Others who claim to be The Christ

I have two questions that i'd like to get an answer to,and ye can help me, of course:
"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name." (Rev. 3:12)
Is there some possibility of this New Jerusalemcome to be a mega giant spacecraft inside which all Avatars' gonna coming back to Earth, as like as Jan Val Ellam (brazilian sensitive and writer who people says'the reincarnation of Alan Kardec, cos he's already writing something like 37 books at the same time,those he says aretold to him by beings from other places of Cosmos, and they told him Jesus coming back to Earth this year, 2007. What do ye think bout this, my Lord? And what about INRICRISTO (Christ in BR Portuguese), who's living in Brasil as well, and says is Jesus who came back reincarnated in 1948? He tells that his name INRI was wrote upon him in the cross and that the when the didcrown him, theymake him King of Kings, Who've beentocrownby enemies.
I'd like to know bout this 2 questions cos I'm abrazilian sensitiveand here in our country this 2 guys are making "a bigsensation" at the moment here... I'd like to know all about ye'd tell me bout them, me Lord.
And, a third one, if I can: What bout Sathya Sai Baba?Who's that man in truth?
Well, if ye can answer this my e-mail, i'll be very glad, Master.
Your email asks several questions that may answer many other people as well. There is indeeda lot of confusion over these ideas that are now very popular in the world pertaining to aliens and spacecrafts, etc. and claims from those to be the Christ. We hope this replyhelps to clear the way for everyone.
When we return to the Word of God in The Holiest of the Holies, (THOTH), TheLast Testamentin specific to the verse you quoted, we further understandthis:

<1>So, he who overcomes the hour of temptations and has patience in the time of tribulation will reach Pure Consciousness. He will become a son of God. <2> "He shall go no more out" means back to ignorance . When you once reach Pure Consciousness, you will never go back to ignorance. <3>You have finished your journey from ignorance to enlightenment ( Pure Consciousness). <4>However, you come back as an Avatar (great Paravipra) to help others to reach Pure Consciousness. (Revelation of The Revelation, Tab 9, THOTH)

The chances are 'more' than 'not' that there are other beings in the Universe; however, untilthat is an experience of reality for humanity,those ideascan fuel the imagination of man to fantasize about far awaybeings who come and save themand ignore the problems on earth which need to be addressed and solved. This thinking is much like an immature child looking for someone else to solve their problems.
An even deeper question to ask is: Who made the 'aliens'? If they exist, they are also under the Law of One God. That is where everyone will find the Highest Truth. A Truthseeker will want to know the Highest Truth!
To determine who it is who brings the Word of God is of great importance at this juncture. As you said, someone is claiming to be the return of Christ in Brazil because he connects himself to the word INRI, etc. or other people you mentioned in your email. Where in any Scripture does it say thatyou Know Him by these "signs and wonders". Indeed,is not this the warning that Christ Himself gave about who the 'false prophets' are? We can then very quickly dismiss those who show forth those kinds of things and know they are NOT theOne God said would be the Seventh Angel (Christ) who returns at the end time.

"For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many." Matthew 24:5

And in Matthew 24:24 we find, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders: insomuch that, if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect."
The true One (Christ) will come "In the Name ofthe Lordand Glorifies God". Anyone showing 'signs and wonders' just glorifies himself, not God. The Seventh Angel will also bring to humanity the Word of God as the 'book sealed with 7 seals' (Revelation 5:1 and Revelation 10:7). This book ( THOTH) will unify all religions of the world to One Pathunder One God. If someone is 'writing 37 books at once' and only writes from one perspective (Christianity, aliens,or any other one religion, idea or concept,etc), that person doesNOT fulfill what God said the Seventh Angel would do(Reveal the Seven Seals, Unify all religions, etc.).
Also, the True One will be the "Lion of the Tribe ofJudah". He will have to be of that specific Lineage as God prophesied in Revelation (last book of the Bible). The Family Genealogy and even DNA Genetic Testing of Maitreya (GIWH) has even shown this Truth. He also will come from theEast and Shineth (Reveal His Revelation) in the West.
So, in order to deal with the confusion in the world (clouds means confusion), we have to know the Way of God and His Word (The Eternal Divine Path). Then any person with a discerning mind can havea very good grip of who is True and who is false. No one knows the whole Truth until the Seventh Angelreveals theSeventh Seal (Message of God), and the mystery of God is finished (Rev. 10:7).
In returning tothe original quoted verse above, we now can better understand:So, he who overcomes the hour of temptations and has patience in the time of tribulation will reach Pure Consciousness(Salvation).
Overcominghereis to use the intelligence God gave us to find His Truth (THOTH), listen to His Prophet (Maitreya)and be able to patiently (and with diligence) apply that truth (or standard) to the situations (tribulation) of the world and eventually reach the Goal of Life which is to reach Pure Consciousness - Be(come) Divine.
Using the above formula, anyone can easily discern about Sai Baba or any other person (or even beings in other realms) who makes aclaim and does not fulfill the prophecies of who the Seventh Angel (Prophet, Christ) of God truly is.
We do not say these people are bad as there are many who have brought some truth and help to teach others; however, even those teachersshould submit themselves to God andlisten to the True Prophet. Otherwise, they aremisleading thousands of thirsty souls with 'pretty words', attach people to themselves (they make the person to worship them) and willprevent them fromgoing to God. This behavioris indeed the 'fuel for the fires ofhell'.
Now itis the time for the Elects of God(Paravipras) to find their way through this confusion, truly see the Vision of God (Eternal Divine Path) and become a worker for God and His Plan for everyone. Everyone can then connect with the Mission of Maitreya, learn the Teaching deeply and help spread It to all corners of the world. The sooner we can accomplish this task, the less confusion there will be and more of a return to the Ways of God.
We hope this helps clarify these situations (tribulations) and the Eternal Divine Path is seen to be the Answer everyone (on earth, other planets and all levels of consciousness)is waiting for.

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