Paravipras are the Light Workers

There are many who claim that they are channels for one or more beings from the ethereal plane. They bring messages from these beings and many believe in them. These are ones who do channeling.

There are others who do the Work and Will of God the Most High. They are not a channel for any ethereal being but are kind, compassionate, have great love for all, and work toward the creation of unity of men. These are called The Light Workers.

Although there are great channels who bring great revelations to humanity, these truths come from the ethereal sphere which is the fifth level of consciousness.

As it is explained in THOTH, the pitfall in this state is again to be(come) an escapist, because in this level a person can see the perfection of Gods work and universe and feels no need to interfere in the processes. He forgets that it takes a great struggle to pass from the lower nature to the higher self, Remember therefore how thou hast received (Rev. 3:3). Also not all voices can be trusted!

It is only when they pass this pitfall of just being observant and engage themselves in helping others in the path that they become Light Workers (Paravipras). As it has been said, You know them (the Elects) by their fruits (Actions).


In the Constitution it says that, All men are created equal. Are they equal? I do not think that sentence says anyone is lesser, or higher, or worth more, or worth less, than anyone else. It says that they should be able to pursue the happiness, We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But do we have that?

What does it mean, All men are created equal? Does it mean all Americans are created equal? Or does that include Canadians and South Americans? Does it? It does.

So you see, the fulfillment of that Constitution has not even come true yet. It was not for that time when it was written. It was for this time. This is the time it is really going to manifest. That is what we are doing here. This is the time of seeing that all men are created equal. Does it include women? It sure does.

So all men are created equal and in that sense it means all humans. I do not think it means just all humans, it means all beings in the universe, even beyond our solar system. If we ever find any beings somewhere else, they have the same opportunity. We have to look at them as equal with everyone else.

But also God gave us another sentence, You know them by their fruits. So although we are all equal, God looks at how much fruit we give, how much effort we are putting toward Gods fruition. He wants to make something to be fruitful. He is trying to make something to give fruit.


Gods tradition does not recognize any class. God recognizes you as an individual. It has nothing to do with your family. It has nothing to do with your background. What are you? That is important, not who you are.

He did not say, you know them by the name of their family. He said, You know them by their fruit. It means God recognizes every individual who manifests the fruit as the Children of Light no matter what is their background, religion, race, tradition, or culture.


And that fruit is not a little fruit. It is not a 10 days fruit, a week of the fruit, or a month of the fruit, or 6 months of the fruit. It means a lot of fruit, constantly, forever, with no attachment to the result.


The more a person gives fruit, the more; of course, he is higher in the eye of God. He looks at them and says, Yes, this child is giving a lot of fruit, and another child is not giving fruit. But really He looks at how much you can manifest for God, how much you love Him, how much effort you give to be with Him. To Him we all are His children.

It is just like our own children. If you have a couple of children, dont you love all of them? Yes, you love all of them. You look at them; there is not that much difference between them. But some children are closer to you, they love you, they give you attention and they give you love, etc. You might love those children a little more, not really more love, but you have a special feeling toward those children who give you more of what you expect from them.


How much Light are you? How do we know how much Light a person is? We know them by their fruit.

If they give good fruit, they have Light. From a good tree you cannot get bad fruit. A good tree gives good fruit. And Light, of course, will attract Light. It is very simple. That is how you know them, by their fruit. It is not a magical formula.

So if you are a Light, that is how we know it, we know you by your fruit. It is a very simple process.


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