been created listing the Mission's presence on social networks. Please take a look at the list, and if we are missing anything, let us know at Also, if you start any new Mission pages on social networks, please let us know, or mention it in a report for the Newsbrief, so we can add them to this page.

  2. Formatting corrections and updates were made to the Feast announcement page and the Newsbrief latest/archives page.


  1. A new footnote section has been added to the bottom of most pages on the website. In this section, we will place important links which are not easily accessible using the normal menus and navigation. This will make the website even easier to use. We will continue to add links to this section as necessary.

  2. The Mission's Privacy Policy has been reviewed and updated. No changes in policy were made, but several outdated/misplaced paragraphs were removed or corrected.



  1. Maitreya has added another question and answer to the "Marriage and Sexuality" section of Golden Keys 7.


  1. Most pages on the website have been reviewed and many of the errors caused by the menu have been corrected. However, we are sure there are more, so please continue to look for problems and send them to

  2. Many formatting errors have been corrected in Golden Keys 1, 2, 3, and 7. These pages should now look much better in all browsers.

  3. The color of the hyperlinks in the website has been changed. Hyperlinks are now by default a dark gold, changing to an orange gold if the link has already been visited. While your mouse is hovering over the link, it becomes a light blue. These colors make hyperlinks easier to read than before, and are also very beautiful. All thanks to God.


  1. Over the last week, reworked many parts of the main menus of the site (on the top, right, and left of most pages on the site). Also added a link to the Record of Changes page (this page) to the bottom links (links on the bottom of most pages). The menus are still being updated and perfected. Also, many things have been messed up by the menu updates, and are now being fixed. Please bear with us as we get everything working and looking nice again.

  2. Re-did, added, and deleted some pages of the website to reflect the new menu changes. The pages are all small and probably not important enough to translate; however, for a list of changes, email

  3. The non-English translation websites (French, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish) have now been completely deleted. The new unofficial Turkish translation website can be found at We are still looking for translators to take over the other languages (and start new language translations as well). If interested, please read this page and email

  4. Formatting and a few other very small corrections/changes were made to the Major Religions Prophecies section.



  1. Many more very small corrections were made to Golden Keys 1, 2, 3, and 7. For a list of changes for translation, please email


  1. Removed our California contact from the US contacts page, as he is no longer a contact for the Mission.


  1. A new tithe/donation page has been created. This page allows anyone to easily donate or set up tithes or recurring donations. This page will eventually be added to the main website menu, and there will be an article in the February 2010 Newsbrief about it.

  2. Two notes were added to the bottom of the Cherokee Time Untime prophecy page, to reflect our findings on the legitimacy of the prophecies mentioned there.


  1. A few more small changes and corrections, mostly grammatical, have been made to Golden Keys 7. For a list of the changes, please email a request to


  1. Fixed a small formatting problem on the Feast Announcement page.


  1. On the pictures/video/audio of Maitreya page: "Would you like to hear much longer Videos of Maitreya" now says "To hear much longer videos of Maitreya:". Also, at the very bottom, "Audio of the monthly Satsang (Discourses)" now says "Discourses by Maitreya playing 24/7" and "conversation with Maitreya" is now "conversations with Maitreya".

  2. Updated all the links on the different versions of the Koran page so that they work again. The website it was linking to still exists, but had moved from its previous location. The same thing was done to one link on the More Evidence page, in the Islam section ("There are different Arabic versions even today").

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