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US, North and South Carolina

May/June 2010

Sal-Om to everyone,

Earlier in the month I was able to send out about 25 more Letters to Humanity to organizations, both religious and otherwise. Some of the organizations included this time were Mormon, Islamic, Christian, Unity Church, Methodist, Mennonite, Baptist, and a Jewish Temple, among others. So we even have Universalism in the mail-out :).

Also, I am currently checking with the Mission about the possiblity of offering a meditation class online one night a week. It looks as if it will work out, ATTG. Note: Keyosha now gives a meditation class every Monday night. For more information, see the Newsbrief announcement.

I have started a new job selling crafts that I make at an Indoor Market in the downtown Asheville area. There is a very eclectic mix of people working there...many of them are artists of some sort. I have had the oppurtunity to talk briefly with a couple of people there about the Mission. It is a good place to meet people so I am sure there will be more opportunities to share.

Also, they have a bulletin board located in the main section of the building and are going to post one of the Mission flyers that I gave them there. It will be good/God to have that posted with the web site handy...and the building has free Wi-Fi, so someone could even look up the Mission while they are there at work :).

I reconnected with a best friend from high school and in the process have talked to her some about the Mission as well. She has said she is interested to visit me at the Mission after I move back there.

That's all for now.


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