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<1>There is a gift which binds your Soul, and there is a gift which frees you.

<2>Do not accept those gifts which bind you, but only the ones which free your Soul.

<3>Like everything else, gift-giving is of three kinds. When a gift is given to the right person, at the right time, at the right place (with the right ideation), it is good and is from knowledge.

<4>When a gift is given for a return or favor (with the wrong ideation), it is from passion.

<5>Gifts given to the wrong person, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, are gifts from ignorance.

<6>All gifts given to the Lord, or those who have overcome and use gifts for glorifying the Lord, are from knowledge.



<7>Hospitality is a virtue. Be hospitable from knowledge. Keep the company of other spiritually awakened beings and share together your material blessings. <8>Help each other in the path and talk about God, His wonders, and glorify only Him. Do not glorify men.

<9>Even if you have nothing to offer to those who come to your house, offer them a glass of water. <10>Hospitality warms the heart and brings out the best in others.



<11>The universe is nothing but vibration (omsmall.gif (884 bytes)). <12>The reason for so many diverse manifestations is only because each of them are in a different level of vibration.

<13>As when we put a pendulum in motion, and if there is another pendulum with the same frequency close to this one, it will start to move without even a touch, so music also vibrates different chakras (energy centers) in the body.

<14>The music and songs that affect lower chakras will bring the consciousness down, and unspiritual thoughts and uncontrollable emotions will arise in the person.

<15>The music that is about God, played with spiritual instruments, or accompanying a mantra, will raise the consciousness to higher levels (higher consciousness) and make the person come closer to God.

<16>Therefore only such music is recommended to be listened to so that the human can also in this aspect keep his consciousness immersed in God-realization.

<17>However, in general it is not recommended to forget the self and become hypnotized by the music too often. To stay in this state often makes the music a tool for escaping from reality, and the person becomes a daydreamer instead of dealing with the real world.

<18>Also usually instruments that create sounds by vibrating the air, such as drums, flutes, the organ, etc., are more spiritual than instruments with strings (of course there are exceptions). <19>However, the harp, bells, cymbals, sitar, and such instruments also can be considered to be in higher levels.

<20>The songs which are used in music also should glorify the Lord, spirit, and universe, but not man, or stimulate unworthy earthly emotions. <21>The highest music is the Music of Heaven (of the spheres).



<22>It is the duty of each person to take up an occupation and become perfect in that work. <23>It does not matter what it is a man does but how perfectly he does it.

<24>"Work is worship," so the work should be done without any attachment to the result. Work in silence for the sake of the work and its usefulness in perfection. <25>The reward will come a hundredfold when the work is done in this beneficial way. Those who work for reward will never understand the joy of work.

<26>Do the work at hand each day. Solve each day's problems in that day. <27>Never delay in solving daily problems, and do not put them off for later days.

<28>When you are perfect in your occupation, no one can make you a slave, because you will be in demand for your perfect work.

<29>The earthly occupations are especially recommended for men who are married.  <30>But those who have accepted a renunciate (sannyasin) life should have an occupation of guiding others to the path of enlightenment and be full-time workers for the Lord.


<31>(This is an example for prayer. Pray to become an instrument for His Will; other things that you need will be given to you. Be surrendered to what happens to you, they are all good.)

Praise be to Thee, O Hidden and Manifested ONE. Praise be to Thy Glory, to Thy Might, to Thy Power, and to Thy Great Skill.

O Lord, to Thee all greatness, power, beauty, and perfection belongs.  Thou art ALL.

Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; give us an unconquered will, which no tribulation can wear out; give us an upright mind, which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Unto Thee we surrender.

(Source: Partly taken from a Sufi Invocation and a prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas.)


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